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Register for Essay For All affordable care act nursing assignment help (ACA) solutions at reasonable costs. ACA is a national law that addresses reforms in the national healthcare system. It is commonly known as the Obama Care. The Act’s main aim was to offer universal healthcare coverage for all Americans and reduce the costs of healthcare coverage and services.

According to our tutors, the affordable care act is a comprehensive healthcare reform passed as a law by President Barrack Obama in March 2010. It was a time for the millions of uninsured Americans to access health insurance easily. The law extended Medicaid eligibility and established health insurance exchanges that enabled Americans to buy or acquire health insurance while prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage because of their preexisting conditions.

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Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

Improved access to care

President Obama wanted to increase healthcare accessibility among Americans. Hence, enacting the affordable care act was a strategic approach to fulfill the objective. There are various ways through which the law would support increased care accessibility. For instance, the ACA prohibited coverage denials and minimized benefits due to preexisting conditions.

Initially, racial discrimination prevented the black community, among other racial minorities, from accessing certain health coverages. However, the introduction of the ACA prohibited such denials. Besides, the affordable care act also eliminated annual and lifetime limits on insurance coverage and established yearly limits on out-of-pocket spending on essential health benefits.

Accordable to our affordable care act nursing assignment helpers, the Act also simplified health choices by allowing people and small business loans to provide four standard categories at different costs while having a catastrophic option applicable for people below 30 years and those who can’t afford health coverage. Additional ways through which the affordable care act improved health accessibility to Americans is through.’

  • Offering new home and community-based options for the disabled and elderly Americans who need long-term care services.
  • Creating a new Food and Drug Administration approval pathway for advancing biosimilars that provides the potential to lower treatment expenses for patients on high-cost biologics.
  • It simplified the enrollment requirements and eligibility in Medicaid and children’s health insurance programs.
  • Expansion of health provider training opportunities while emphasizing primary care
  • The Act also developed health plan disclosure requirements and simple, standardized summaries that consumers can use to assess the coverage information and compare benefits.

Increased affordability of healthcare coverage

Before the affordable care act, various health coverages were so costly and affordable to only a few Americans. Hence, President Obama decided to launch the Act to increase the affordability of health coverage. There are various ways through which the Act would be affordable to the people.

The Act ensured reduced drug costs by increasing Medicaid rebates, expanding discount programs, and creating a new system for approving more affordable versions of biological drugs. The ACA also supported the accurate and timely payment of the Medicare advantage plans by spending about 85%of the Medicare revenue on patient care.

The affordable care act has supported the expansion of competitive bidding purposely to lower the costs of durable medical equipment like hospital beds and wheelchairs. After the law’s enactment, employer health plans effectively provided incentives for workers concerning their wellness programs. Initially, women were less involved in seeking medical attention for some health conditions because of the high costs.

However, the affordability of healthcare imposed by the ACA encouraged increased women’s access to quality care since the Act prohibited charging extra costs for women receiving coverage. According to our affordable care act nursing assignment help tutors, the Act created a tax credit for small businesses offering health coverage to their employers.

Improve health outcomes through the advancement of biomedical research.

President Barrack Obama launched the precision medicine initiative for revolutionizing health improvement and disease treatment. The initiative used imaging, environmental, behavioral, lifestyle, genomic, and clinical data to understand health and disease and used the gained insights to develop customized prevention approaches and medical treatments.

Another way that supported biomedical research advancement was by launching the brain initiative to develop neuro-technologies to invent new ways of treating, preventing, and curing brain disorders. It is through the affordable care act that there was the launching of the first update of biotechnology regulations in a quarter century. According to our experienced affordable care Act nursing homework doers, the ACA also encouraged the development of a strategy for combating the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Improved efficiency, accountability, and quality of care

Based on Essay For All Tutors, Obama Care sought to enhance health care’s quality and efficiency. That is why the Act supported new transparency of requirements and a star rating system for physicians, Medicare advantage plans, nursing homes, and hospitals. In this case, the consumers would quickly get the required information on the cost and quality of the received services.

The Act also supported health practitioners’ use and adoption of certified electronic health records. ACA required posting calorie information on the menus of chain restaurants or other locations and even on vending machines. Accountability and transparency were also integral parts of the ACA.

For instance, the Act required drug and medical device manufacturers to ensure public disclosure of payments and other compensations to teaching hospitals and physicians. The main aim of the approach was to minimize conflicts of interest. The Act also raised the Medicare hospital insurance tax and introduced a new tax on net investment income for high-income taxpayers.

Consumer rights and protections covered by the affordable care act

Over the past years, insurance companies have taken advantage of people by overexploiting them. Hence, minority groups faced significant challenges accessing quality and timely medical services. Besides, some children could be denied access to quality care.

As a result, there were high disability cases, poor health outcomes, and high death rates for children, teenagers, and adults. According to our affordable care act nursing assignment help professionals and insurance companies would deny health coverage to children with certain health complications such as heart defects and those with asthma. The doctors would also cancel some of the minority population’s health coverage anytime they got sick by finding an accidental error in their paperwork.

However, the affordable care act established a bill of rights for patients to safeguard them from abusive practices. The ACA not only terminated discrimination in the healthcare sector but also terminated preexisting coverage cancellations.

Relevance of affordable care act in strengthening Of Medicare

According to Essay For All Tutors, Medicare is the federal health insurance catering to the head coverage of older people above 65 years old and some young people with disabilities. Medicare program helps pay for multiple medical care services for the target group, such as:

  • Hospice care
  • Skilled nursing facility
  • Home health care
  • Preventive services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Physician visits
  • Hospitalizations

Millions of Americans with disabilities and older adults rely on health coverage. Hence, it is vital to ensure that there is consistent, accessible, and quality care to improve their life quality and also life expectancy. The affordable care act intervened to strengthen Medicare in various ways, such as by fighting fraud. The affordable care act condemns fraud by encouraging strict screening procedures, technology, and more substantial penalties. For more details, visit our online affordable care act nursing assignment help services.

Types of services required under the affordable care act

There are different types of affordable care act health insurance plans: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. They are known as mental levels, each with other charges. The cheapest premiums with higher out-of-pocket costs are large Solver and Bronze plans. However, a person pays less when they need healthcare services when they have platinum and gold insurance plans.

  • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices
  • Preventive and wellness services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Prescription of drugs
  • Pediatric services
  • Substance use disorders and mental health services
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Laboratory services
  • Hospitalizations
  • Emergency services
  • Ambulatory services

various aspects of the ACA make it cheaper. Based on our expert tutors, using premium tax credits has helped families pay for health insurance obtained from the marketplace. Not all Americans qualify for the premium tax credit. Some of the qualifications to get the premium tax credits are;

  • Ineligibility for coverage through a federal program like Tricare, Medicare, or Medicaid
  • Inability to get health insurance coverage through the employer-sponsored plan
  • Unclaimed as a dependent by another person
  • A victim of spousal abandonment and domestic abuse
  • Low household income or unemployed

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