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Paper format

Consistency in the work’s arrangement, structure, and format helps readers focus on the content instead of on the delivery. Generally, writers only need to make minor edits or utilize the word processing program’s automatic formatting features and default settings to create an APA-styled paper. Submissions included student work, and manuscripts for publication in a journal must adhere to the guidelines for paper format. Moreover, you may alter the formatting of your work may need if you are using APA Style to generate a new type of work to improve its presentation. One example includes utilizing alternative line spacing and font sizes. Follow the instructions from your institution or publisher to modify the APA Style formatting rules as necessary.

Title page

Students title page Format
Paper Title Three to four lines down from the top of the title page is where the title should appear. It needs to be bold and centered. Moreover, it would be best if you capitalized the main words in the title.  If you desire, you can separate the primary title and any subtitled by two spaces on separate lines. Although titles can be of any length, they should focus on and contain key terms.


Author names There should be one double-spaced blank line between the article’s title and the authors’ names. Center the writers’ names on a separate line. Furthermore, put a comma in between the surnames of the two authors if there are two, and add the word “and” before the last author’s name. Moreover, you should use a  period between the names of any additional authors, up to three.
Writers affiliation A school paper’s affiliation is with the institution where the student studies. Place a comma between the title of any department and the institution’s name. Align the association on the double-spaced line that follows the author’s name (s).
Assignment due date Give a deadline for the assignment. You should write the due date at the center on the line after the instructor’s name, double-spaced. Use your country’s accepted date format.

Examples of citation

  1. Paraphrase

Although Fifi’s life was always extravagant, she reportedly commented that 1920 was the most. Year of her life (Cosmo, 2022).

  1. The sentence includes a mention of the author

Cosmo Ratuta (2022) wrote that she remembered 1920 as one of the most memorable years in her autobiography.

  1. directly cited

In her book, Cosmo wrote, “I warmly remember 1920 as “L’anné Merveilleuse de Fifi.” (2022, Cosmo, p. 39).


MLA is a citation format that you can use for many writing styles. Following rigid standards no longer works because texts are becoming increasingly digital, and we can frequently access multiple sources. As a result, rather than being based on a long list of precise rules, the current system is based on a few guiding concepts. We arrange the guide by the documentation system rather than the references themselves. However, it still includes instructions on how to reference sources. Hence, this provides authors with a versatile, practically universal approach. After becoming accustomed to the technique, you can use it to cite any source for any kind of work in any subject. We give an outline of the procedure below:

Consult the list of essential components before selecting how to cite your source. The following general details are what MLA advises including in each work Cited entry. You should list the components in the following sequence in your citation:

  1. Paraphrase

Although Fifi’s life was always extravagant, she reportedly commented that 1920 was the most wonderful year of her life (Cosmo 39).

  1. The sentence includes a mention of the author

She remembered her life fondly in 1920, Cosmo Ratuta wrote in her autobiography (39).

  1. directly cited

In her autobiography, Cosmo wrote, “I fondly recall 1920 as “extravagant’” (Cosmo 39).


In-citation basics

You require in-text citations if you use a quote or paraphrase from another piece of writing. An in-text citation references a paraphrase or quote within the main body of the paper. They are a great deal shorter than comprehensive references. You can find an exhaustive list of all in-text citations in the reference list. This has the following format, using Johnson Sukwa  as an example:

According to Sukwa (2022, p. 204), (Sukwa, 2022, p. 204)

(Note: p. stands for a single page, pp. for a group of pages.)



The Turabian manual offers two types of source citations: (1) notes and bibliography (or just notes) and (2) author-date. Due to their similarity to the ones described in The Chicago Manual of Style, we occasionally refer to these two components as Chicago-style citations. The humanities, which include literature, history, and the arts, are known for using the notes and bibliography format. This approach uses numbered endnotes or footnotes to cite sources. A higher (superscript) number in the text corresponds to each note. Additionally, we frequently cite sources in a separate bibliography. This system is incredibly adaptable and can readily take in a variety of sources.

The physical, natural, and social sciences tend to use the author-date format more frequently. In this system, we use the author’s last name and the year of publication to acknowledge sources in the text, typically in parenthesis briefly. Moreover, each citation in the text corresponds to a reference list entry that includes the necessary bibliographical details. The only significant difference between the two styles is how they reference sources in the text. Follow the buttons at the top of this page to see examples of the more typical source types referenced in each style so you can compare them.


General formatting

Chicago does not specify a required typeface or font size but suggests choosing a readable and basic font (e.g., 12 pt. Times New Roman). Use page margins that are at least 1 inch wide on all sides. Moreover, each new paragraph should commence with a 12-inch indent, and you should double-space the main content. Furthermore, this style recommends Left alignment over “justification” for text. You can only position page numbers in one of two locations: either the top right or the bottom center of the page.

Title paper

Although a title page isn’t necessary for Chicago style—often it’s acceptable to simply put your title at the top of the first page. The title page should include all of your text double-spaced, center-aligned, and using the same font as the rest of your document. You should bold the title and capitalize in the headline about a third of the way down the page. Furthermore, If there is a subtitle, you should follow the main title with a colon; the subtitle is bold and the same size as the main title.

Additionally, include any information your professors wish you to include. This information may include your name, student code, the course name and code, the date, etc., about two-thirds of the page’s way down. Furthermore, you create a new line for each new item of information. Page numbering should begin on page 2 and not incorporate the title page. You should include it as one of the pages.

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