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Course Overview: MILH 362 Ancient Military History

This course thoroughly examines prehistoric to around 500 AD Western Civilization’s ancient and ancient warfare, from the Paleolithic era’s origins in conflict to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. The millennia covered in this course were a changing time in combat. It consists of significant advancements and discoveries in fortification, siege warfare, combined-arms tactics, strategy, and maritime warfare. To understand the significant contributions made by these civilizations to the continuation of combat in the Western countries. Students will examine and interpret various materials on ancient warfare in Egypt, Rome, etc.

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With an emphasis on ancient Rome specifically, this course will examine the military history of the ancient world. The course will briefly discuss the Assyrians and Egyptians, two of our first military. Afterward, move on to the Bronze Age and the societies that would inspire the myths surrounding the Trojan War. Then we’ll go to ancient Greece and concentrate on the Macedonian phalanx and the Greek hoplite scheme.

Furthermore, it will cover the Roman army and military advances from the fifth century BC to the fifth century AD. It will discuss how technology, logistics, and tactics changed over time. We’ll also look at the social and economic issues these cultures faced as they attempted to transition from city-states to empires.Moreover, it will involve the army’s role in political, social, and economic advancements and technological ones. It will also cover the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars and Alexander’s Campaigns.

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Also, the Second Punic War, the Civil Wars, Roman border life, Roman initiatives in the East, and a Roman soldier’s typical day. We will cover four main theme questions during the semester, 1. What did “imperialism” and “empire” mean in antiquity? What connection exists between the state, the military, and civic identity? 2. What are the effects of war on society? How does the military affect politics and culture? 3. How did warfare tactics and technologies evolve in the ancient world? Why were they different?

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