Fair Use Policy

At Essay For All, we provide online homework help for students worldwide. We have a team of experienced tutors who help students complete their assignments by providing well-researched and original papers that meet their school requirements. 

Our goal is to help our clients learn not only to attain good grades. The papers our clients create together with the tutors are meant to be used for reference and can be submitted to your professor. However, if they wish they can use the information provided to do their research and create their original work. 

This fair use policy explains this extensively. In case of any questions, contact our customer support team. 

Our objective 

Our primary goal as a tutoring service is to provide students with the necessary information on concepts so that they can conduct research and write high-scoring documents. However, many students wrongfully use our services by submitting content on our site to their professors as their original work to avoid doing hard work. 

 The correct way to use the work we provide 

The best way to use the documents we provide helps students understand how to approach a specific topic, enabling them to develop a new and unique perspective for their papers. 

Also, examine the sources we have included to conduct further research and gather more information. The goal is to create your original work that reflects your understanding and research efforts. While writing from scratch takes more time and effort, it will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the subject and better performance in your courses. 

Repercussions of Submitting Our Work as Your Own 

While our team invests significant effort to create high-quality, original papers designed to provide students with information and a different perspective, these papers are for reference only. Plagiarism checkers will not detect them because they are not public content. 

However, for students who choose to submit these contents to their school, the professor highlights the difference between the student’s writing style and the homework’s quality. The professor might also question the students how they accessed the information or if they understand it. 

If you choose to paraphrase the work it will be counted as unoriginal.  

Note: Plagiarism has serious consequences.   


Our online tutoring service uses copyrighted materials under the Fair Use policy, which allows limited use of such materials for educational purposes. This includes includes criticism, teaching, and research. While we implement measures to comply with fair use guidelines, we do not claim ownership of any third-party copyrighted content. Users are responsible for ensuring their use of materials complies with applicable copyright laws.” 


In Essay For All, fair use allows tutors and students to use a percentage of copyrighted materials for educational purposes. We only permit it if the use is transformative and does not compromise the market value of the original work. 

Sharing entire articles is not considered fair use. A tutor should only use a small proportion of copyrighted materials and should justify the use under the fair use factors for education analysis. 

Yes, if they are used for educational purposes, such as illustrating a point or analyzing the content. Only use the amount necessary and provide proper attribution. 

To ensure compliance with fair use, use material sparingly, focus on transformative use (adding new meaning or context), and always credit the source. However, when unsure, seek legal advice or permission from the copyright holder. 

Not following these guidelines can cause copyright infringement claims, which may lead to legal consequences, including fines and lawsuits. Therefore, comply with the fair use principles to avoid these risks. 

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