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For the best autism theory psychology assignment help services, don’t forget to visit Essay For All. Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that results in differences within the brain.

Such people tend to have different behaviors, communication ways, interactions, and learning approaches from other people. While autism may begin in the early development years of a child, the conditions may extend in the entire life though the symptoms may improve as the child grows.

Individuals diagnosed with autism may also experience setbacks in their motion or even in paying attention. Various autism theories seek to explain the health condition of autism spectrum disorder from a psychological perspective.

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Overview of autism

Till today, there is no determined cause of autism apart from the genetic factors attributing to the condition. Parents can easily suspect the likelihood of a child who has autism by assessing various factors such as their interaction and social communication skills. The condition impairs a child from communicating or interacting effectively with those around them.

Some of the behaviors that portray autism spectrum disorder in a child are; the inability to keep eye contact and less or no use of gestures by 12 months. Normally, a child should know their name and should be able to respond to their name by at least nine months.

However, an autistic child will hardly respond to their names when at the age of 9 months are more. From Essay For All autism theory psychology assignment help services, other signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are;

  • Cannot dance, sing or act when five years old
  • Cannot imitate other people or engage in role-playing
  • Inability to join other children in plays by the age of 3 years
  • Does not interpret feelings of other people
  • Fail to show interest in something or activities when 15 months old
  • Inability to participate in simple interactive games
  • Unusual eating and sleeping disorders

Theories of autism

The central coherence theory

For any trouble understanding the diverse autism theories, welcome to Essay For All and enjoy our superior autism theory psychology assignment help services. Based on the theory, a weak central coherence theory explains the inability of an autistic person to see the bigger picture.

Besides, it reveals that autistic individuals struggle to incorporate information at varied levels. The theory has been critical in explaining deficits and assets in people with an autism spectrum disorder. Some of the areas that autistic students struggle with when having weak central coherence are;

  • Generalization of information gained or learned from varied domains
  • Literal thinking
  • Reading comprehension
  • Fixation on details

Theory of mind deficit

Among the commonly used autism theory is the theory of mind developed by Simon Baron-Cohen. It helps in explaining social difficulties experienced by people with autism. It also explains the tendency that autistic patients are never good at keeping secrets. Psychologists use the theory of mind to understand their minds and other people’s minds.

Since cognitive capacity is essential in the social communication development of a person, people with autism have an impaired cognitive capacity which affects their communication and social interaction. Based on our professional tutors, a deficit in the theory of mind shows that people with autism suffer from different issues like;

  • Differentiating fact and fiction
  • Inferring other people’s intentions
  • Understanding other people’s perspectives
  • Explaining people’s behaviors
  • Understanding other people’s emotions
  • Understanding the impact of behavior on other people’s feelings

The social motivation hypothesis

Based on our competent autism theory psychology assignment help tutors, the social motivation hypothesis suggests that autism spectrum disorder may result from the variations in a person’s brain reward system. Therefore, autistic individuals perceive social interactions as uninteresting or challenging. Generally, autistic children have less reward-related brain activity whenever expecting social information, unlike neuro-typical children. Psychologists use the theory to understand why individuals with autism have restricted interests.

Recommendation for communication and interaction tips on people with autism

Autistic people need caregivers who understand their condition to avoid getting frustrated or disappointed in their interactions. By facing slight challenges in handling such people, most people fail to understand the best approaches to interact or communicate with people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Such tips may help family members to cope with such conditions. According to Essay For All professionals, a caregiver or close family member with a person who has autism should;

Remain patient

Since the condition impairs one’s ability to process information, never expect an autistic child to be fast in thinking or reasoning. That is why it is important to be patient and slow down the conversation speed to offer them ample time to receive, process, and respond to conversations productively.

Embrace positivity

When handling an autistic person, never be too quick to react, especially with punishments. However, it is vital, as outlined in our autism theory psychology assignment help notes, to always stay positive. As the caregiver, you can easily use positive reinforcement and good rewarding behavior to motivate such a child.

Remain respectful and affectionate.

Since a child may have autism, it does not mean they don’t deserve affection, respect, and love from caregivers. Understanding their emotional and physical needs and satisfying them effectively is very important. It is also important to avoid activities or actions that put them off but embrace those that excite them.

Show interest and love.

Among the challenges faced by children with autism is the inability to communicate or express their feelings. However, caregivers should always express their feelings to such children and assure them of love, care, and support.

Ignore disturbing attention-getting behavior

There are moments when handling an autistic child that seems very annoying, especially when one is busy. For instance, they may demand a lot of attention and focus. Harsh reactions to such moments may lead to offensive outcomes. Therefore, the parent or caregiver needs to ignore such moments. However, the caregiver should focus on and appraise the good behavior displayed by such children.

Embrace persistence and resilience

It is very easy for some parents to have hurt feelings, especially if a child fails to respond to their orders or based on how they want. Understanding their condition and response helps to avoid taking such unexpected responses personally. For more tips, contact our professionals for top-notch autism theory psychology assignment help services.

Psychological treatments for autism

When handling autistic people, psychotherapy and the use of spoken word works effectively in managing autism symptoms like compulsions and anxiety. When effectively used, it can also assist autism patients in understanding how other people around them perceive and interpret their reactions and actions. Essay For All autism theory psychology assignment helpers recommend a combination of psychotherapy and other therapeutic approaches to improve such patients’ psychological functions.

The approach’s benefit is that it allows parents and children to participate actively. Besides, one can complete the theory in groups or individually at home, in school, or at outpatient clinics. Applied behavioral analysis is another psychological technique based on traditional psychology that effectively treats individuals with autism.

It entails a carefully structured process in which an autistic child is taught different skills using rewards to reinforce preferred actions or correct answers. Other treatment approaches covered in our autism theory psychology assignment help services are;

  • Developmental approaches
  • Complementary and alternative approaches
  • Pharmacological approaches
  • Social-relational approaches
  • Educational approaches

Role of psychologists when handling people with autism

Based on Essay For All autism theory psychologists, autism theory psychologists have a crucial role in diagnosing people with autism. In the process, they can prescribe appropriate treatment plans while supporting the assessment, benchmarking, and ongoing assessment. The professionals can also work with children to increase and support their engagement with other people.

In educational settings, school psychologists support and collaboratively work with autistic students for easier engagement with their peers and stress management. They also help them handle challenging interactions with their peers.

The psychologists may also work closely with parents of autistic students to empower them with the most suitable strategies for school success. Since autistic people regularly suffer from depression, and social anxiety, a psychologist helps by working with such people to treat such emerging issues.

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