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Course Description: MILH 365 The Napoleonic Wars And The Long Peace

The idea and conduct of warfare in Europe from 1785 to 1870 are covered in this course. It will highlight Napoleon’s ascent as a military leader and expert in the operative art. However, it will also look at his political, economic, and legal effects on all of Europe. This course will concentrate on Napoleon’s exploits in northern Italy, his voyage to Egypt, his fights at Austerlitz and Jena while commanding the Grand Force, and his march to Moscow while commanding the greatest army in recorded European history.

The campaigns of 1813 and 1814, the adversaries’ responses to Napoleon’s military innovations, and his ultimate defeat at Waterloo will also be covered. The next section of the course examines the state of Europe in 1815 and the circumstances that determined the parameters of the “Long Peace.” Before the 1870 hostilities broke out, the course came to an end.

Course Scope

Napoleonic Wars and the Lengthy Peace explores Napoleon’s ascent to power. The many battles fought under his rule and the increasing use of insurgencies to oppose his armies. Furthermore,  his ultimate defeat by coalition forces and the long peace—the longest ever experienced in Europe before the War of 1870. This course will examine the political, logistical, tactical, and leadership developments during the Napoleonic battles. It is crucial to realize that the events occurring in Europe did not occur in a vacuum.

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As a result, a key objective of this course will be to situate Napoleonic history within the broader framework of western civilization. Thus, the “broad picture” will be continually emphasized. The goal is to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of Napoleonic history. Also, why these events were and continue to be significant. The course will study these events chronologically. It will focus on developing industry and economy and international and domestic political, economic, and military strategies.

MILH 365 The Napoleonic Wars And The Long Peace Assignment Help

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