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Essay For All experts are the most reliable in providing high-quality nursing theory assignment help services. Based on our professional tutors, nursing theory is any creative and rigorous organization of ideas depicting a tentative, objective, and systematic view of a phenomenon. Systematic inquiries in most nursing practices have enabled nurses to design appropriate knowledge to enhance patient care.

Another meaning of nursing theories is the existing organized bodies of knowledge that define the nursing profession and the nurses’ aim in their professional practice. It can also be a framework of purposes and concepts aimed at guiding nursing practice at specific levels. Therefore, it becomes vital for any nursing student to understand the existing nursing theory to further understand their profession. Equipped with profound nursing theory knowledge by seeking our online nursing theory assignment help services.

The history of nursing theories

The first development of the nursing theory was in the 1800s. The main focus of the theory was on nursing education. With significant contributions to the nursing profession, Nightingale also influenced nursing theory. For instance, she came up with an environmental approach. The main intention of the nightingale was to use the patient’s surrounding to promote their faster recovery.

Later in the 1950s, nursing scholars agreed that nursing professionals needed validation by producing their own scientifically tested body of knowledge. The process resulted in Hildegard Peplau introducing the theory of interpersonal relations, which supports the nurse-patient relationship to serve as the basis of professional nursing practice. There were many advancements in nursing theory between the 1950s and the 1970s. Some of the period’s contributions are associated with Virginia Henderson, Faye Abdellah, Ida Jean Orlando, and Dorothy Johnson.

Main concepts related to nursing theory

Four critical concepts are commonly applied and related to the nursing theory, which are; nursing, health, environment, and person. They are the fundamental aspects of the nursing metaparadigm. In this case, a person refers to the person(s) who receives nursing care. Person, therefore, may refer to communities, families, groups, patients, or individuals. Health, on the other hand, refers to the extent of well-being or wellness that an individual experiences.

Therefore, health understanding or definition is likely to change its meaning depending on the patient, the underlying condition, the healthcare setting, and the involved healthcare giver. As an essential aspect of nursing theory, environment stands for the external or internal settings affecting a client or patient. The environment can favor a patient or be against them.

That means a client can be surrounded by positive and negative situations in their surrounding, which not only affect their overall well-being but also impacts their physical environment, which entails their friends and families. Visit our online nursing theory assignment help services for a nursing explanation as a critical element of nursing theory.

Importance of nursing theory

Different disciplines have specific theories that help explain them in the same way nursing theories exist to serve as the foundation of nursing practice. According to Essay For All professionals, nursing theory plays critical roles that can never be underestimated. For instance, it helps direct research, education, and practice while supporting knowledge development.

Nursing theory development has created a significant shift in the nursing profession. Before the development of the ideas, people considered the nursing profession a task-oriented profession since the training and operation of nurses were in total control of the medical profession. That means that nursing theory has considerable importance. From our online nursing theory assignment help notes pdf, nursing theory helps;

  • As a foundation for the development of nursing training and education programs.
  • To offer a common terminology and language that nurses may adopt in communicating and also in their professional practice.
  • To serve as a direction for research and informing evidence-based practice.
  • Nursing profession to preserve and maintain its professional boundaries and limits.
  • In definition, prediction, and demonstration of the nursing phenomenon
  • Helps nurses acquire a sense of self-identity

Diverse classifications of nursing theories

According to Essay For All tutors, several approaches are used in classifying nursing theories. Some of the common basis of the classification are goal orientation, level of abstraction, and the functioning of the theory.

Goal orientation basis

Nursing theories are categorized depending on their goals, which can either be prescriptive or descriptive. In this case, descriptive theories are the most basic level of theory development. They help describe the phenomena while highlighting the components or properties in which the events happen. In nursing, examples of descriptive theories are explanatory and factor-isolating theories. On the other hand, explanatory theory explains or describes the nature of relationships of particular events compared to other phenomena.

Based on abstraction

By considering abstraction levels, various nursing theories are commonly used in nursing. According to our nursing theory assignment doers, the views encompass the following;

  • Practice-level theory
  • Middle range theory
  • Grand theory

Nursing theories at the practice level are more situation-specific theories with a narrow scope. Hence, they focus on a particular patient population in a given period. The nursing theories also offer frameworks for nursing interventions while recommending possible outcomes or the possible result of certain nursing practices. Grand nursing theories are the classification of theories that have a broad scope and are more complex. Hence, they demand additional research to gain clarification.

Unlike the practice-level theory, grand theory never guides particular nursing interventions. Instead, it offers general nursing ideas and frameworks. The middle-range theory is another category of nursing theory based on abstraction. They have a more limited scope, unlike the grand theory. Since it is less sophisticated, most nursing scholars adopt middle-range nursing theories in their research and academic work.

Examples of nursing theories

The cultural care theory

The cultural care theory is a nursing theory developed by Madeline Leininger. Based on the theorist, culture care is an extensive holistic approach through which a nurse can understand, explain, interpret, and forecast nursing care phenomena integral to guiding nursing care practices. According to our nursing theory homework help tutors, the theory reveals that there are essential aspects in life, such as cultural practices and beliefs, social structure factors, and world views, that they cannot separate from health, healthcare illness, and wellness following the close interrelationship of the elements.

The tidal model

It is a model in the middle-range theory of nursing mostly used as the foundation of interdisciplinary healthcare. The tidal model assists individual patients in developing their voyage of discovery. The founder of the theory, Phil Barker, considers the model a philosophical approach to discovering mental health. Among the leading steps for people to regain control over their lives is using their language, personal stories, and metaphors to communicate something of meaning concerning their lives. The main assumptions of the tidal model are based on our nursing theory assignment help experts are;

  • The virtue of seeking elegance
  • Recognizing that all goals must concern individual patient
  • Acceptance of the paradox of crisis as being an opportunity
  • Owing respect to the wishes of patients
  • Recognizing the power and influence of resourcefulness
  • Belief in the virtue of curiosity

The Martha Rogers theory

Martha Rogers is among the renowned nursing theorists who significantly impacted the nursing profession through her nursing theory. Martha developed the theory known as the science of unitary human beings, which perceives nursing as an art and a science. Hence, the perspective offers a way of viewing the unitary human being as integral to the universe. Martha’s model also points out the significance of the environment as a critical aspect of the patient and utilizes the understanding to help nurses support smooth patient recovery. The main concepts of Martha Roger’s theory, according to Essay For All tutors, are;

  • Integrality
  • Helicy
  • Resonance
  • Hemodynamic principles
  • Pan-dimensionality
  • Pattern
  • Field openness
  • Energy field

The Casey model of nursing

Another influential nursing theorist is Anne Casey, who developed Casey’s model of nursing in 1988 while serving as a pediatric oncologist. Her model emphasizes the need for nurses to collaborate closely with the family of a child and child. Casey’s main intention was to promote positive child health nursing. The five main components of Casey’s nursing theory are;

  • The nurse
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Family
  • The child

The environmental theory

Nightingale developed the environment nursing theory. It is a patient-care theory that addresses the need to alter the patient’s environment to modify the patient’s health. According to Florence nightingale, various factors support the faster recovery of a patient, whether from an operation or an illness. Among the essential aspects that nurses should focus on is the patient’s immediate environment. It can be used to support faster healing and recovery process. Some of the environmental modifications that can support speedier recovery include;

  • Direct sunlight or light
  • Sanitation or cleanliness of the patient surrounding
  • Efficient drainage
  • Pure water
  • Fresh air

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