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Essay For All proficient tutors are most students’ all-time number one option since they understand we have high-quality reproductive and sexual health nursing assignment help. Sexual and reproductive health deals with the state of social, mental and physical wellness regarding the functioning of the reproductive system and people’s sexual health. Optimal reproductive and sexual health helps people enjoy a satisfying and safe sex life.

Focus on the health sector on the people’s reproductive and sexual health has helped combat harmful gendered social norms. There are various trends and topics of concern in reproductive and sexual health. Some students consider a partnership with experts among the best ways to gain a profound understanding of the course. In response, Essay For All, while offering assignment help services in other nursing disciplines, has not forgotten to avail competent tutors to offer top-notch reproductive and sexual health nursing assignment help online to students from different learning institutions.

Why nurses should sensitize people about reproductive health

Reproductive health and wellness are very important for nurses to address health complications affecting the sexual health of people. While most people may fear raising such concerns, it is very important to avoid living with complications that may lead to more adverse effects on a person’s life. However, reproductive and sexual health nurses have been creating increased awareness of the need for people to ensure a healthy sexual and reproductive life. Our reproductive and sexual health nursing assignment helpers encourage nursing students to be proactive in;

  • Offering profound education to people on various sexual health issues like post-childbirth care, pregnancy, birth control methods, infertility, and early pregnancy.
  • Safeguarding the child and the mother from infectious diseases and ensuring the delivery of a healthy baby.
  • Preventing sexually transmitted infections among couples, mothers and babies.
  • Promote awareness among adolescents regarding safe sexual practices
  • Educating the youth on their sexual and reproductive health

Ways of protecting sexual health

Sexually and reproductive healthy people can ensure they maintain a state of wellness by observing various measures. Ignoring such measures is what threatens a person’s reproductive and sexual health. Essay For All tutors recommend diverse ways for sexually active people to safeguard their sexual wellness, which encompass;

  • Refrain from overlapping sexual relationships
  • Using dental dams and condoms
  • Dependence on contraception
  • Control the number of sexual partners
  • Frequent tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Talking with your sexual partner regarding sexual relations and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health and rights of people that nurses need to understand

Based on Essay For All professionals, women have sexual and reproductive health, which includes protection from discrimination, the right to sex education, the right to privacy, the right to health, the right to life, and the right to be free from torture. As nurses handle female patients with reproductive and sexual health concerns, it is critical to understand such rights. It helps them to fulfil their role of respecting, protecting and fulfilling rights. Despite the existence of such rights, there are still healthcare givers who breach the patients; rights. Violations take various forms, such as;

  • Early marriage
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Forced abortion
  • Forced virginity examinations
  • Forced sterilization
  • Poor quality services
  • Denial of access essential to women

Various factors result in such violations. For instance, some women may have very close pregnancies aiming at getting a child of a particular gender. However, such an attitude or norm subjects women to increased consequences. The intervention of caregivers by assessing the possible risk that may face such women may opt for a forced contraceptive. The patriarchal concepts regarding women’s family roles may also contribute to the violation of certain sexual and reproductive health rights of women.

Cervical cancer as a reproductive and sexual health concern

Many women are at risk not only of the breast but also of cervical cancer. The severity of cervical cancer needs nurses to increase awareness in the women population of how to prevent or detect early symptoms of cervical cancer for faster medical attention. As one of the best practices in reproductive and sexual health wellness, women need to have regular screenings. Some commonly used tests for identifying any precancers are human papillomavirus (HPV) and pap tests. Apart from the tests, women can also lower their risk of getting cancer by;

  • Avoiding smoking habits
  • Refrain from sexual relations with people having genital warts
  • Limit the number of sexual partners
  • Ensure safe sex practices
  • Refraining from inflammatory foods
  • Choosing food with a higher glycemic index (GI) foods

Don’t forget to get profound cervical cancer teaching by contacting our prominent reproductive and sexual health nursing homework doers. You will also benefit by getting profound information on tests used in screening for cervical cancer not limited to;

Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA)

Based on our competent reproductive and sexual health nursing assignment help experts, VIA involves examining the uterine cervix with the naked eye after applying 5% acetic acid, followed by result interpretation. The technique helps identify invasive cancer early and observe cervical precancerous lesions.

