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Welcome to Essay For All. Below are our terms & conditions for using this website. Our clients must agree to these terms & conditions to use our services. 

Kindly read all the clauses of the terms of services before placing an order. These terms apply to all users of our services, including students, educators, and visitors to our website. By placing an order, you acknowledge you have read and agree to all our stipulations. If you have any disagreement with the Terms and Conditions, please get in touch with us before placing an order. This page may be updated periodically. We encourage you to check back for the latest information. 


This Agreement is made and entered into by and between Essay For All and the customer placing the order, who will be referred to as “Client.” We agree to provide academic and research papers, referred to as “Assignment,” for research purposes only. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the Client’s use of the assignment beyond its intended purpose. 

Payment for the Work is due in advance. We, as the service provider, must complete the Work according to the Client’s specifications.  

If the Client is dissatisfied with the quality of the Work due to plagiarism or late delivery, they may request a refund. However, such requests are subject to the terms outlined in our Refund Policy Page. We reserve the right to issue a full or partial refund at its discretion, as stipulated in the aforementioned policy. 

Order Processes 

  1. Start by browsing our academic writing services to find the one that aligns with your needs. 
  1. Once you have chosen your service, provide detailed instructions and any specific requirements you have for your project.  The more information you provide, the better we can provide an assignment that meets your expectations. 
  1. Complete the secure payment process to confirm your order.  
  1. Our qualified tutors will start on your project, carefully following your instructions and ensuring the highest academic standards. 
  1. You will receive your completed work online. Review it and ensure it meets your expectations. 

We deliver all our work online.  Please provide us with a valid and active email address to ensure you receive your work on time and securely.  We cannot be held responsible for any delays or missed deliveries resulting from an incorrect or inactive email address on your part. 


At Essay For All, we are committed to making our services accessible by offering flexible payment options: 

  • Installment plans: Spread your dissertation or research paper costs into smaller, more manageable instalments. This allows you to review each chapter and ensure it meets your expectations before continuing. 
  • Secure transactions: All payments are processed through a secure online system, protecting your financial information and providing peace of mind. 
  • Customized payment plans: We offer plans tailored to your project’s requirements, ensuring they fit your budget. 
  • Transparent pricing: You will receive a clear and detailed quote upfront, outlining the exact costs based on your specific needs. No hidden fees or surprises. 


You may request a revision if the completed work does not fulfil your initial instructions or the brief you provided. However, this excludes situations where you were kept informed throughout the process and did not raise any concerns at the time. To request a free revision, please provide clear and specific feedback outlining what needs to be improved. Our team will analyze your feedback and respond promptly. Vague comments like “I do not like it” are insufficient for a free revision. 


We offer full refunds but with some conditions. You must explain why you are unhappy with the content. We will review your request within 3 days (72 hours), and if your reason for a refund or revision seems unreasonable, we may deny your request. 


Free revisions do not cover entirely new requirements beyond the original project scope. We are happy to revise work we did not deliver as promised, but additional requests may incur a separate charge. The typical turnaround time for revisions is 24-48 hours; hence, if you require an urgent revision, please contact customer support to check author availability. 

Prompt communication is important, as delaying responses during the revision process may result in the cancellation of the free revision. We will address one set of changes at a time. After the first round, additional revisions can be requested, and a new deadline will need to be established for revised work. 


If a technical issue arises that prevents the session from proceeding, contact our technical support immediately. We will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and may reschedule the session if necessary. 

Yes, you can pay for your dissertation or any academic task in smaller, more manageable instalments. We offer a payment plan where you can pay chapter by chapter, allowing you to review and be satisfied with the work before moving forward. 

We expect students to be punctual, respectful, and engaged during sessions. We will not tolerate disruptive or inappropriate behavior which may result in the termination of services without a refund. 

Absolutely. We ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our client’s personal and academic information. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard your sensitive data. 

To use our online tutoring platform, you need a stable internet connection, a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone, and an updated web browser.  

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