Confidentiality Policy

At Essay For All, we commit to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all client information.  However, we have identified instances where communication channels within certain orders, such as chat functions, may have yet to fully adhere to these principles.  To reinforce our commitment to confidentiality policy, we are outlining the following essential guidelines that all clients and tutors are expected to follow: 


DO NOT give your personal contact information to your tutor when using our homework help services. 

Avoid sharing your personal contact information with your tutor. This includes your full name, email address, phone number, school or university affiliation, and home address. Our platform is designed to facilitate all customer-tutor interactions within the order page, eliminating the need for external communication. If you need to exchange documents or additional materials, use the dedicated upload function on the order page or a trusted, free file-sharing service. If your tutor is unavailable and you need an urgent response, contact our Support team by creating a query. We are available 24/7 and will assist the best of our ability. 

Under no circumstances should you share your school or university website login details with the tutor. 

You should not share your university or school login credentials with your assigned tutor when receiving homework help. If specific information from your online learning platform is required for project completion, we recommend retrieving the necessary details yourself and uploading them securely through the order page’s file upload function or a reputable file-sharing service (as outlined previously).   We strongly advise against granting external parties access to your university login credentials. 

Avoid conducting transactions with your tutor through third-party services like PayPal, wire transfers, or any other payment methods. 

At Essay For All, we maintain the highest standards in tutor recruitment. However, sometimes, we may encounter potential scammers targeting unsuspecting clients online. To ensure your financial safety, we emphasize that all payments for our services must be processed through our website. We do not collect your credit card information and provide a clear money-back guarantee. 

Complete confidentiality is important in online transactions. We only request the information important to initiate your order. We insist that all our clients maintain confidentiality in their communication with assigned writers. 

You agree to comply with all points of this Confidentiality Policy when you first place an order with Essay For All. 


Do not share your personal contacts with the client 

We prohibit the exchange of personal contact information, including your full name, address, and phone number, within the order system. This includes but is not limited to, your full name, email address, and phone number. Our secure platform provides all the necessary tools for communication with clients. You can share documents and manage every aspect of your order directly within the system. 

Do not deal with the client directly. 

We will terminate your account in the first instance upon realizing that you shared your email with the client or through the files that you uploaded to our system. You will also lose all the money that you earned in the period when the infringement occurred (earned income associated with the breached order may be withheld). 

By placing an order with Essay For All, you understand and agree with our Confidentiality Policy. 


DO NOT share your personal information. Essay For All prioritizes the privacy of all our clients and tutors. We securely store and protect your data. If you have any concerns, contact our support team. 


We protect our client’s personal information by storing it securely using encryption and other security measures to prevent authorized access. 

A student’s information has restricted access to authorized personnel only who use it to provide tutoring or homework help. 

We retain information for as long as necessary when we are providing tutoring services and complying with legal obligations. However, afterward, the information is deleted. 

Contact our support team immediately. 


We will not disclose our client’s information without their consent expect when required by the law. 

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