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Among the many disciplines of psychology, social psychology is unique based on how it concentrates on people’s mannerisms, behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Are you still confusing sociology with social psychology?

Please don’t! Seek clarification now by asking for our online social psychology homework help services. Social psychology is particular in analyzing a person’s reaction and management of a situation. The course is always exciting since it addresses issues dealing with individuals and social interactions. Contact us for guidance or assignment help services, and we promise a prompt response. Remember Essay For All is the home of competent and reliable social psychologists.

Common concepts

Have you ever realized that familiarity with some course concepts makes learning easier and faster to understand? That is why anytime you find a challenge understanding some of the course content, our qualified tutors will take you through some basic concepts before proceeding to more profound topics. You can comprehend the course content and understand it like our experts by seeking online social psychology homework help services at Essay For All. The concepts are not limited to:

  • Attitudes
  • Aggression
  • Stereotypes
  • Interpersonal processes
  • Discrimination and prejudice
  • Group processes
  • Social influence
  • Social cognition
  • Self-concept

History of social psychology

Social psychology is a branch of psychology that came into existence in the 19th century. There are various psychologists and sociologists who by working together managed to develop the concept of social psychology. Norman Triplett was among the first people who conducted experiments on social facilitation. The research studies continued even through the second world war.

After the war, there was an increased collaboration between sociologists and psychologists to solve diverse social challenges like racial discrimination and gender inequality. In the 1960s, social psychologists had more topics to venture into in the social arena. In the 1970s, the discipline faced significant criticisms for its inability to perform experiments and prove that its findings were scientific.

After psychologists and sociologists started conducting laboratory experiments, the field reached maturity in the 1990s. Social psychologists mainly focus on social conditions affecting people and how they behave. Remember to seek Essay For All social psychology homework help services for further clarification.

Ethics governing social psychology

Social psychologists, from time to time, tend to engage in research studies. Since the discipline targets human subjects and not plans, there are guided by research ethics. Social psychology students should understand sich ethical guidelines before they get into the career to avoid suffering consequences for the violations.

Our expert social psychologists always emphasize that the main aim of the discipline is to enable people to understand cognition and behavior and their occurrence in a social context. Therefore, social psychology experiments should be deceptive in distorting or concealing specific facts of the study. In this case, deception can entail using false participants or cover stories.

In research work, psychologists protect the participant’s well-being and rights while understanding various aspects of human behavior. Like any other type of research, social psychologists need to offer the research participants informed consent. It helps them know what the experiment entails to make them decide whether to participate or not. Other ethical considerations that apply to the study are;

  • Respect for the participants’ dignity
  • Responsibility and fidelity
  • Nonmaleficence and beneficence
  • Integrity
  • Protection from possible harm
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality

Relevance and application of social psychology knowledge

Social psychologists in the industry have various reasons to enjoy why they picked on the course. Be sure you will also once smile, but if only you finish the course well equipped with profound knowledge about the discipline. Never be deceived that social psychologists can only engage in research work. There are various fields they can explore and find well-paying job opportunities.

With social psychology knowledge, professionals can work in learning institutions. Since schools are complex social settings, there are some of them that need social psychologists for proper governance and facilitating positive interactions. Besides, they can, through good designing of education programs help teachers to comprehend the social dynamics of their classroom and hence facilitate teaching using suitable approaches.

Private and public companies also seek social psychologists to enable them to understand human behavior to run organizational operations properly. The psychologist also advises and helps business organizations hire, train, and lead their employees. Social psychologists are likely to play significant roles in any place characterized by the interaction of people. Other topics that social psychologists can address are not limited to;

  • Criminal activity
  • Domestic and family problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Bullying
  • Workplace discrimination

Apart from the learned social psychology knowledge, psychologists should also have other skills for improved performance, such as;

  • Research skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Observation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Data analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Active listening

The diverse approaches used in social psychology

The physiological approach applicable in the social psychology discipline

From the experience of our competent social psychology tutors, the physiological approach is very critical in the study. It investigates how specific chemical and biological processes affect a person’s ability to create valuable and adequate schemas, makes quality decisions, and support accurate perceptions.

Social psychologists have performed various research in the field to gain more precise insights into the influence of biological and chemical processes on cognitive function. Some of the research performed involved the use of nonhuman species.

However, technological advancement has supported even the use of human specimens while complying with the stipulated ethical considerations. Remember to subscribe to our online social psychology assignment help services for any queries.

The cognitive approach of social psychology

Based on Essay For All professionals, the cognitive approach plays a significant role in examining the relationship between brain activity and psychological processes like decision-making, perception, and memory. It analyzes how the processes affect a person’s ability to understand and interprets information and how it can lead to productive interactions.

If a psychologist is aware of the operation of human memory, then it becomes straightforward to understand how individuals classify situations, objects, or occurrences. Researchers can also analyze people’s interactions and their related perceptions through the study of people’s memory. Concerning perceptions, it is easy to identify some stereotypes held in certain social groups and the supporting reasons.

Contribution of Kurt Lewin

At the beginning of his career, Kurt Lewin was passionate about behaviorism. His psychology interest later expanded to include gestalt psychology. He researched various topics such as action research, experiential learning, and group dynamics. With a firm understanding and increased knowledge of gestalt psychology, Lewin designed a theory outlining the significance of situational variables, interpersonal conflicts, and individual personalities.

He then used the gestalt theories by applying them to human behavior. Kurt Lewin engaged in various research work and experimentation, earning him the title, ‘the father of modern social psychology’. Some of the things that people associate with Kurt Lewin are;

  • Group dynamics
  • Field theory
  • Experiential learning
  • The father of modern social psychology

Theories of social psychology

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of social psychology, find out some of the information from its theories. There are various theories addressing various aspects. Apart from increased knowledge, understanding can also help you manage any assignment question that may require an explanation of social psychology theories.

Even though there are several theories, don’t panic since you can have them all clear at your fingertips with the guidance and support of our expert tutors. Some theoretical models are the elaboration likelihood model, drive theory, cognitive dissonance, attribution theory, self-verification theory, self-perception theory, social exchange theory, social comparison theory, social identity theory, system justification theory, socio-emotional selectivity theory, inoculation theory, and theory of reasoned action.

Social identity theory

Based on our competent social psychology assignment helpers, the social identity theory outlines intergroup behavioral patterns perceived by people. The prominent people who developed the theory were john turner and Henri Tafel, who focused on the idea of self-identity to understanding people’s behavior in a social context. They suggest that people need to belong and be accepted in society, which is considered a need for social identity in psychology.

Social exchange theory

Is the social exchange theory new to you? Don’t worry. It is a critical theory that has helped over the years to explain the behavior of human beings as social beings. The theory focuses on the human relationship based on cost-benefit analysis.

Social exchange theory also reveals that people can feel negative or positive about their relationship based on several factors such as comparison level of alternatives, comparison level, and cost-benefit analysis. Based on Essay For All professionals, the basic idea of the theory of social exchange is rewards and costs. While rewards are the positive outcome of social exchanges, costs form the adverse outcomes of a decision.

Self-perception theory

From our online social psychology assignment help services, the self-perception theory suggests that through observation of personal behavior, a person is likely to learn their character and attitudes. Since people are aware of some of their attitudes, they don’t need another person to help them discover their real identity. All they need is self-reflection to find their real self. Learn more by subscribing to our online social psychology homework help solutions.

Attribution theory

In social psychology, attribution theory looks at how people relate to and interpret their social world. In other words, it entails how individuals perceive various events within their environment and understand how it affects their thoughts, behavior, and actions.

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