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As a nursing student searching for nurse career and education nursing assignment help, Essay For All is the right place for you to receive quality solutions. The healthcare sector subjects nurses to wide-ranging situations, all driven to meet diverse patient needs. Therefore, nurses need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver safe and quality patient care. Evidence-based nursing requires nurses to have more advanced skills, including good decision-making, critical thinking, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

In the past few decades, most nursing operations involved human input. That is why there were increased cases of medical errors. Increased technological use and adoption in most healthcare operations require nurses to continuously increase their knowledge to deliver the best services to patients. For top-notch nurse career and education nursing assignment help, place your order now and receive the best assistance from our experienced tutors.

The idea of nursing education

Based on Essay For All expert writers, nursing education is the formal training and learning on the science of nursing. It revolves around the duties and functions of physical patient care and a mix of multiple disciplines aimed at facilitating the faster recovery of patients. Nursing careers and education have undergone significant transformations over the decades, especially with the need for autonomy and professionalism.

Numerous factors have affected nursing practice, including societal attitudes, technology, war, religion, professional status, and acceptance. Nursing education has a long history with enormous influence by Florence nightingale, who developed modern nursing. A nursing career has various nurses’ rights which help in driving professionalism and respect for one another in a nursing career.

Nursing Career

Nursing is a profession that can be classified as a science and an art. The work has emphasized respecting human dignity and meeting all patient needs. Hence, the nurse must have the heart to help, driven by compassion, which helps improve the patient’s overall well-being and support their recovery process. The nurses must also have the required skills and knowledge to help them perform the necessary professional duties. That means nursing education is critical, and nurses should enroll in diverse education programs aiming to refine their expertise or orient them to new skills.

There are various nursing specialties that nursing students may focus on based on their line of interest. Being moved by passion and interest makes nursing education and career much more manageable. It also makes one enjoy learning and use the acquired knowledge to deliver exemplary healthcare services. Nursing is a science since it involves various tests and experiments to determine multiple causes of health issues and patient complications. Seek our online nurse career and education nursing assignment help and find out why nursing is considered a scientific discipline.

Stages involved in the nursing process

Though there are different types of nursing practice, what is common is the nursing process followed to ensure the delivery of holistic and patient-centered care. According to our nurse career and education nursing assignment help professionals, the nursing process entails assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.


The assessment stage is the leading phase of the nursing process that entails the systematic collection of data regarding the patient’s health condition. Utilized for nurses in the care delivery process. In this stage, the nurse collects wide-ranging information not limited to economical, spiritual, sociocultural, psychological, and physiological data. The data can be categorized into objective and subjective data.

Objective data is the firsthand information a nurse gathers that features tangible and measurable information about the patient. It can include the signs and symptoms of the patient, weight, height, fluids, and oxygen levels. Good critical thinking skills are essential to enable a nurse to gather the necessary information to help offer comprehensive patient care.


In this case, the nurse makes a clinical judgment concerning the patient’s response to the potential or actual health demands or conditions. An effective diagnosis relies on adequate information collected at the assessment stage. At the diagnosis stage, the nurse focuses on the actual patient’s problems. An effective diagnosis always incorporates the idea of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


Planning is the third critical stage of the nursing process. It allows the nurse to formulate specific goals and desired outcomes that can improve patient care. It is always essential for healthcare givers to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals at this stage. The nurse can also make both short-term and long-term goals. Seek our online nurse career and education nursing assignment help writing services for more insights on the planning stage.


The implementation stage of the nursing process is always essential. It is a stage whereby nurses focus on executing actual interventions, actions, or activities outlined in the care plan. The implementation stage is a continuous stage that extends the period of the patient’s stay in the hospital. Some of the practices performed in the implementation stage are;

  • Offering postpartum support
  • Availing bedside care
  • Providing feeding assistance
  • Monitoring patient progress and response
  • Administration of medication


Based on Essay For All experts, evaluation is the last step of the nursing process whereby nurses perform various practices to ensure the overall well-being and recovery of the patient. The care delivery process can become ongoing, especially if the nurses need to evaluate the patient’s status. That is why it is always essential to ensure the reassessment of patients’ conditions and check if the initial treatment goals have been met. A practical evaluation occasionally happens, not only when discharging the patient. Contact our professional nurse career and education nursing assignment helpers to understand how best to follow the nursing process.

The 6c’s of nursing career

Nursing students should understand the 6C’s of nursing, which is essential in the profession as it promotes improved patient care. Despite the revolution in the healthcare sector, the application and effectiveness of the 6C’s remain constant. Based on our nurse career and education nursing assignment help tutors, the 6C are;

  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Care

Role of nurses in the healthcare sector

A nursing career offers nurses wide-ranging opportunities to serve the community from a healthcare perspective. Over the years, a nurse’s job has been providing health education, serving as a patient advocate, supporting healthy lifestyles, and offering care to patients. Despite the changes in the nursing practice with the advancement of technology, there are fewer changes or modifications in the typical roles of nurses. For instance, evidence-based treatment is now the role of nurses, especially in facilitating modern medicine. Nurses’ roles include wellness education, research role, specialists, patient advocates, and holistic caregivers.

Patient Advocacy

A nurse is a patient advocate when they protect the patient’s human rights and legal and medical rights. Patients can be in a critical condition that they may not understand their medical environment. Therefore, nurses should never take advantage of the situation to violate some patients’ rights but remain patient advocates. A nurse also becomes a patient advocate through patient education and counseling sessions vital in clarifying treatment options administered to patients and their family members. Another way is through patient involvement or engaging their family members in certain treatment decisions or plans and allowing for their support or ideas.

Patient education and support

Nurses are always there to administer medications and perform necessary diagnoses and treatments on the patient. They also have the responsibility of providing patient education and support. In this case, the caregiver can improve the awareness of the patient’s treatment, medications, illness, and overall health.

In case the patient seeks further clarification, the nurses should be willing to offer extra information wherever necessary. Patient education and support help patients effectively continue their treatment plan at home, especially after being discharged or receiving home-based care. There are more roles of nurses outlined in our nurse career and education nursing assignment help notes pdf, which you can access by contacting Essay For All tutors.

Why most students are choosing the nursing career

There are various tertiary institutions offering nursing courses from certificate to post-doctoral levels. Nursing education is essential in preparing nurses to survive in technical healthcare settings while ensuring they are self-directed and highly organized. Following the sophisticated nature of contemporary medical science, having access to quality nursing education is not an option for any nursing student who aspires to be competent.

Most employers in the health sector want to recruit qualified nurses knowledgeable in various areas, autonomous and flexible, among other capabilities. The increasing demand for nurses in specialty areas and other areas motivates students to undergo nursing education. Some specialty areas demanding more nurses include emergency, neonatal, radiology special procedures, operating rooms, and critical care units.

In all the units, nurses are required to administer high-quality levels of care. That is why healthcare givers with advanced skills are always in demand and highly sought after by employers. With the nursing shortage experienced globally, the future is promising for nursing students. However, refine your skills by choosing our experts to offer you top-notch nursing career and education homework help services.

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