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Essay For All is the leading online platform with exceptional concept maps nursing assignment help services. Register for our online services and enjoy numerous benefits. In nursing, a concept map is a visual tool that enables nursing students to strategize patient care on paper.

It also supports the more effortless organization and visualization of diverse patient care concepts in a simplified way through a diagram highlighting the association between various nursing concepts. Based on our professional tutors, nursing students should understand concept maps and their application since it increases their judgment and reasoning while empowering their clinical reasoning ability.

Nursing programs emphasize the knowledge of the concept for multiple reasons. Remember that a concept map is an effective self-teaching strategy that supports students’ ability to pre-plan their clinical evaluations and offer deeper insights for their post-clinical assessments. Contact professional tutors for any query or search for concept maps nursing assignment help services.

Different types of concept maps in nursing

A concept map is crucial in visualizing various related concepts, pieces of information, or ideas. A fundamental characteristic of a concept map is a hierarchical format with one focus question or one key concept with different related ideas, key concepts, and various sub-topics. Some nursing students confuse concept maps with mind maps; they are very different and serve other purposes. Contact our concept maps nursing assignment helpers for the differences between concept maps and mind maps. There are different types of concept maps, some of which include;

  • Venn diagrams
  • T-charts
  • Timelines
  • Graphic organizers
  • Flowcharts
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • System maps
  • Hierarchical maps
  • Spider maps

Venn diagrams

According to Essay For All Tutors, a Venn diagram depicts the relationship between two or more data sets. It can highlight differences or similarities of different but related data. Some common types of Venn diagrams are two-set, three-set, four-set, and five-set. Nursing students should understand how to develop a Venn diagram to visually create a more effortless organization of information to understand the relationship between datasets.


Based on Essay For All Tutors, t-charts are charts whereby students are required to list and examine two facets of a topic, such as facts and opinions, advantages and disadvantages, and cons and pros. Using T-charts in nursing enables students to assess a situation from two sides. A visual presentation is the best way for students to understand some concepts. Some students face challenges in drawing a T-chart. When making the columns, a nursing student must determine the type of information to be written in each column.

Graphic organizer

In nursing, graphic organizers are graphic and visual displays that help organize ideas and demonstrate relationships between different concepts and information. Most students benefit from the graphic organizers by enhancing the learning outcomes. It also supports reviewing information. Some students need help with organizing data. Learning about graphic organizers helps students improve their organizational skills.


Nursing professionals mostly use nursing flowcharts to define and improve their communication process among practitioners. Our concept maps nursing assignment helpers consider the maps as a decision-making framework that offers holistic care and effective patient management. Flowcharts allow students to make the picture of the way as a process while developing ideas about ways of improving them. In nursing, the flowcharts can;

  • Serve as a basis for designing new processes.
  • Assist team members in attaining an enhanced understanding of the process and using the knowledge in data collection, problem identification, focus discussions, and the identification of resources.
  • Flowcharts help in the clarification of complex processes

Spider map

A spider map based on our concept maps nursing homework helpers; this type of concept map is an organizational tool used graphically to represent specific ideas and concepts to facilitate brainstorming. It is also known as a semantic map. A spider map offers the attributes and functions of a theme or idea, offering branching ideas to provide deeper insights concerning the selected topic.

Hence, it supports the generation of new and creative ideas. Nursing students need to understand how to draw a spider map. Though some students may make mistakes in drawing the map, our professional tutors are ready to offer you professional guidance. Get free professional samples and templates of spider maps from our tutors for better understanding.

Systematic steps of creating a nursing concept map

Begin with the main topic of the concept map.

This step may vary based on the type of concept map to use. However, it is a critical step, especially when developing a spider mapping structure.

Select a drawing medium.

This step offers students wide-ranging options to decide based on availability. That is why some students may choose a whiteboard or a pen and a piece of paper. The main challenge of using a whiteboard is saving the scribbles or enhancing the professionalism of the diagram once drawn. However, various software can now enable a student to keep the work in a digital format. Hence, sharing, editing, and polishing the diagram is easy anytime.

Develop a central concept.

When working on a concept map, there should be a central concept to work on, irrespective of the type of selected concept map. Having a focus question is very important as it helps direct how to expand the central idea in developing the concept map. The main idea or concept serves as a guide, or the problem identified that requires a solution.

Identify the key concepts.

While there is a central topic to address, some additional vital concepts also help develop a concept map. Hence, once a student has determined the main concept, it is crucial to identify the subordinate ideas while enlisting related ideas. A good concept map should have many key concepts ranging between 15 to 25, which can be classified from general to specific. After that, it is vital to describe each topic briefly. The brevity of the description is essential to maintain the concept map. For more insights, choose our online concept maps nursing homework help services.

Organization of lines and shapes

Based on Essay For All Tutors, most nursing students start making mistakes while developing a concept map at this stage. Organization of lines and shapes is never a walk in the park since it requires much understanding. If you need help finding our concept maps nursing assignment help. In this step, arranging the outlined concepts hierarchically is essential, whereby the general concepts remain at the top of the map, below the main point.

However, those specific points remain at the bottom. At this point, the concept map may start taking the right form with the increased connection of the existing shapes with lines and shapes. The connecting lines should have texts or linking words outlining the relationship between the two shapes.

Fine-tuning the map

Once you have organized lines and shapes, you must fine-tune the map to ensure an excellent informational concept map that effectively illustrates the depicted relationship. This final stage is critical as it helps remove any errors or mistakes that may affect the accuracy of the concept map in portraying the relationship between values. Contact our expert tutors and get some concept maps nursing assignment help samples to guide you through while working on your assignment.

Benefits of concept mapping

There are multiple benefits of having concept mapping knowledge. Generally, it is used to explore and visualize ideas. Additional benefits of concepts maps based on our professional concept maps nursing homework solvers are;

It makes sophisticated ideas easy to understand

Some ideas can only be understood easily if captured or presented in puncture form. Hence, students may need help with complex concepts that are easily understood if explained using a concept map. Besides, it enhances the connectivity of different ideas.

Enhances collaboration

Concept mapping, at times, needs brainstorming by different people. That is why some students may opt to work in groups in developing a concept map. Hence, it is essential to promote a spirit of teamwork and collaboration among students. Getting opinions and ideas from different people supports the development of creative and unique ideas.

It helps diversify the learning process

Some nursing students feel it monotonous to use a single approach to teaching. Therefore, explaining concepts using concept maps makes learning more exciting and appealing to students. Besides, visual learners also highly benefit from concept mapping since it enhances their understanding.

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