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Come to Essay For All and get the best quality infertility nursing assignment help solutions. Infertility may never be a concern until people mature and start looking for children in their relationships. Infertility is a health problem common both among men and women. If either party is infertile, then the couple will struggle to conceive.

There are various causes of infertility and some remedies that can help the barren be fertile and get pregnant. Fertility tends to decline as age advances since egg quality deteriorates. As women reach their 40s, the eggs reduce, and they may get health conditions resulting in fertility problems. It is always advisable for women to get children in middle age since aging increases the chances of giving birth to abnormal children or suffering miscarriage.

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Male infertility

It is a condition whereby men or the male is considered infertile and cannot impregnate a woman who is proven fertile. Based on Essay For All Experts, male infertility is a reproductive system complication that causes two sexual partners; despite engaging in constant unprotected sex over a year, the female partner fails to get pregnant.

In most cases, such issues are commonly associated with females. However, men also get infertile. Hence, both parties should seek a healthcare provider to determine the origin of the problem. Conception is a process whose success relies on various factors. Some of the elements are;

  • Good embryo quality
  • The ability of sperm to fertilize the ovum
  • Unblocked fallopian tubes to enable easy penetration of the sperm into the egg
  • Healthy sperm production to meet healthy eggs

Some of the male population who are at high risk of infertility are;

  • History of undescended testicles
  • Exposure to high temperate altering the testes’ temperature
  • Extended consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco
  • Exposure to environmental toxins like mercury, pesticides, calcium, and lead
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Advanced age
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Genetic disorders
  • Varicocele
  • Hypogonadism

Common symptoms of male infertility

The first sign of male infertility is the inability to conceive. Such a symptom is only realized when one tries to conceive. However, there are other symptoms and signs related to male infertility. Our infertility nursing homework helpers consider the factors to include;

  • Decreased body or facial hair
  • Abnormal growth of breasts
  • Inability to smell
  • Recurring respiratory infections
  • Lump, swelling, or pain around the testicles
  • Sexual dysfunction includes reduced sexual desire and small amounts of ejaculated semen, among other sexual challenges.
  • Lower sperm count
  • When you realize a person has such experiences, he needs urgent and high-quality fertility care to increase their chances of impregnating a woman.

Female infertility

The first way to suspect the chances of female infertility is after repeated times of unprotected sex of more than a year, a woman never gets pregnant. However, the problem may originate from the man. If it is female infertility, there are additional signs to look for. A woman, after many times attempting to get pregnant without success, should seek a healthcare provider if;

  • They experience painful periods.
  • Miss or have irregular periods
  • Are above the age of 40
  • Have a history of cancer treatment
  • Experienced multiple miscarriages
  • Diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis

Causes of female infertility

If the woman is determined as the party with complications resulting in the inability to conceive, there are various possible causes of infertility based on infertility nursing assignment help tutors which include;

Primary ovarian insufficiency

It is also known as early menopause. In this case, a woman ceases to have their menstrual cycle or becomes irregular before they get to 40 years. Some factors that may result in early menopause include chemotherapy treatment, radiation therapy, and Turner’s syndrome.


Endometriosis is a health condition characterized by the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. Hence, the growth affects the normal functioning of the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries.

Blockage or damage to the fallopian tubes

The fallopian tube helps pass sperm to the ovary to meet and fertilize the eggs. However, some complications may result in fallopian tube inflammation and pelvic inflammatory disease. The main cause of the illness are adhesions, endometriosis, and sexually transmitted infections. The inflammation resulting from the condition mainly results in blockage of the fallopian tubes. In severe cases, the inflammation damages the fallopian tubes.

Cervical or uterine abnormalities

Before the sperms reach the fallopian tubes, they must pass through the cervix and the uterus. Hence, any complications in the passage, such as the shape of the uterus, or presence of polyps in the uterus, or benign tumors, are likely to cause female infertility as it hinders the fertilized egg from getting attached to the uterus or may also block the fallopian tubes. Get our online infertility nursing assignment help notes pdf and discover more causes of female infertility unlimited to;

  • Cancer and its related treatment
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Just like in males, the risk factors for female infertility are overweight and obesity, extended alcohol and tobacco use, and advanced age.

Prevention of infertility

Not all infertility issues are permanent. Some infertility issues emerge based on lifestyle, biological and environmental factors. Hence altering some of the elements may help in preventing infertility. Among the causes of infertility between men and women are obesity and being overweight. In this case, regular exercise is a good weight management approach that may help prevent the risk of getting infertile.

Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol also helps to ensure that both men and women produce high-quality eggs. Since some infertility issues among men result from extended exposure to heat, avoiding high-temperature areas for extended hours is very important. Exposure to high temperatures may affect motility and also overall sperm production hence resulting in infertility issues. Refraining from exposure to environmental or industrial toxins is also important.

Diagnosis of female infertility

Whenever a female claims of chances that they are infertile, there are various tests that a healthcare giver needs to perform to determine the infertility problem. Some of the tests are;


It is a procedure that entails using a laparoscope inserted through a small incision in the abdomen. The device helps to look for complications such as scar tissue, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis.

Transvaginal ultrasound

Based on Essay For All Tutors, this is a pelvic ultrasound used by healthcare givers in examining female reproductive systems. Hence, it helps the doctor observe the pelvic cavity and the reproductive organs within the pelvis for any possible abnormality. Despite being a painless procedure, the woman may experience some mild discomfort.

Pelvic exam

It is a medical examination whereby a healthcare giver looks for structural complications or any disease signs that may result in infertility among women. Contact our professional infertility nursing assignment help experts for further explanations on more tests such as;

  • Hysteroscopy
  • Blood test
  • Hysterosalpingogram
  • Saline sonohysterogram

Among males, the diagnosis and performed tests are different following the difference in the reproductive systems. The main tests performed on males for male infertility are; scrotal ultrasound, blood test, and semen analysis.

Treatment for infertility

Infertility is classified into two main categories; primary and secondary infertility. Primary infertility is when a woman, despite not using birth control, has never gotten pregnant in her entire life. However, secondary infertility is the condition whereby, despite a woman having previously conceived, they fail to get pregnant after some time.

Secondary pregnancy has proved to be very responsive to most treatments. The main treatment options for male and female infertility are surgery and medications. The medicines may help increase hormone levels necessary to stimulate ovulation among females. Fertility drugs in males help in increasing testosterone levels and also manage the erectile dysfunction challenge.

Surgery also helps, especially when there is a blockage in the reproductive system’s passages. In case a woman is found to be having polyps, uterine fibroids, or blocked fallopian tubes, surgery helps in unblocking the tubes to ensure easy movement of the sperms to the ovaries and also the implantation of the fertilized egg on the uterine wall. Further research in infertility has resulted in more treatment options that couples struggling to conceive may use. Based on our competent infertility nursing assignment help tutors, the options include;

  • Third-party ART
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Intrauterine insemination

Psychological effects of infertility

Couples suffer various psychological effects whenever they fail to conceive after several attempts. Males found to be infertile are likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression. However, the challenge is that men make less effort to seek assisted reproductive treatment concerning their infertility.

The societal perception of masculinity and virility, which is close to fertility, pins men down when they think of sharing their underlying infertility challenge, even with a medical practitioner. Women also determined in fertile suffer guilt, low self-esteem, negative emotions, anxiety, and stress.

In this case, specialists may work together with the couples to help them cope while trying to find an effective treatment for the conditions. Despite the impacts, it is always vital for men and women to seek assistance from professional caregivers concerning their challenges. Anytime you need quality infertility nursing homework help services online, choose our experienced tutors.

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