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Basic ethical principles of surgical nursing

Nursing is an ethical profession governed by various ethical principles. The principles have been effective in supporting the success of contemporary nursing. There are many ethical issues that nurses face in their professional practice. Hence there must be some guiding principles of how they should respond when dealing with each other and patients to optimize patient care and outcomes. Our nursing surgery nursing assignment help professionals have effectively supported student nurses in understanding and learning how to apply the fundamental ethical principles of surgical nursing.


Based on Essay For All professionals, non-maleficence is a nursing ethical principle that suggests nurses have the duty of not inflicting harm on others. In the nursing practice, a nurse can practice the principle by not offering certain medications to patients that are harmful or not prescribing ineffective medicines to patients.

In this case, surgical nurses need to weigh against risks, consequences, and benefits to decide the best decision that will not harm the patient but support their overall well-being. There are various incidences whereby nurses cause harm to patients knowingly. Failure to embrace the ethical principle may attract ethical concerns from the community.


A competent nurse must be guided by justice in their professional practice. Justice is whereby the patient can enjoy the right to fair and indiscriminate treatment. Therefore, surgical nurses should not offer healthcare services to patients partially by considering their differences like financial stability, age, gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality, among other factors.

Whenever nurses decide to make impartial decisions, it may affect patient outcomes. In regions with increased discrimination, nurses must avoid every notion of discrimination and promote equal access of different people to quality services. As a result, it becomes easy to promote high-quality healthcare services.


In nursing, beneficence entails the aspect of charity and kindness that nurses need to present for the benefit of other people. When a patient is from an operating room, they may have a lot of close support. If there is no immediate family member to take care of them, a nurse should not allow such patients strain in moving about. Instead, a nurse needs to intervene and help them.

A surgical nurse may show beneficence to a patient by clearing surfaces of hazardous objects that may contribute to falls and ing medication within the required time. Based on Essay For All tutors, surgical nurses may also show beneficence by offering high-quality patient care.

Respect for autonomy

Autonomy is when a healthcare giver allows patients to make independent decisions. Nurses play a critical role in a patient’s life and overall well-being, but involving the patient is also essential. There are some decisions that nurses may make that can be against the patient’s beliefs and values. In this case, surgical nurses can show respect for autonomy towards nurses by accepting moments when the patient declines medication, getting informed consent from the patient over a given treatment, and accepting when a patient chooses to maintain confidentiality.

In this case, the nurse should not force the patient despite the significance of the medication that the patient declines. Instead, they might educate the patient on the benefits and risks of the drug to allow the patient to make the final decision without coercion or threats. A surgical nurse can apply ethical principles while working in wide-ranging hospital-related areas such as;

  • Clinical settings
  • Medical-surgical care unit
  • Recovery rooms
  • Outpatient operating rooms
  • Inpatient operating rooms
  • Emergency rooms

Skills needed by Surgical nurses in their professional practice.

Surgical nurses have quite particular roles to perform. Some basic duties are promoting good hygiene and overall cleanliness of the operating room, interviewing the patient, handling surgical instruments and supplies, and ensuring the proper functioning of all the equipment. There are certain combinations of skills that surgical nurses require to help them when interacting with patients and other healthcare givers. The most critical skills that the nurses need based on our nursing surgery nursing homework helpers are;

Critical thinking

During an operation, there are various mistakes that doctors, when they do, which can have a devastating impact on the patient’s life. Hence, surgical nurses need good critical thinking ability to analyze situations and respond appropriately to help avoid making mistakes. During an interview with a patient, it is also vital to ensure critical thinking as it helps in coming up with the best decisions.

Detail oriented

Surgical nurses should not only be concerned with essential details but also with little details. Missing out on some critical information can have life-threatening consequences for the patient. Attentiveness is essential when interacting with patients, almost entering an operating room, and those within and out of the room. It also supports increased patient satisfaction levels.

Organizational skills

Surgical nurses must be organized in their operations and support good organization of charting, actions, and supplies to promote improved patient outcomes. Good location of required items during the surgery is part of the organization that the nurses need to have. Good organization also makes the work of other health practitioners in the operating room much more effortless.

Time management

In an operating room, delays can easily cost a patient’s life. That is why there is always a great emphasis on surgical nurses being good at time management. It also helps minimize potential errors and delays that may cause complications for the patient. According to our nursing surgery nursing assignment help tutors, other critical skills required by surgical nurses are

  • Integrity
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent assessment skills
  • Dedication
  • Confrontation skills
  • Alert and observant
  • Collaborative
  • High energy and fortitude
  • Resilience

Classification of surgical nurses

Multiple operations take place in an operating room. Only some surgical nurses can handle all the roles. However, one surgical nurse can play various roles. Some of the nursing types under nursing surgery are;

PACU nurses

PACU nurses are surgical nurses whose operation is limited in the postoperative care unit. Hence, their central role in the post-anesthesia unit is to oversee patients and monitor their condition to ensure a safe recovery process. Some of the duties of PACU nurses, as outlined in our nursing surgery nursing assignment help notes, are;

  • Pain management
  • Administering medication to patients as prescribed
  • Management of nausea, among other postoperative symptoms of anesthesia
  • Offer updates to the treatment team as required
  • Maintain cleanliness, safety, and dryness of dressings and bandages
  • Updating medical records, patient files, and charts
  • Educating patients and their families on ways of delivering post-surgery care

Circulating nurses

In an operating room, a circulating nurse helps by offering extra supplies and sterile instruments required to facilitate a surgical procedure. The nurse also assists other health practitioners in the operating room to monitor the patient’s status. A circulating nurse provides various services before an operation, during and after the induction of anesthesia, during and at the end of the surgical procedure, and after the operation.

During a surgical operation, a circulating nurse must replenish and record sutures, remain in the theatre throughout the process, and watch out for any possible break in the aseptic technique. The nurse also ensures that the theatre door remains closed to uphold the patient’s dignity. Visit our online nursing surgery nursing assignment help services online for more roles of circulating nurses.

Scrub nurses

Scrub nurses perform a surgical scrub and accompany the doctors and patients into an operating room. They must set up the operating room to receive the patient while ensuring the availability of all supporting tools and equipment for the underlying operation. A scrub nurse also needs to support the surgeon during the process and support overall patient safety.

RN first assistants

These are surgical nurses who collaborate directly with doctors during a surgical procedure. The primary roles of the RM first assistant are;

  • Applying bandages
  • Performing stitches
  • Watch for any complicated signs
  • Help in controlling bleeding during the operation.
  • Hold open incisions

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