MILH 362 Ancient Military History Assignment Help

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Course Overview: MILH 362 Ancient Military History

This course thoroughly examines prehistoric to around 500 AD Western Civilization’s ancient and ancient warfare, from the Paleolithic era’s origins in conflict to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. The millennia covered in this course were a changing time in combat. It consists of significant advancements and discoveries in fortification, siege warfare, combined-arms tactics, strategy, and maritime warfare. To understand the significant contributions made by these civilizations to the continuation of combat in the Western countries. Students will examine and interpret various materials on ancient warfare in Egypt, Rome, etc.

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With an emphasis on ancient Rome specifically, this course will examine the military history of the ancient world. The course will briefly discuss the Assyrians and Egyptians, two of our first military. Afterward, move on to the Bronze Age and the societies that would inspire the myths surrounding the Trojan War. Then we’ll go to ancient Greece and concentrate on the Macedonian phalanx and the Greek hoplite scheme.

Furthermore, it will cover the Roman army and military advances from the fifth century BC to the fifth century AD. It will discuss how technology, logistics, and tactics changed over time. We’ll also look at the social and economic issues these cultures faced as they attempted to transition from city-states to empires.Moreover, it will involve the army’s role in political, social, and economic advancements and technological ones. It will also cover the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars and Alexander’s Campaigns.

Also, the Second Punic War, the Civil Wars, Roman border life, Roman initiatives in the East, and a Roman soldier’s typical day. We will cover four main theme questions during the semester, 1. What did “imperialism” and “empire” mean in antiquity? What connection exists between the state, the military, and civic identity? 2. What are the effects of war on society? How does the military affect politics and culture? 3. How did warfare tactics and technologies evolve in the ancient world? Why were they different?

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MILH 363 17TH & 18TH Century Military History Assignment Help

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Course Description: MILH 363 17TH AND 18TH Century Military History

From the arrival of the Spanish Armada in 1588 until the start of the French Revolutionary Wars in the 1790s, this course examines the development of warfare. The 17th and 18th centuries were rife with constant conflict in world history. Particularly in Europe, mercenaries still made up most of the troops, making them frequently unreliable from a political and military standpoint.

Combat during this time was not limited to the European plains; it also took place on the world’s oceans. Beginning in the 17th and 18th centuries at sea, Great Britain was on the edge of invasion by the Spanish Armada before assuming undisputed water control. As a result, the 17th and 18th centuries opened with a sense of ambiguity. They ended with the devastation of a “global” war. In-depth research is done on the transition of warfare from the unwinnable to the victorious conflict.

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MILH 364 Medieval Military History Assignment Help

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MILH 364 Medieval Military History

This MILH 364 Medieval Military History course might be a thorough examination of European post-classical warfare. It covers content from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. Also,  it covers the combination of reliable explosive technologies at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Therefore, to understand the essential contributions of the EU Middle Ages to the continuation of conflict in civilization. Students can browse through and examine various texts on medieval warfare.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, this century was a vital time in warfare. It was rife with crucial rediscoveries and technologies in fortification and intensity level. It merged technology, entity, and strategies, all of which helped Europe become the world’s foremost military power by 1500 AD. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if you have any difficulties writing assignments for the course mentioned above.

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What was the structure of the Medieval army?

A medieval army typically consisted of three divisions, with skirmishers sent out depending on the terrain. They would form special units for specific objectives like handling prisoners or outflanking. However, these companies would improvise and disband once they finished the battle. Contact our esteemed MILH 364 Medieval Military History Assignment Help Online for more information.

What were the most powerful armies in human history?

Roman Army

Over a few 100 years, the Roman Army surged over and conquered the Western world. Hence, making it a very effective military endeavor. The Romans used their power, bravery, and capacity to fight repeatedly to their benefit. Furthermore, Rome grew from an Italian regional superpower to the ruler of the Mediterranean region. This growth occurred in the course of around three hundred years. The Roman Legions, or professional warriors, were responsible for some of that success. Also, the empire positioned those well-trained and well-armed warriors at key sites. Tgeir role was to maintain the empire’s unity and ward off enemies.

Macedonian Army

Around 350 B.C., Philip II assembled a powerful army. It nearly destroyed everyone it came into contact with, including the armies of Athens and Epirus. It vanquished even armies far greater than its own because of its high organizational levels and then-revolutionary procedures. Furthermore, the phalanx, an anvil of solid bodies armed with long spears, was one of those procedures. A formidable force on the battlefield, this corps of mounted soldiers erected an impenetrable barrier for its adversaries. Moreover, they kept adversaries at (or beyond) arms’ length with their long spears, known as sarissa.

Ottoman Army

During its most powerful era, the Ottoman Army controlled the majority of the Middle East, the Balkans, and North Africa. Moreover, its warriors captured One of the world’s most powerful cities, Constantinople,  after routing their opponents. The Ottoman Empire ruled over a region with numerous states for an astounding 500 years. Furthermore, the Ottomans’ elite infantry, the Janissaries, was one of their greatest assets. Those troops composed trained soldiers who enlisted as young people. As they matured in the army, they developed a fierce loyalty. This made them effective combatants who sought victory at all costs.

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