Essay For All has a policy enforcing adherence to ethical laws, Honor Code.” This policy outlines our expectations regarding our users and maintaining the quality of academic services we offer. Our services do not promote academic dishonesty in any way. Therefore, to get a detailed understanding of our honor code, read the following;

Essayforall honor code

Our professional writers do not organize tests, competitions, or tackle your homework that professors use for assessment. Equally important, we do not have any plan to intentionally help our clients to cheat, copy, or engage in any academic malpractice. As a result, any evidence illustrating your intentional association with educational malpractice and dishonesty can result in prompt termination of our services to you. In addition, does not promote corporate disloyalty in any way. These acts of disloyalty include intentionally helping users engage in fraudulent and illegal activities.

Why do we gather information?

Essay For All embraces professionalism in all our dealings. As a result, we may not need your consent. However, we use cookies, which store specific data when accessing our website. You are at liberty to disable the settings from your browser if you wish to do so.

The data we gather from our users

·  Students

This website explicitly serves students. We understand the difficulties students face while writing their assignments. Despite these difficulties, we do not allow students to violate educational institutions’ policies’ in any way. Academic integrity remains our core priority. Therefore, we do not allow students to use our platform for unauthorized activities contrary to education policies. Secondly, we discourage students from using academic materials provided by freelancers as a pass-off as their own.

·  Business

Essay For All neither supports nor facilitates corporate dishonesty or violation of corporate policies. We will never aid users in perpetuating fraud or taking part in any illegal activity. Thus, if we find valid proof that our experts intentionally facilitated any unlawful activity, we immediately expel them from our platform.

Who do we share your information with?

Essay For All collaborates with third parties to give our users impeccable solutions. So, to offer you top-notch services, we might share your information with third parties and vendors to process your requests. We limit sharing your data to our writers and vendors only to offer you an outstanding service.

 Equally important, requires our freelancers to uphold and respect our integrity and a positive reputation built over the years. Accordingly,

 Message to:

·  Students

We acknowledge the difficulties you go through to write your essays as college or university students. However, such pressure should not make you violate your university’s academic integrity policies. Therefore:

Essay For All acknowledges your tireless efforts to maintain academic integrity. So, we fully back up your quest to ensure honesty in student work, including in essays, assignments, and dissertations. Therefore, our activities adhere to academic integrity standards and do not violate them.

·  Freelancers

Essay For All offers you an incredible opportunity as a freelance writer to guide students with your skills and experience to make their academic pursuits rosier. However, as a freelancer working on the platform, the following guidelines bound your actions:

Report violation

Our platform believes in the provision of impeccable solutions to our clients. Equally important, we require our freelance writers to maintain high ethical standards. If you think that our writers agreed to provide unethical help, kindly report it for abuse.

We prohibit the following:

·  Academic cheating

At Essay For All, we discourage our clients from requesting pre-written or custom academic assignments. In addition, we discourage our writers from impersonating a student’s identity for purposes like tackling their exams or online classes

·  Plagiarism

We strictly condemn the use of other people’s work without crediting them

·  Private and confidential information

As a professional platform, our freelance writers cannot ask for any confidential information from our clients. We do this to maintain the integrity of this website and our strict adherence to data privacy rules.

·  Unethical activities

At, we prohibit our freelance writers from engaging in activities that violate legal requirements and corporate policies.