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Book Essay For All professional tutors for top-notch mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment help services. Mental health and psychiatric nursing entail caring for patients with cognitive and mental health issues including mood disorders, addiction, anxiety, and depression. There are various ways through which nurses may care for such patients. Apart from relying on medication, they may also educate the patient and offer counseling to improve mental and emotional wellness.

Recently, many people have been diagnosed with mental health disorders. It becomes vital to have adequate specialists who may help handle such populations. Mental health and psychiatric nursing program are in great demand. However, employers insist on the need for any job candidate to understand the field well. Partner with our professional tutors to get the best mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment help and professional guidance.

General overview of mental health

Essay For All Tutors regard mental health as a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. Good mental health is the basis of a happy and healthy life, as it helps demonstrate resilience and the ability to face challenges. However, various aspects may disrupt the mental well-being of a person. Nevertheless, people need to have tactics to ensure good mental health despite the challenges they may face. That is why it is always advisable for people who want positive mental health to;

  • Eat healthily
  • Ensure adequate sleep
  • Exercise
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Develop practical coping skills for stress management
  • Have friends around to interact with and keep one busy from stressful thoughts

The opposite of mental health is mental illness. Since mental illnesses affect people’s overall well-being, mental health, and psychiatric nurses are committed to helping people manage their underlying issues resulting from the disorder and resume standard psychological and emotional wellness. Some of the common factors that influence mental illness are biology, daily habits, environment, and genetics.

Warning signs of mental illnesses that may need the attention of a psychiatrist

Based on Essay For All Tutors, mental illness is always a necessity and basis for living a healthy and fulfilling life. However, various happenings in a person’s life may affect their mental wellness. In such cases, it becomes challenging to ensure the productivity of such people, whether at the workplace or in their academics. Issues of mental illnesses always require urgent medical intervention.

However, if neglected, it may result in advanced forms of stress hence having physical impacts on health, which can be experienced in the form of health disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Therefore, it is essential to understand the warning signs of mental illnesses to offer necessary medical guidance before the situation worsens. According to our professional mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment help tutors, the symptoms of mental illnesses include;

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Sense of hopelessness
  • Abrupt loss of self-care
  • Isolation
  • Excess fear
  • Appetite changes
  • Changes in moods and emotions
  • Changes in personality
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts and attempts
  • Indulgence in unusual alcohol and drug consumption
  • Taking dangerous risks

Types of mental health illnesses

Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is another type of mental illness characterized by daily anxiety. It makes a person feel anxious even with minor issues or when there is nothing to worry about. Due to its ability to affect a person’s typical or effective performance, finding remedies for the condition is important.

Persistent depressive disorder

It is a condition also commonly known as dysthymia. It is a type of depression though not severe, keeps recurring and affects a person’s normal life. People should never underestimate the condition but rather seek medical intervention from a healthcare giver for further guidance.

Bipolar disorder

There are three types of bipolar disorders bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymia. According to our experts, bipolar disorder is a chronic mental disorder where a person experiences episodes of depressive lows and manic highs. A person with the condition fails to reason as required and suffers frequent mood swings. If you need more types of mental disorders that mental health nurses and psychiatric specialize in dealing with, ask for our mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment help notes pdf. You will find more examples not limited to;

  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Paraphilic disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Sleep-wake disorder
  • Neurocognitive disorders

The role of mental health nurses and psychiatrists

Mental health nurses perform various practices or activities to help people with mental disorders recover and improve their quality of life. However, nurses must have a good understanding and expertise in assessing, diagnosing, and treating psychiatric disorders among people of varied ages since mental illnesses affect people of any age. According to our mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment helpers, the primary duties of mental health nurses are;

  • Offer support and education to patients and their families
  • Develop a treatment plan
  • Maintain or keep medical records for the patients
  • Consult and collaborate with other health professionals
  • Provide patients with necessary care and psychotherapy treatment.
  • Assess and evaluate the mental wellness of a patient

Some of the essential skills that support the competency of a mental health nurse include;

  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Non-judgmental
  • empathetic and compassionate
  • Passion for behavioral and mental health disorders

Diagnosis for mental health issues

Mental health nurses are always informed of various ways to use when assessing for mental health complications in a person. Accurate diagnosis is always important to support accurate results, more informed decisions, and quality solutions to the underlying mental problem. The health practitioner is likely to assess some behaviors and lifestyles a person experiences. Some of the information gathered by the caregiver include the first time the patient started experiencing abnormal feelings.

Besides, it is vital to understand if the state of the mental challenge is persistent or comes and goes. There are certain mental disorders that some factors can trigger. In this case, it is also essential to analyze the presence of triggers that tend to worsen a person’s mental state. There are various psychological tests, and by contacting our professional tutors, you will receive more guidance and explanation. Psychological tests necessary in the diagnosis of mental illnesses include;

  • Schizophrenia test and early psychosis indicator
  • Hamilton anxiety scale
  • Dissociative experiences scale
  • Beck depression inventory
  • Goldenberg bipolar spectrum screening questionnaire

Essay For All Tutors also recommend the ‘four Ds ‘ diagnostic criteria for mental disorders: danger, distress, dysfunction, and deviance. Seek our online mental health and psychiatric nursing assignment help services for deeper insights.

Mental health treatments used by psychiatrists

People with mental health disorders can receive the necessary treatment for faster recovery. Since there are various mental health disorders, diverse treatment options can be adopted by health specialists handling individuals with mental health disorders. The variation also depends on the severity of a patient’s symptoms. The treatments can be used on an individual or a group of people. Some of the commonly used mental health treatments are;


The main classifications of medications used to treat mental health illnesses are mood-stabilizing medications, antipsychotic medications, anti-anxiety medications, and antidepressants. The doctor chooses the best medicine based on the patient’s severity and underlying mental state.

Talk therapy

Talk therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can be applied to patients diagnosed with mental health illnesses. It gives the patient a chance to share their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the health professional. Other important treatment options that can be used are;

  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

There are various theories and models used in mental health and psychiatric nursing. They also help in suggesting possible interventions for people with mental health disorders. Some of them include the following;

  • Neuman’s system model
  • Pender’s health promotion model
  • Kolcaba’s theory of comfort
  • Parse’s human becoming theory

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