MILH 365 The Napoleonic Wars And The Long Peace Assignment Help


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Course Description: MILH 365 The Napoleonic Wars And The Long Peace

The idea and conduct of warfare in Europe from 1785 to 1870 are covered in this course. It will highlight Napoleon’s ascent as a military leader and expert in the operative art. However, it will also look at his political, economic, and legal effects on all of Europe. This course will concentrate on Napoleon’s exploits in northern Italy, his voyage to Egypt, his fights at Austerlitz and Jena while commanding the Grand Force, and his march to Moscow while commanding the greatest army in recorded European history.

The campaigns of 1813 and 1814, the adversaries’ responses to Napoleon’s military innovations, and his ultimate defeat at Waterloo will also be covered. The next section of the course examines the state of Europe in 1815 and the circumstances that determined the parameters of the “Long Peace.” Before the 1870 hostilities broke out, the course came to an end.

Course Scope

Napoleonic Wars and the Lengthy Peace explores Napoleon’s ascent to power. The many battles fought under his rule and the increasing use of insurgencies to oppose his armies. Furthermore,  his ultimate defeat by coalition forces and the long peace—the longest ever experienced in Europe before the War of 1870. This course will examine the political, logistical, tactical, and leadership developments during the Napoleonic battles. It is crucial to realize that the events occurring in Europe did not occur in a vacuum.

As a result, a key objective of this course will be to situate Napoleonic history within the broader framework of western civilization. Thus, the “broad picture” will be continually emphasized. The goal is to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of Napoleonic history. Also, why these events were and continue to be significant. The course will study these events chronologically. It will focus on developing industry and economy and international and domestic political, economic, and military strategies.

MILH 365 The Napoleonic Wars And The Long Peace Assignment Help

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MILH 370 The Korean War Assignment Help

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Course Description: MILH 370 The Korean War

This course covers the Korean War’s history from before hostilities began to after the armistice. The course discusses other UN members, focusing on the US and South Korean combat with North Korean and Chinese forces. The three levels of conflict tactics, intermediate and strategic, are covered. The course covers technology development, the use of contemporary weapons, and POWs.

The course also covers the ongoing presence of American forces in the Republic of South Korea. As a result of the partners’ Sunday agreement, which stipulates that Seoul will bear additional expenditures for housing American soldiers as a deterrent against North Korea. The 70-year-old security relationship between the United States and South Korea is again in the spotlight.

The United States and South Korea pledged collective self-defense should either nation be endangered in the Pacific region when they signed a mutual defense pact after the 1950–1953 Korean War. The agreement served as the foundation for placing American forces in South Korea. The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), signed by the two nations in 1966, established the guidelines for managing and safeguarding American forces deployed in South Korea.

Course scope

The focus of this course is on the analysis of the various Korean War battles and campaigns. Although other countries’ contributions to the war will consider, the course’s main focus will be the fight between US and North Korean and Chinese forces. Additionally, it will discuss the strategic, operational, and tactical kinds of methods of the major warring parties. A key topic covered throughout the course is the development of technology and the use of contemporary weapons.

This topic is thoroughly studied because the Korean War significantly included both Regular Army Soldiers and Citizen Soldiers. The warfare study thoroughly analyzes the specific engagements, conflicts, and campaigns. Hence, improves our comprehension of how the war was fought. This section examines the decision to declare a cease-fire, which is still in place today, and its implications compared to the concept of success and defeat.

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MILH 371 The Vietnam War Assignment Help

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Course overview: MILH 371 The Vietnam War

MILH 371 The Vietnam War explores the causes of the Indochina War, U.S. involvement. Also, it covers the ground wars, Vietnamization, domestic unrest, U.S. departure, and the impact of the Conflict on American Society.

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What is Vietnam War

Vietnam War occurred in Southeast Asia. Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1954, which was the beginning of it. In addition, North Vietnam wanted to reunite the country based on communist political and economic ideas. Our MILH 371 The Vietnam War Homework Help claims South Vietnam engaged in combat to avert this.

North Vietnam won the war in 1975 despite American help to South Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam quickly developed into a unified communist state. The Vietnam War cost the country a great deal of life. About 58,000 American soldiers and over 1.3 million Vietnamese soldiers, died. Additionally, more than 2 million non-combatants died in the conflict.


Several issues existed in Vietnam before the Vietnam War. The nation was a French colony during the beginning of the 20th century. Japan occupied the colony from 1940 until 1945. Then the Viet Minh, a Vietnamese organization, proclaimed Vietnam’s independence. Vietnam was still a colony that the French wished to dominate. A summit that included France and the Viet Minh decided the fate of Vietnam. Participants included citizens of the U.S., the USSR, and several other nations. Vietnam was split into North and South Vietnam at the summit. Furthermore, the Viet Minh took over North Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, a Communist, served as the head of state.

Civil war

At the beginning of 1957, South Vietnamese communist rebels fought Diem’s government. Invading at night, the Viet Cong skulked during the day. The North Vietnamese military supported and trained the Viet Cong. Later, Communist fighters in the north began to use their weapons. They supported Diem because the leaders detested Communism. American military advisors trained the South Vietnamese army. However, as our experts at MILH 371 The Vietnam War Assignment Help noted, the Viet Cong seized control of a sizable portion of South Vietnam in the early 1960s. Diem was afterward unpopular with the people of South Vietnam.

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MILH 411 Diplomacy and War Assignment Help

MILH 411 Diplomacy and War Assignment Help

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Course Overview: MILH 411 Diplomacy and War Assignment Help

This course provides an in-depth examination of the relationships between diplomacy and war in achieving national goals, covering conflicts between and among states from antiquity through the Congress of Vienna. By their very nature, armed power and diplomacy serve as instruments to achieve statecraft goals and as platforms via which governments impose their agendas on others. There is no intrinsic difference between the two in terms of usefulness. While military action physically expresses a government’s intentions by attempting to sweep away opposition to them.

Diplomacy orally conveys truths that may affect nations. Military activities produce reality, whereas diplomacy merely conveys them. You should not confuse Statecraft with either diplomacy or military action. It is the art of controlling reality and combining means and ends to further a nation’s objectives. Diplomacy and military power are complementary as they pursue the same political goals, far from mutually exclusive.

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