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A basic understanding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to our Affordable Care Act Nursing Assignment Helpers at Essay For All

During Obama’s tenure as the U.S. president, he championed comprehensive healthcare reforms enacted in 2010. Accordingly, these reforms became known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). These laws aimed at enhancing access to affordable health coverage for all. Similarly, the regulations also aimed at safeguarding consumers from abusive insurance schemes. For example, ACA creates a bill of rights shielding patients from weird practices like:

  • The Act marked an end to discriminatory practices based on preexisting conditions
  • Secondly, it ended coverage cancellation
  • Finally, it marked an end to care limits

The Affordable Care Act also lowered care costs. Thus, it ensures that your healthcare contributions are used appropriately. For instance, insurance firms are required by this reform to be accountable to their customers on how they spend premium dollars. In addition, this policy reduces health care costs through tax credits. Obviously, this health care reform also shields the general public from abusive insurance practices. Likewise, it curbs customer exploitation by insurance firms offering medical coverage.

For the same reason, the Affordable Care Act has helped many Americans acquire insurance coverage. Hence, it has saved thousands of lives and improved the effectiveness of the United States healthcare system. Most people applaud this health policy because it has been life-changing, especially for individuals who were not insured in the past. It has also given hope to low-income earners and those with preexisting conditions. Contact us at Essay For All for prompt solutions!

The significance of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010. Up to now, it has played a significant transformative role within the U.S. healthcare system. For instance, this health reform broadened American health coverage to nearly twenty million individuals. Consequently, this Act enhanced the protection of individuals with underlying conditions. The Affordable Care Act also demanded employers to schedule breaks for breastfeeding mothers to attend to their babies. The following are some of the critical contributions of the Affordable Care Act to the American healthcare system:

  • First, ACA safeguards persons with underlying health conditions from discriminatory practices prevalent in the system. First, before ACA’s passage, insurers in the individual market frequently set the pricing and benefit exclusion. As a result, they denied health coverage to individuals based on their health status. This medical underwriting practice persisted. So, persons with underlying health conditions were susceptible to segregation if they sought to buy their insurance independently

  • Secondly, the Affordable Care Act facilitated Medicaid expansion, assisting millions of low-income earners and families in accessing health care and other related services. Currently, more than 36 states in the United States have broadened the scope of their Medicaid services under this policy

  • The affordability of health care has been another fruit of the Affordable Care Act. Accordingly, this healthcare policy was all-inclusive and mindful of the general welfare of ordinary citizens. Hence, the government offered tax premiums to make health care affordable. In addition, children were also enrolled in this program.

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The role of nurses in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to our Affordable Care Act Nursing Assignment Helpers

Undoubtedly, nurses are core in implementing the medical homes. Secondly, ACA has broadened care provisions. As a result, nurses care for many patients using health care services. Nurses also shape healthcare since they spend more time with patients. Thus, they understand patient concerns and needs. Accordingly, ACA outlined three primary reforms within the health care system:

  • Quality care
  • Lowered health care costs countrywide
  • Increased healthcare access due to affordability

Some of the areas where nurses are integral in shaping healthcare practices include their critical role in supporting and championing patient well-being. Quality care advocated by ACA demands collaboration between doctors and nurses to deliver the best possible services to patients. Some of these roles also include:

  • Addressing patient needs
  • Cost reduction programs, especially for the elderly and vulnerable populations
  • The link between patients and doctors

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The ACA significantly revolutionized care provision and quality countrywide. As a result, every nurse must strive to have a detailed mastery of the course concepts to offer appropriate care. Nurses remain central in care provision and ensuring that patients receive quality care. The Affordable Care Act has had multiple positive impacts on the entire healthcare provision. So, we challenge you to order Affordable Care Act nursing writing services from this platform for exceptional results. Additionally, we also provide:

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