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Social perspectives of public health nursing assignment help from Essay For All is the best solution for your assignments as it will also lead you to academic excellence. Public health is a scientific discipline that aims at improving people’s and communities health. Public health nurses and related officers advocate for healthy lifestyles, explore injury and disease prevention, and identify, mitigate, and respond to infectious diseases. Public health initiatives focus on the overall well-being of individuals and smaller families extending to the entire community.

While doctors focus on treating sick people, public health specialists deploy various initiatives to prevent people from getting injuries or sickness. Encouraging healthy behaviors is central to public health strategies to ensure a healthy community. Understanding social perspectives of public health are very important. As a student undertaking the course, take advantage of getting our online social perspectives of public health nursing assignment help services.

Social determinants of public health

Social determinants of public health encompass where people work, age, live, are born, and grow. Managing social determinants of public health is critical in improving health and controlling longstanding health and healthcare disparities. Based on the place of residence, work or education, social support networks, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, education, and physical environment determines the overall wellbeing of the people’s public health.

For instance, education or literacy levels play an integral low. Areas with high illiteracy levels are highly vulnerable to suffering public health challenges due to the inability to take necessary measures, precautions, and the required lifestyle to ensure healthy living. However, areas with well-educated people make it easier for public health personnel to control the emergence or spread of diseases.

Such people can easily take precautions for their lives and avoid practices that may trigger or lead to the fast spread of diseases, which will likely have devastating impacts on their lives. The physical environment and neighborhood affect an area’s public health status. For instance, areas with access to contaminated environments or water bodies become a significant health risk to the environment’s inhabitants and those in the surrounding.

Necessary approaches to manage social determinants of public health in the healthcare system

It is the role of both public health professionals and the community to ensure good public health. Collaboration between the involved parties is also vital, whereby public health professionals must liaise with the community to ensure the effective implementation of public health initiatives.


Education helps stir behavior change among people and a shift in their actions through increased knowledge. At times public health sector invests resources and time into offering education programs and training to ensure that people understand what they need to do to ensure a healthy lifestyle and living. Besides, offering public health programs has been of great importance.


Due to the close interaction required between public health personnel and society, communication is very integral. With communication, people will understand what is required of them. Besides, public health professionals will only implement their strategies if required. Hence, communication is the fundamental way public health nurses can raise awareness of healthy behaviors among the general public. Some commonly adopted communication means include mass media campaigns, health fairs, public service announcements, and newsletters.

Policy formulation

Public health nurses in a society can be of significant influence in driving healthy behaviors in a population. Failure to implement policies and regulations to govern people’s health-related choices can increase public health concerns. However, establishing policies tends to create a sense of discipline and direction for the people. Besides, it also supports improved collaboration between the people and public health officials.

Importance of addressing social perspectives of health

A society that wants to reduce health disparities and improve health through various initiatives should also address social perspectives of public health. Health equity can only be evident when there shall be no systematic disparities in public health and among the existing social groups. For instance, some societies can benefit from improved and increased public health initiatives, while others still need to be addressed because of various factors, including the people’s socioeconomic status.

Addressing social perspectives of public health, such as limited education, racial differences, stigma, limited access to healthcare, and poverty, becomes vital to ensure a uniformly healthy nation. Hence, public health institutions and organizations should launch education programs to reach out to the communities and enlighten them on best practices for healthy living and disease prevention.

The role of society in ensuring public health

Public health personnel needs help to ensure good communal health. In health history, various cases of the emergence and spread of various contagious and infectious diseases related to public health exist. For instance, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are not new. They are conditions whereby poor sanitation and hygienic practices of people trigger the diseases and their spread, affecting many lives.

While public health people may warn society about the impending risk of specific disease outbreaks, people need to comply with the stipulated measures and avoid any risky behavior that can result in the spread of the disease. In case of a public health threat, public health officials need to create awareness among the people through various platforms such as;

  • Announcements in public locations
  • Digital advertisements
  • Local news channels
  • Social media
  • Email or phone messaging
  • Community events

Based on our social perspectives of public health nursing assignment help professionals,  using various communication channels helps reach more people.

Challenges faced by public health resulting from antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance

Over many years, health practitioners have relied on antimicrobial agents and antibiotics to treat patients with infectious diseases. The drugs have significantly helped minimize the spread of diseases and the resulting mortality rates. After extended use of the drugs, the infectious organisms are now developing resistance to the medications.

More research in public health has triggered the rise of vaccines leading to immunization of certain diseases that have threatened the public’s health, such as cholera and typhoid which are more rampant in developing and underdeveloped countries. According to our social perspectives of public health nursing assignment helpers, some vaccinations can help minimize the risk of contracting such infections even during outbreaks. Effective working of vaccinations has helped public health officials to concentrate on other measures of ensuring the good health of individuals and the public.

Typhoid as a common public health threat

Typhoid is a bacterial disease that is very risky. It is a food or waterborne disease that spreads through contaminated water or food intake. Poor sanitation has been the leading cause of typhoid. People in both rural and urban areas are susceptible to typhoid, especially with poor sanitation habits, overcrowding in residential areas, and fighting for scarce natural resources, which limits access to adequate safe water and food.

Climatic change is also among the factors that lead to the strained ability to control typhoid outbreaks. However, with increased sensitivity and awareness, communities are trying to adopt healthy practices to keep food and waterborne illnesses away from their settings. Some of the strategies to keep safe from typhoid even during a breakup is through

  • Drinking treated or purified water
  • Hand washing practices
  • Exemplary uses of toilets or pit latrines
  • Effective management or disposal of fecal wastes
  • Increased access to hand-washing facilities

Public health research

Public health nurses need good research skills to help research the community’s health. Exploring the social context of communities is very important to determine the level of vulnerability to public health challenges. Besides, it also helps determine some of the initiatives to take and use among communities to secure their public health. Some communities thrive in very unhealthy social setups that place them at high risk of contracting various health challenges.

However, it is the role of public health officials to visit communities and find out some of the possible health challenges affecting them. Adequate public health research helps prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases because of effective measures in place to mitigate any health conditions. It also supports adequate preparedness by the people in case of any breakout.

With public health research, a disease outbreak finds public health professionals prepared to handle the outcomes. Besides, poor and untimely handling of public health issues may lead to losing lives before finding effective solutions for the underlying problem.

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