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Essay For All professional tutors are the best and most qualified in offering high-quality creativity psychology assignment help services. Nature of creativity, despite having less popularity over many years, more students are increasingly undertaking the case. That has inspired our expert tutors to support such students in attaining their dreams of being the nature as the nature of creativity psychologists.

Creativity entails a person’s ability to develop new ideas or use available information in novel ways. Creativity may be about small ideas and even large-scale ideas that can transform the world in a great way. Through creativity, people invent objects, systems, and processes that impact people’s lives. As you explore the nature of creativity from a psychological lens, remember that we have the nature of creativity psychology assignment help that students have always pursued.

Requirements for one to be creative based on Essay For All the nature of creativity psychology assignment help professionals

Not all people are creative, but they all can if they choose to be creative. Various steps trigger creativity in a person. Based on Essay For All proficient tutors, creative people are characterized by diverse traits supporting innovative thoughts. Some of the traits are;


Most creative people are energetic. For instance, they invest a lot of energy and attention in their work which they have a great passion for, while showing high enthusiasm while performing the tasks. The energy, both in physical and mental energy, encourages a person to start and take to complete a project they start. It does not matter if it’s time-consuming, but because of the energy, the main aim and objective to fulfill are striving till the desired outcomes are realized.


From the research performed by the nature of creativity psychology homework helpers at Essay For All, there is no doubt that creative people know the amount of effort they require to accomplish a given work. They understand no shortcut assures good and long-lasting solutions and know that the perfect solution they chase takes work. Despite the challenges, they can remain focused on their objective and work towards achieving it. Lack of ambition for most people has made them fail to live fulfilling lives, especially because of giving up along the way.


Creativity entails venturing into the unknown while trying new ideas to solve existing problems. Most people fear taking risks because of the perceived impending risks. However, creative people have different perceptions of risk. They are bold enough to take risks while pursuing solutions to identified problems. Failure to creative people is not the end but an eye-opener to greater heights. Based on our expert writers, creative people are always inspired by the reward potential and not possible failure. There are various advantages creative people explore from taking risks. Visit Essay For All for more information.


Have you ever met a creative person who is closed-minded? Creative people are always open-minded and can think outside the box. They can also be flexible to new ideas and very willing to implement them that seem effective. Though they can welcome many ideas, they also assess all the alternatives without judging people’s considerations but settling for meaningful and sensible ideas that may help them achieve what they want. Open-mindedness is among the core characteristics of our top tutors that have made Essay For All to be among the leading service providers. The nature of creativity psychology assignment help services is enough to help you become an open-minded person.

Types of creativity based on the nature of creativity psychology assignment help experts at Essay For All.

From a psychological perspective, creativity differs from one person to another. Likewise, different psychologists have varied ideas on the definition o creativity, its workings, and its constitution and outcome of an innovative end product. Essay For All professionals, based on the ‘four c’ model of creativity, suggest four different types of creativity exist. Remember to get more in-depth information by contacting the nature of creativity psychology assignment doers at Essay For All. In brief, the types are;

‘Mini-c’ creativity

This type entails insights and ideas that are limited to the self and have meaning to an individual who is the idea’s originator.

‘Little c’ creativity

‘Little c’ thinking type is important in addressing daily challenges whereby critical thinking and problem-solving skills and abilities help a person find solutions to the underlying problems and adjust to their environment.

‘Pro c’ creativity

It is a type of creativity common among professionals in a certain field. It, therefore, means that such an individual has desired knowledge and is familiar with various processes in their typical work environment or profession. Despite their creative inputs, such professionals cannot get a reputation for their work.

Big c’ creativity

Based on Essay For All expert tutors, ‘big c’ creativity is limited to developing ideas or works in a specific field that are considered on tremendous impact. Unlike the ‘pro c’ creativity, ‘big c’ creativity results in eminence due to the life-changing innovations one causes, such as artistic achievements, technological advances, and medical innovations.

The intellect model of creativity based on our nature of creativity psychology assignment help professions.

The intellect model is a commonly used theory of creativity developed by J.P. Guilford. The model suggests that creativity is a process of divergent thinking having multiple processes and concepts. From an intellectual perspective, J.P. Guilford stated that creativity originates from flexibility, fluency, and sensitivity to problems. Society has many problems facing people.

If people become insensitive to such problems, the problems may persist over the years without anyone seeking solutions. However, an individual who can be sensitive to problems helps trigger creativity in finding solutions to the problems. Fluency is also a critical aspect of promoting creativity. Guilford addresses fluency in three main categories; expressional, associational, and ideational.

The flexibility component of the intellect model is classified into adaptive flexibility and spontaneous flexibility. Some of the characteristics of creative personality, according to J.P Guilford, also captured in our nature of creativity psychology assignment help notes are;

  • Passionate about their work
  • Rebellious and independent
  • Alternate between fantasy and imagination
  • Openness and sensitivity to creative individuals
  • Quiet and at rest
  • Smart and naïve at the same time
  • Disciplined and also playful

The three large-scale neural networks contribute to the nature of creativity psychology.

Executive attention network

It is the large-scale network responsible for monitoring and resolving conflicts between responses, feelings, and thoughts. According to our proficient tutors, executive attention refers to the mind’s ability to concentrate on one thing and filter out distractions. Developing executive attention helps ensure effective operation even in a place with many distractions.

It is a rare skill that most people lack. The best time to cultivate such a skill in a person is when they are still in childhood. The network is situated towards the posterior of the parietal lobe and across the prefrontal cortex’s lateral areas. From our nature of creativity psychologists’ perspective, executive attention networks are concerned with short- and long-term memory.

Default mode network

According to our nature of creativity psychology assignment help experts, the default mode network covers the pattern of brain activity that happens whenever people don’t focus on the outside world. However, the network becomes activated anytime the mind turns inwards, such as when people imagine their future, reflect on past experiences, or even daydream. The network is very important as it helps spark connections between wide-ranging ideas, resulting in creative thoughts.

Salience network

In the nature of creativity psychology, a salience network refers to the large system existing in the brain for detecting and filtering important information from the external world or environment. The network’s working is critical in determining a person’s response to the perceived information. The salience network is situated in the dorsal anterior cingulated cortex and the anterior insula. It also helps scan for appropriate signals that may contain either emotional, cognitive, or sensory information.

Creativity component from psychological lens based on Essay For All professional tutors

Creativity as a complex phenomenon exists in two parts, including functionality and originality. Functionality refers to the usefulness of creating things out of creativity. However, originality entails the uniqueness of the developed idea. A more creative idea is one with increased originality and functionality.

A lack of increased creativity dismisses an idea or an object from being useful. Psychologists mostly address the idea of creativity regarding people with significant creative attainments. The world relies on creative people for solutions to different challenges. Creativity supports effective and efficient strategies or approaches that solve the underlying problems affecting society or even the world.

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