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Overview of the course: MILH 320 The American Revolution

MILH 320 The American Revolution explores the American Revolution from its origins to its legacy. This includes the circumstances that led to the uprising and the War’s military strategy, the Declaration of Independence. It focuses on land campaigns and the effects of the conflict on the young nation. Also,  the Paul Revere’s infamous “ride” was not the actual start of the American Revolution. They sowed the seeds of the uprising far earlier.

The historian may feel the temptation to think that what transpired between England and her colonies in North America was certain to happen retrospectively. Moreover, few would contest that the mercantilist economic system was “strangling” the fledgling colonies. Also, their only options were utter surrender or War. However, many in the colonies had prospered due to the English Crown’s beneficent economic policies. Therefore any open war between the two would severely challenge the traditions and allegiances of everyone save a select few.

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Furthermore, this course examines the circumstances that led to the colonists’ revolution. Also, the people involved, the battles from Lexington, and the lessons learned. Creation of a study of the forces and people. It established an ideal system of self-government ever created in the annals of humans. Also, the relevant military historical importance of socio-political events shall correlate to the best of our ability.

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What is the American revolution?

13 of Britain’s North American colonies rebelled against British imperial control. Hence, starting the American Revolution, an enormous political and military battle raged from 1765 to 1783. The British Crown and Parliament imposing taxes without the colonial population’s approval started the initial uprising. Furthermore, mounting political tensions trigger an endless cycle of rebellious behavior and stringent laws that eventually result in outright rebellion..

How did the American Revolution start?

On April 19, 1775, British regulars and American provincials got into physical altercations at Lexington and Concord. Hence, marking the American Revolution’s start. A British force of 700 confronted 77 local Minutemen in Lexington. Effective lines of communication allowed colonists to receive warning about the raid.

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