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Essay For All assures nursing students easy access to Diversity in Health Nursing Assignment Help solutions at pocket-friendly rates. Modern businesses thrive well when there is workplace diversity. The healthcare sector is included. Diversity in the healthcare sector helps to ensure adequate representation of people from different ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, and nationalities. Health practitioners in such a diverse workplace will likely deliver the best possible care for all patients.

Based on Essay For All Tutors, diversity entails the inclusivity of researchers, educators, trainees, healthcare professionals, and patients from varied walks of life, no matter their geographic location, spoken language, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or social class, among others. If confronted with complex health diversity nursing assignments, book our expert tutors and get the best solutions at pocket-friendly rates.

Overview of health diversity

In most countries in the healthcare sector, there must be more diversity among health practitioners. That is why there is increasing demand to ensure health diversity. The main aim of having healthy diversity is to ensure that people across diverse religions, sexual orientations, cultures, ethnicities, races, and socioeconomic origins are well represented in the health sector. Hospitals and related healthcare organizations receive patients from diverse origins.

Hence preferring a specific category or group of people as health practitioners increase the likelihood of being biased when offering healthcare services. The effects are highly felt when the workforce needs to be more diverse. However, having a diverse workforce supports increased accessibility of quality care services for every patient. Over many years, people of color have been underrepresented in the healthcare task force. As the trend changes, there is more hope that there shall be a state of health diversity in the health sector in the coming years.

Effects of Discrimination on Healthcare

Incidents of discrimination in healthcare have been among the significant setbacks in ensuring equal access to care. It entails the lack of consideration or the harmful actions given to an individual or a group of people in a healthcare setting based on a preconceived unjustified opinion.

The typical examples of discrimination in hospitals and related healthcare organizations include denying employees access to work opportunities, denying same-sex couples access to healthcare services, and denying an employee off to attend a religious event. Such discrimination has adverse effects on patients. Apart from threatening their overall wellness, the partiality may result in reduced self-confidence, low self-esteem, and disempowerment.

The standard form of discrimination that people of color undergo is increased waiting time before receiving medical attention when another racial majority is in the same queue. While the healthcare sector strives to ensure equal access to services, embracing health diversity remains a fundamental strategy. Consult our health diversity nursing assignment help professionals with the various ways to ensure health diversity.

Benefits of health diversity in healthcare

There have been challenges in the healthcare sector for many decades, mainly because of discrimination, stereotyping, and biases. There has been an underrepresentation of minority groups. However, our health diversity nursing assignment helpers emphasize the need to have a diverse workforce in the health sector to enjoy diverse benefits such as;

Improved employee engagement and retention

Employees or health practitioners, in this case, have high motivation when they work in organizations that positively impact society. There are various ways through which healthcare organizations can ensure a positive impact on people. For instance, supporting equal access to healthcare services while reducing health disparities is among the ways of creative, positive influence. In this case, a health practitioner operating in a diverse workplace will likely enjoy working there with increased job satisfaction and morale leading to retention.

Reduced health disparities

Based on Essay For All experts, health disparities are the preventable differences in opportunities, violence, injury, disease, and burden in attaining optimal health by socially disadvantaged groups and communities. An example of health disparity in American society is when rural-based Americans have increased chances of dying from specific chronic ailments like cancer, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, and unintentional injuries, unlike their counterparts in urban areas. Health diversity is an effective way of reducing health disparities while improving healthcare outcomes in different patient populations.

Increased patient trust

When discrimination and biases dominate the healthcare practice, patients from minority groups lose trust in the health practitioners. They no longer feel safe in their hands. One way of ensuring patients trust the available healthcare providers is through having a diverse workforce. Such a trend motivates people of color to be confident when seeking medical attention, and anticipating good treatment, especially by black doctors. Some delays and reduced quality services that the blacks have suffered at the hands of white medical practitioners, even resulting in death, made many lose trust in healthcare providers. Hence, embracing health diversity is a way of restoring lost trust or building trust whereby patients are assured equal access to healthcare services.

Enhanced understanding of the patients’ sets of values

Patients from different cultural backgrounds are likely to have diverse beliefs and values. Some belief systems dictate how they should be handled, the kind of treatment to receive, and the healthcare premises. Religious differences are also an important aspect to consider when handling patients since religious beliefs may also dictate various patient behaviors and practices. In this case, having a diverse workforce ensures an improved understanding of patients from different cultural origins and respecting their belief systems in care delivery. Always remember the power of inclusion, diversity, and equity when recruiting the healthcare workforce.

Boosts innovation and creativity

Various skills and creativity tend to be suppressed for failure to appreciate people from different backgrounds. People are talented differently. However, focusing on a specific group of people as the only ones superior means suppressing the unique abilities of the other people. Health diversity is a way of promoting the desired levels of creativity and innovation in the healthcare sector. The professional practice of health practitioners is constantly filled with challenges that require effective problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and high levels of creativity to maneuver. The secret to excess and ensuring improved patient outcomes is through availing a diverse task force.

Ways of promoting diversity in healthcare

While there is a need to have health diversity, there are strategies, when adopted, that may be effective in facilitating and increasing healthcare diversity. First, the human resource department should be the first department to insist on the importance of having a diverse team. In the process, the department will consider recruiting people from different backgrounds. However, the health practitioners available also have a role to play in promoting diversity in the workplace. From our health diversity nursing assignment help guidelines, the essential tips for promoting workplace diversity include the following;

Quick response to any cases of businesses at the workplace

Stereotypes and biases are common in the workplace, where certain groups of people are discriminated may be based on their gender, color, race, religion, nationality, or even sexual orientation. While [there are employees that may remain silent even when shown acts of business, it is always important to report to relevant authorities to get the necessary assistance. Remaining silent on such happens increases further chances of repeat actions. However, reporting and getting quick responses helps in addressing the challenge. Besides, people of different backgrounds may also be valued, and their opinions and contributions may be equally treasured.

Establishing a welcoming environment that encourages inclusivity

At a workplace that insists on health diversity, a welcoming environment encourages the inclusion of people from different backgrounds. An inclusive environment treasures the contribution of different employees. A team of people that perceive a sense of self-worth from how the healthcare team may value their contribution is likely to promote diversity in the workplace to ensure increased patient satisfaction levels.

Encourage job applicants from different backgrounds.

In the past, some human resource managers have been specific and biased based on the requirements for candidates to apply for the available positions. Hence, they lock in the most suitable candidates because of biases and discrimination. By accepting diverse applicants, it is easy to get qualified candidates who are fit for the available positions. In this case, it also becomes easy to ensure that patients from different backgrounds can enjoy increased access to quality care, meeting their underlying healthcare needs.

Promoting an open work environment

A closed work environment has a lot of restrictions and considers only views from one side. Such a workplace has a high chance of avoiding workplace diversity. According to Essay For All professional tutors, any healthcare environment promoting diverse cultures should encourage listening practice. Getting the views of the people and the patients help in understanding some of the problems facing them and developing practical solutions.

Diversity training programs

The healthcare task force needs diversity training. It is an effective way of increasing diversity awareness and its related importance. According to our health diversity nursing assignment help tutors, diversity training has wide-ranging benefits, including;

  • Enhanced intercultural communication skills
  • Easier identification of possible barriers to healthcare access
  • Increased awareness of subconscious and personal biases
  • Understand practical ways of responding to cultural differences
  • Increases cultural skills and understanding

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