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Essay For All professional tutors have the best functional psychology assignment help services for students. Functional psychology is commonly known as the functionalism approach. It is a branch of psychology describing the mind as a tool that enables people to adjust to their environment. Darwin’s school of thought has significantly contributed to the functional psychology discipline.

Functional psychologies consider that people’s behaviors and mental states are the survival mechanisms that blend with their biological goals. Some psychology students still face a challenge distinguishing between structuralism and functionalism. They are all different, covering different thoughts in psychology. We have competent tutors with a history of offering the best functional psychology assignment help services. If you have an assignment that seems complex or strange or finds you when handling many responsibilities, keep us updated, and we will offer you the best with a promise of good performance.

History of functional psychology

When tracing back to the history of functional psychology, you will always refer to William James. William James is an American psychologist who existed and operated during the 19th century. He relied heavily on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Based on William James, people should concentrate on the purpose of consciousness, behavior, and psychological states.

Since the basis of functional psychology developed by William James needed further research, other psychologists had an additional contribution to the discipline. Some such psychologists include James Rowland Angell and Harvey Carr, who majored in the biological and animal dimensions of behavior and learning. Edward Thorndike is also known in functional psychology because of his outstanding contribution.

For instance, he developed the reinforcement theory and behavior analysis as the foundation of empirical laws governing behaviorism. In the 20th century, functional psychologists focused more on laboratories for experimentation, making the discipline encounter significant breakthroughs.

Founders of functional psychology

Though William James founded functional psychology, various people supported the idea and steered various research studies to understand further ‘functional psychology.’ According to our functional psychology assignment help experts,  such people of influence in the field of functional psychology include;

Harvey Carr

Harvey Carr, an American psychologist, has made a noteworthy contribution to functionalism. Initially, functional psychology sought to understand the complexity of a person’s mental processes and their adaptation to their environment. Harvey impacted visual space perception, educational theory, and comparative psychology.

John Dewey

Charles Darwin inspired John Dewey’s interest in functional psychology through his evolution theory. Visit Essay For All and learn Dewey’s contribution to functional psychology and Edward Thorndike’s impact.

Effect of functionalism on the education system

John Dewey’s theory concerning the need for children to learn at the most suitable pace based on their intellectual development level has remained relevant in the education sector for many years. In the process, there are learning institutions that allow or encourage students to make decisions based on their interests and experiences. Besides, functional psychology has been applicable and relevant in various particular education contexts as a device of positive behavior support. Some of the areas in learning institutions that apply the principle of functional psychology are;

Role allocation

learning institutions such as elementary schools, secondary and high schools, colleges, and universities help prepare and equip people by sorting them appropriately for their future societal roles. Education empowers students with the required skills and knowledge to make them competent to handle specific responsibilities. Teachers can identify qualified candidates to assume different societal positions through various assessments.

Social control

Based on Essay For All tutors, education remains a critical agent of social control, enabling socialization. Students and pupils learn wide-ranging values in various learning centers, including those society advocates. While parents may fail to instill specific values in their children, subjecting the children to schools and other learning institutions may help them cultivate various societal values such as;

  • Discipline
  • Punctuality
  • Perseverance
  • Obedience
  • Self-control

Culture transmission

In learning centers, teachers use functional psychology principles to transmit the values and norms of the dominant culture to students. The main underlying aim of the practice is nurturing the students to fit society’s expectations.


Do you know that socialization is a process that also relies on functional psychology? To socialize, a person must adjust in various ways to fit into a particular social group and interact effectively. While children may learn how to socialize back at home, exposure to education acts as secondary socialization. It is a place whereby children or students learn how to behave, function and navigate society. Limited exposure to education denies children and other people the to learn important information that would help them adjust to certain life situations and conditions effectively.

Application of functional psychology in sociology

Functional psychology benefits psychology and extends its application and significance into different fields, including sociology. Sociology deals with studying people, their interactions, and behaviors in the social context. Functional psychology suggests that every societal aspect is interdependent and results in society’s proper functioning and stability. Receiving contributions from each part of the society whereby every group plays its responsibilities promotes a properly functioning society.

There are many real-life examples of functional psychology applications in sociology or society. Subscribe to our online functional psychology assignment help services and discover them and many more. Functional psychologists consider that society remains in unity because of social consensus whereby the members have agreements governing their stay and interactions and work in unison to attain what they consider best for them all.

The role of functional psychologists

Society benefits significantly by having functional psychologists around. Due to society’s wide-ranging needs and problems, some require psychologically-derived solutions, which creates the need for competent functional psychologists. For instance, the professionals in the discipline help by studying people’s interactions with various social structures and deriving a social sense.

They also help promote positive interdependence of the existing social structures within the society and understanding its outcomes on the working of institutions, people, and institutions. Functional psychologists’ increased commitment has also helped determine the significance of various institutions in meeting societal social needs.

By focusing on the societal structures and institutions, their development, and their underlying role in promoting the sustainability of society, functional psychologists help promote the continuity and stability of society. As an aspiring functional psychologist, grab the opportunity of our professional, functional psychology assignment help services and find perfection in knowledge and skills for your upcoming profession.

The concept of symbolism interactionalism from a functionalist perspective

Based on the Essay For All functional psychology assignment help professionals, symbolic interactionism is a theory that seeks to explore and understand the relationship between a person and society. Functional psychologists believe that understanding a people’s way of exchanging meaningful communication or symbols in symbolic interactionism gives better comprehension of people’s interactions and actions. There are various principles governing symbolic interactionism.

For instance, it considers that social actions stream from fitting together people’s lines of action. Besides, symbolic interactionists also believe that people act toward things based on their perceived meanings. Since symbolic interactionists perceive meaning as the essential component of society-human interaction, they suggest that studying the interaction requires understanding that meaning. Never feel as if the idea of symbolic interactionism is complex.

Our competent functional psychology assignment helpers can help you grasp the concept quickly. Functional psychology is a broad topic. Our services will help enrich you with a profound understanding of different aspects, including knowledge of the different branches of functionalism. Based on our experienced tutors, the main branches of functional psychology are analytic functionalism, psycho-functionalism, and machine functionalism.

  • Analytic functionalism
  • psycho-functionalism
  • machine functionalism

Difference between conflict theory and functional psychology

Both functional psychology and conflict theory seek to explain various happenings and interactions within society. According to functional psychologists, society is an entity that comprises various sub-divisions, each playing a unique function. However, conflict theory suggests that people can understand society through the social conflicts that result from different injustices.

Functional psychology emphasizes the importance of cooperation among society members. It also considers society as a system having multiple parts. Contrarily, conflict theory focuses on the benefits of competition and not cooperation. It also perceives society as a struggle between different social classes resulting from unfairness and discrimination.

Understanding the society and its member’s behavior helps minimize any possible conflicts that may arise among community members. Comparison of such contradicting theories helps in various ways. If you need any clarification or support in your assignments, contact us and be confident of getting superior functional psychology assignment help.

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