MILH 412 Diplomacy And War II Assignment Help

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MILH 412 Diplomacy And War

This course covers the interaction between diplomacy and war in pursuing national objectives. Also, the course discusses the conflicts between and among states, starting with the reorganization of Europe following the Congress of Vienna. It concludes with the Berlin Wall’s collapse.

Congress of Vienna

Europe was reformatted at the Congress of Vienna in 1814–1815 following the Napoleonic Wars. Five months after Napoleon I’s original surrender, in September 1814, it began, and in June 1815, with the “Final Act,” it ended. Before Napoleon’s final loss at the Battle of Waterloo. The deal was the most comprehensive accord ever agreed upon in Europe. The Nearly triple Alliance’s members agreed to meet again in Vienna.

This is where the Treaty of Chaumont was signed before Napoleon’s first surrender. Along with important participants like Sweden, Portugal, and Bourbon France, numerous lesser states also sent ambassadors. Austria, Russia, Prussia, Britain, and France were the principal participants in the negotiations. The Congress reduced France to its size in 1789. Under Russian domination, a sovereign kingdom was established.

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Berlin Wall’s collapse

The 1961 Berlin Wall divided the former German capital for over three decades. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 represented a turning point in modern Europe as well as the history of the Cold War. It occurred due to the Soviet Union’s changing political landscape, growing pressure from eastern Europeans, and ambiguity surrounding an East German order to open the border.

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