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Don’t look further. Essay For All has the best in-store regarding top-notch refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help services. Migration has been part of American and even global history for centuries. People migrate from one country to another for various reasons. Refugees are migrants who flee their native homes because of violence, wars, or political instability.

However, economic hardship, environmental degradation, climate change, natural disasters, and food insecurity may force people, individuals, and families to seek better living conditions in a foreign setting. Some of the challenges experienced by migrants are communication and cultural barriers. However, the more devastating challenge experienced by refugees and migrants is healthcare concerns with limited healthcare access, which affects their overall health. Anytime you want professional refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help & guidance, contact our professional tutors.

General overview of the health status of refugees and migrants based on Essay For All refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help professionals.

Migration is among the leading determinants of health and wellbeing. That is why migrants and refugees remain the most susceptible, with society constantly experiencing inadequate access to healthcare services, poor housing and working conditions, discrimination, and xenophobia. The population also regularly suffers mental and physical health challenges. In the event of covid 19 pandemic, most refugees and migrants suffered, especially from their high risk of death and infections, without equal access to healthcare services.

Besides, they suffered the devastating economic impacts of travel restrictions and lockdowns. Like any other people, refugees, and migrants also require to enjoy equal access to healthcare services as a way of improving their life quality and overall wellbeing. Without good health, it becomes challenging for the refugees to protect themselves and take care of their families.

Possible ways of promoting the health and wellbeing of migrants and refugees, according to Essay For All refugee and migrant health nursing assignment, help professionals

Concerning the wellbeing of refugees and migrants, the united nations organizations have played a critical role. For instance, the UN, through the world health organization (WHO), has been at the forefront of supporting refugee and migrant health. According to Essay For All experts, WHO has helped enhance the ability to manage social determinants of health to accelerate the journey towards attaining universal health coverage, among the core sustainable development goals.

The organization has also been supporting the continuity and quality of essential healthcare through the development, reinforcement, and execution of occupational health and safety measures. Public health can implement short-term or long-term health interventions to promote refugees’ and migrants’ health. WHO has been very vibrant in implementing both short-term and long-term interventions.

From our online refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help notes, WHO strengthens health monitoring and health information systems and supports strategies for improving evidence-based health communication. It has helped in countering misperceptions concerning migrant and refugee health.

Health challenges prevalent among refugees and migrants based on Essay For All refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help experts

Infectious diseases

In refugee camps and borders, infectious diseases are prevalent. Due to the panic that people experience, there is no better way of safeguarding oneself or their children from exposure to contagious diseases. That is why conditions like Covid-19, meningitis, measles, diarrhea,  and cholera are prevalent in refugee camps. Such infections are among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity among refugees and migrants.

Due to poor housing and shelter, it becomes challenging to contain the affected population and limit the further spread of the diseases. Also, scarce resources shared among many people further increase the spread of diseases. Without improved access to healthcare services, it becomes a health threat, especially for children under 12 years old.

Chronic illnesses

Chronic diseases are also alarming among refugees and migrants. The displaced population is now experiencing noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and cancer. Limited access to healthcare makes the development of such conditions to be life-threatening.

In the process, people develop diseases and suffer deteriorating health and are likely to succumb to their situation due to limited access to the required medical intervention and treatment. Find ways of managing chronic illnesses among the displaced population by getting our online refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help.

Mental health issues based on Essay For All refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help tutors

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are also prevalent among displaced populations like refugees and migrants. In a refugee camp, it becomes challenging to access mental health treatment. The events, mainly resulting in displacements, can be so traumatizing that it leads to mental health challenges.

Incidences like persecution, violence, conflict, ruthless killings and fights have devastating psychological impacts on the people. Besides, insecure immigration status, prolonged limitation, and limited or denied access to work or education further worsen the mental health of the people. According to our refugee and migrant health nursing assignment helpers, displaced people suffer devastating mental health due to isolation, overall disadvantage in their host country, poor access to social services, and stressful legal issues.

Pregnancy complications based on our refugee and migrant health nursing assignment helpers

During displacements, it is common to find pregnant women fleeing for their safety. In their native countries, it is easy to enjoy improved access to quality life and healthcare services. However, the displacements affect their ability to access the same services. If available, the services are of poor quality. Constant movement from one place to another may result in life-threatening pregnancy complications, especially during labor and delivery.

Delivering in a foreign country or a refugee camp in continuous motion also subjects the newborn to harsh and unhealthy conditions. Prenatal and antenatal care remains essential for a pregnant woman. However, it is a service that refugees hardly access or enjoy since they can also deliver in the hands of the untrained attendant. The high maternal mortality rates among migrants and refugees with high incidences of life-threatening obstetric complications need the direction of healthcare attention to the population.

Barriers or challenges may new immigrants and refugees face when accessing health care services, according to Essay For All refugee and migrant health nursing assignment help experts.

In collaboration with non-profit organizations, the government may initiate various strategies to increase healthcare services to migrants and refugees. However, there are still multiple setbacks that the people encounter in their foreign land. For instance, racism and discrimination continue in the camps. More priority may be given to other people despite all requiring equal services. However, language and cultural barriers also serve as significant hindrances.

The inability to communicate the signs and symptoms in an official language also affects access to the proper care. Displaced people from rural and remote areas also face more challenges because of communication barriers and low literacy levels. In this case, it is essential to have more refugee and migrant health nurses to improve health equity and minimize health disparities among displaced populations.

Importance of sexual health education and awareness for migrants and refugees

While in the movement and the refugee camps, most people will likely be separated from their families. Among married couples, separating from their partners may result in careless sexual relations among other refugees. There are increased cases of rape and sexual violence or harassment among refugees. As a result, there are also increased cases of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital herpes, among others, due to reckless and unprotected sexual interactions.

Besides, such behaviors also result in unplanned pregnancy cases. Therefore, such people need sexual health education that will limit practices affecting their overall sexual health and well-being. Also, availing of various contraceptives in the camps may help minimize increased infection cases.

Ways of protecting and promoting refugee and migrants’ health according to Essay For All professional tutors

Increased health conditions among refugees result in increased spending that would otherwise be used for feeding them or increasing the supply of social services to the population. Since the displaced people are of different ages, it is essential to care for and pay increased attention to exceptional cases like the pregnant, the newly born, infants, children,  and the elderly, especially those having chronic diseases.

Availing health education programs to the camps with medical services also helps to ensure that refugees and migrants with various health requirements can be met, even though not to the fullest. Donations received to support the population should also be fairly distributed among the affected population without racism or discrimination. By so doing, it helps minimize health disparities. In case of accidents or situations requiring emergency medical attention, health practitioners, in collaboration with humanitarian organizations like the red cross, can collaborate to manage such conditions. According to our refugee and migrant health nursing assignment doers, other ways that can help in promoting good refugee and migrant health is through;

  • Safeguarding migrants and refugees from predators
  • Offering the displaced populations legal presentation
  • Advocating for refugees
  • Implementation of the government immigration program
  • Sponsoring families
  • Offering to house

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