Pap test                            

For people going for cervical cancer screening, the pap smear is the common technique doctors use when looking for precancers and cell modifications within the cervix, which can develop into cervical cancer if left untreated. The procedure entails the collection of cervical cells to be used for the test. The test is very important as it can hinder any advancement or development of cervical cancer. Contact our experts for reproductive and sexual health nursing homework help to understand about procedures involved in pap tests.

HPV test

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for modifying cervical cells. However, the HPV test, related to the pap test, helps look for cervical infections resulting from high-risk types of human papillomavirus. As a reproductive and sexual health nurse, equip yourself with more in-depth knowledge concerning the test by partnering with Essay For All professionals.

Men’s sexual and reproductive health and rights

Just like women, men also have sexual lives to live, which can be improved through access to sex education and life skills. Such knowledge can help men effectively deal with reproductive and sexual health concerns like HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Hypersexuality is also a challenge that affects men, stigma, and low libido, which affects the sexual and reproductive ability of men. Over many years, there have been increased cases of gender-based violence, with women as the leading cities.

However, there are also cases less highlighted concerning gender-based violence directed at men. Though it is a concern, it is mostly neglected, especially in a society where men are considered the sole perpetrators of the acts. Another threat to men’s sexual and reproductive health is cancer. According to our reproductive and sexual health nursing homework helpers, men nowadays have increased cases of penile, testicular and prostate cancer. Based on Essay For All tutors, nurses should be proactive in addressing reproductive and sexual health issues affecting men, such as;

  • Use of contraceptives
  •  Sex education for male adolescents
  • Parenting and fatherhood
  • Fertility and infertility concerns
  • Sexual dysfunction

Reproductive and sexual health barriers for people with a disability

The most neglected people in society are those with disability. They receive little to no concern in various areas of life, not only in the health sector. Despite the varied disabilities, such people still have sexual needs which depend on their reproductive and sexual health wellness. In case of pregnancy cases on physically disabled women, there should be specialized caregivers to handle such cases. It helps address the increased risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies among the population with disabilities. Even though such people need equal access to quality reproductive and sexual health services, various barriers are hindering their access to the services, which include;


People’s socioeconomic status is a core determinant of their ability to access quality services. For instance, people from low-income families and living with physical disabilities face poverty as a barrier to accessing quality reproductive and sexual health services. Hence, they are likely to engage in sexual activities without the right information and may suffer unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases, among other challenges. For instance, pregnant women living with disability who cannot attend antenatal clinics are at a more increased risk of having pregnancy complications.

Physical inaccessibility

Certain physical disabilities are a real hindrance to a person’s mobility. That is why most people with disabilities struggle to move from one place to another without supporting amenities. Hospitals without special facilities for individuals with disabilities become an additional barrier to accessing reproductive and sexual health services. Contact our reproductive and sexual health nursing homework doers on how to improve the physical accessibility and mobility of people with disabilities for they to enjoy improved access to services that will benefit their reproductive and sexual health.

Less access to sexual and reproductive health information

When a society struggles with increased reproductive and sexual health concerns, nurses must increase awareness and facilitate programs to educate people on reproductive and sexual health. Considering people with wide-ranging disabilities, it is important to develop diverse approaches to ensure all benefit from the propagated information.

Lack of awareness

Reduced awareness about the existing rights and laws on reproductive and sexual health makes people with disabilities suffer more. Having a reproductive or sexual health issue when physically disabled should not make one vulnerable to discrimination or various mishandling from the community or caregivers. Awareness of the laws protecting them helps them to avoid certain harmful practices like inadequate maternal care, forced sterilizations and abortions, and also facing discriminative menstrual hygiene practices. Seek our online reproductive and sexual health nursing homework help services to discover solutions to such barriers.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Nursing Assignment help

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