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There is absolutely no doubt that Essay For All professionals will deliver high-quality personality psychology assignment help anytime you place your order. How will our proficient tutors’ avail of our top-notch psychology assignment help services, yet you have yet to ask for it? You can do so by placing your order now, and we will get back to you immediately. While undertaking personality psychology, it is important to understand the meaning of personality.

Personality is a set of those enduring behaviour and characteristics that offer an individual uniqueness in terms of emotional patterns, abilities, self-concept, values, drives and interests. Personality psychology suggests that personality affects a person’s behaviour.

While undertaking the program, you will understand various aspects, most of which might be tested in your assignments. For professional personality psychology assignment help, book our professional tutors.

The big five personality traits

Personality psychology is a discipline that focuses on exploring the nature and definition of personality from the perspective of its variations, dynamic constructs, structure and its maladaptive forms. Personality research done by various psychologists has been seeking various aspects, such as the definition of personality and ways of measuring personality.

Such efforts resulted in the development of the big five personality traits model. It is also known as the five-factor model of personality. Contact us for our finest personality psychology assignment help services if you want more understanding of the model. The main constituents of the model are;

  • Stress tolerance
  • Openness
  • Extraversion
  • Conscientiousness
  • Agreeableness

Stress tolerance

People have different levels of stress tolerance. There are some employees who, when stressed, need to pay more attention to their duties. However, some have desirable qualities since they can still deliver quality work output, no matter their stress levels. In this case, stress tolerance helps measure individuals’ ability to react to stress. If you want to know your stress tolerance levels, seek our online personality psychology assignment help.


Based on our professional personality psychologists, openness is the measure of the extent to which a person is creative and imaginative, not how conventional and down-to-earth one may seem.


According to Essay For All personality psychology assignment helpers, extraversion measures how much an individual is energetic, outgoing and friendly. Any individual with low performance based on the scale is categorized as an introvert, independent, quiet or more deliberate. Employers may use the scale to determine employees who are proactive enough to occupy certain positions.


As a measure of personality traits, Conscientiousness is vital for measuring the level of a person’s self-discipline, organization, deliberacy and carefulness. The attribute tends to reflect in the employee’s performance and productivity.


From our personality psychology assignment helpers, agreeableness based on the model is the criteria for measuring a person’s tendencies regarding social harmony. The assessment results reveal how well a person interacts with others harmoniously.

Theories of personality

With the increased research in personality psychology, many resulting theories have emerged to explain the diverse aspects of psychology. Contact Essay For All expert tutors if you need any clarification on the different personality theories.

Trait personality theory

According to our personality psychology assignment helpers, the personality trait theory focuses on various traits and dispositions. The theory suggests that people are always different from one another in terms of their strength and intensity of basic trait dimensions.

In this case, the main aspects used in classifying personality traits are individual differences, stability and consistency. According to Gordon Allport, a renowned psychologist, there are three traits: cardinal, central and common. However, psychologist Hans Eysenck suggests the existence of three types of personality traits: psychoticism, neuroticism and extroversion.

Humanistic theories of personality

The theories seek to give people a further understanding of an individual’s thought patterns and behaviour while also striving to identify sources of meaning to people. According to our personality psychology assignment help experts, the humanistic personality theory suggests that people are intrinsically good and have an innate drive to improve themselves. The theory thrives on aspects such as self-concept and the ideal self.

Examples of humanistic theories are the humanistic theory of personality and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to Abraham Maslow’s humanistic hierarchy of needs, personality results from a meeting or failing to meet basic needs like belongingness, self-esteem and safety. Remember to subscribe to our online psychology assignment help services for further professional guidance.

Social cognitive theories

The social cognitive theories of personality entail a set of different theories like the expectancy-value theory, social learning theory and behaviourism.

Biological theories

Biological personality theory reveals that a person’s personality traits are affected by their neurophysiology and brain structures. It is the genetic composition of an individual that affects or determines their personality. If you want to understand further how factors like physical appearance and genes affect personality, find professional guidance and assistance from our competent personality psychology assignment help professionals.

Stages of personality development and change

Personality grows when one is still a child. Freud’s theory of psychosexual development well addresses the concept. Freud suggests that a child goes through various stages of personality development.

At every stage of development, the child’s libidinal energy focuses on certain erogenous zones. When the child completes one stage, they advance to the next stage. However, any inability to complete one stage as required may result in defects in a person’s personality in the future.

On the other hand, Erik Erikson developed the eight life psychosocial stages, explaining personality development. Erikson reveals that each psychosocial stage is essential for personality development. Successfully undergoing the stages means the ability of a person to develop a healthy personality.

Freud and Erikson have significant contributions to personality psychology. Remember to ask for our personality psychology assignment writing services anytime you have assignments beyond your scope.

Approaches used in testing personality

The advancement of technology has paved the way for more improved ways of studying and measuring personality. Psychologists can use inventories, assessments and personality tests when handling clients suspected of having personality disorders. One must understand their personality. For instance, it affects and determines one’s relationship with coworkers, family and friends.

Hence, one can control the extremes of their personality, which may adversely affect social interactions and relationships. The commonly used personality test is the Myers-briggs type indicator. It is frequently used in conducting pre-employment screening assessments.

The professional responsibilities of personality psychologists

While undertaking the course, you should always remember that a personality psychologist is a mental health professional that majors in analyzing personality and their impact on patients. Besides, the focus is on studying a patient’s motivations, thought patterns, emotions, and personality traits and how it affects a person’s mental wellness and social interactions. From our professional personality psychology assignment help services, personality psychologists may;

Perform research work

Our personality psychology assignment help professionals keep reminding students of the need to cultivate good research skills. Personality psychologists may have the role of conducting research. If you choose to major in research, it may mean less interaction with patients needing therapy and counselling services. Do you can upgrade your research skills by joining Essay For All personality psychology tutoring sessions online?

Work with patients

Patients having personality disorders need specialists with knowledge of personality issues to manage their conditions effectively. Hence, you will always find personality psychologists in clinical settings playing various roles, such as;

  • Analyzing patient situations
  • Performing therapy sessions
  • Developing treatment plans for patients with personality disorders

In such settings, limited personality psychology knowledge hinders most psychologists from identifying the root causes of personality disorders among patients. However, you can be more helpful in your professional practice by refining your skills with access to our professional guidance and homework help services.

Teach students

Some qualified personality psychologists choose to work in tertiary institutions, teaching students interested in the profession. You must have an interest in and an adequate understanding of personality psychology to be an effective teacher. However, if you need more knowledge despite your interest, our personality psychology homework help services will help you improve and be that expert you have always desired.

Personality disorders

According to our personality psychologists, personality disorders are mental health conditions with long-term, destructive behaviour patterns, thoughts and relations with other people. Mostly, people with personality disorders hardly realize if their behaviours and thoughts are odd.

There are various types of personality disorders that people suffer from. Differentiating the types is important as it gives psychologists a basis to understand the cause and how to manage the condition. The main and most common types of personality disorders are;

  • Schizotypal personality disorder
  • Schizoid personality disorder
  • Paranoid personality disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Anti-social personality disorder
  • Narcissistic personality disorder

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