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Take refuge at Essay For All to enjoy high-quality health advocacy nursing assignment help services at pocket-friendly rates. Promoting health advocacy is one way to promote increased access to public health services and quality healthcare at the community and individual levels. Health advocacy also is after bridging the gaps in the healthcare systems while improving people’s access to high-quality, affordable, and effective healthcare.

Health disparities have impaired people’s access to quality care based on race, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation, among others. Hence, the sector requires increased health advocates who can ensure that patients are not discriminated against but are guaranteed equal access to quality healthcare services.

Health advocacy has always been a challenging program compared to how much nursing students consider it a mere walk in the park. When you tread that path and experience challenging moments, remember that our competent tutors and health advocacy specialists have your back. Register for our online health advocacy nursing assignment help services for the best outcomes.

Some of the issues solved by health advocacy

Based on Essay For All top tutors, there has always been a challenge in health care management. The challenge has been highly witnessed, especially among individuals with exhaustion symptoms and older adults with cognitive impairment. In such cases, it is difficult for people to navigate their health care. Not all patients and their family members understand some medical requirements, processes, and procedures.

Hence, they may waste a lot of time seeking to understand some of the processes, requirements, and procedures and still need to understand the available information. That misunderstanding can also extend to diagnosis and treatment options. While medical services are available to ensure improved patient outcomes, misunderstandings between patients and their family members may cause under-use of the available medical services.

Some of the possible mistakes that may happen include; taking the wrong medication dosage, missing doctor appointments, or even undergoing duplicate diagnostic tests. All such errors and challenges that patients are likely to face can be solved by having health advocates. The advocates help ensure the patients maximize the use of available medical services while avoiding making errors from inadequate knowledge. For additional information, seek our online health advocacy nursing assignment help services.

Healthcare advocates

Patients enjoy increased benefits by having healthcare advocates. Based on our experienced health advocacy nursing assignment helpers, health advocates offer patients and their families direction and customized assistance necessary to navigate the healthcare system. The increased fragmentation of the modern-day healthcare system makes it more complex for patients to navigate through.

When patients need to see multiple specialists, it becomes daunting for them, especially in tracking treatment plans. Another challenge that patients may experience is clarification on insurance coverage and medical bills. Therefore, it requires the intervention of a health advocate who is well-informed about the healthcare system for more straightforward patient navigation. Some of the roles of healthcare advocates include;

  • Directing patients through their medical care, legal and administrative tasks, and also concerning insurance questions.
  • Patient education to support well-informed healthcare decisions
  • Assist patients in accessing healthcare

Main categories of people that need health advocates

Hospitalized patients

Hospitals need to have patient advocates. When the family members cannot always be available to watch over the patient, the patient advocate intervenes. During the hospital stay, the advocate will update patients about their underlying condition and overall progress. The advocates also help by communicating with the family member of the patient.

When patients are in critical condition, health practitioners may take the chance to violate the confidentiality and privacy rights of the patient. Hence, having a patient advocate helps ensure the safety of the medical records and related personal or sensitive patient information.

If there are available forms to be filled by the patient, the patient advocate may also intervene to ensure correct filling. That means that even without having a close family member in the hospital, the patient will still be comfortable in the hands of the advocate. For more information, seek our health advocacy nursing assignment help services online.

Patients with dementia

Dementia is a form of cognitive disorder that affects a person’s cognitive abilities and memory. While in a hospital setting, a patient with dementia will likely forget to undertake essential steps in the healthcare service delivery process, such as performing certain routines, appointments with doctors, and even taking medication.

Though health practitioners may be willing to help patients with dementia recover, their behavior triggered by the disorder may result in more challenges. Suppose the patient’s families understand how dementia decreases perception and thinking abilities. In that case, they should be there for their patients or get a patient advocate to help them navigate the healthcare organization. Consult our health advocacy nursing assignment doers for additional roles of patient advocates.

Older adults

With the advancement in age, older adults require a lot of support when they require healthcare services. It requires the intervention of another party to help in crucial steps such as management of medical bills, note taking, and talking with doctors about the scheduled appointments. In this case, the advocate may also help reduce the communication gap between patients and healthcare practitioners.

Types of services offered by health advocates

Health insurance navigation

Health advocates, in this case, may help to:

  • Advise the patient on the selection of insurance policies and health plans
  • Clarification of coinsurance and copays to patients
  • Educating patients on the available wellness benefits

Medical billing navigation

It entails assisting the patient in navigating medical billing.

  • Ensuring adjustment of billing errors
  • Negotiation of bills with providers
  • Assessing medical bills for accuracy

Medical care navigation

It entails services such as;

  • Care coordination between specialists
  • Clarification of conditions and diagnosis
  • Clarification of confusion in medical information
  • Communicating patients’ rights
  • Mediator between patients and healthcare practitioner

Additional navigation services you need to know outlined in our health advocacy nursing assignment help notes pdf include;

  • Legal navigation
  • Navigation of older adult services
  • Placement navigation

Health advocacy programs

Based on our health advocacy nursing assignment helpers, health advocacy programs offer direct, single-contact remedies to employees and their family members for their healthcare and medical needs. The programs also direct employees to suitable, cost-efficient providers for their requirements.

Whenever patients undergo health-related challenges, health advocates may be available to offer a helping hand during the healthcare process. That makes health advocacy extend beyond the idea of good customer service. However, it extends to acting as true patient advocates and offering them real-time assistance while they are in critically ill and vulnerable situations.

Implementing health advocacy programs has been integral in empowering healthcare consumers to engage actively in their care. Health advocacy programs offer wide-ranging services. From our health advocacy nursing assignment help notes, the services are unlimited to;

  • Follow up support
  • Clinical and cost decision support
  • Benefits Engagement
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Care coordination and management
  • Understanding coverage and plan options
  • Handling paperwork, billing issues, and claims
  • Offering guidance on prescription and treatment

Whenever health advocacy programs support patient-centered care, consumers enjoy an improved and streamlined healthcare experience with the lowest cost incurred.

Benefits of health advocacy programs to employers in the healthcare sector 

While patients are entitled to many benefits in health care, most of them never maximize them due to a limited understanding of some benefits. Despite having the benefits, patients and even employees in the healthcare sector may struggle to access quality medical care. In this case, the employer should handle such challenges by availing necessary supporting resources and tools for supporting ad empowering the benefits of the health advocacy programs.

It becomes much more confusing to patients when they seek clarification from different healthcare providers. If a patient receives different information regarding the same problem, some may quit and avoid pursuing the available benefits that may result in improved healthcare outcomes at reduced costs. In this case, having a health advocate helps the patients get wide-ranging information from one person and avoid getting confused. For instance, the advocate may guide the patient to the right program at the right time, which promotes their overall satisfaction and active involvement in their health care.

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