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Managerial psychology is closely related to industrial-organizational psychology based on how it deals with employees within an organization to ensure increased productivity and performance. However, managerial psychology is particular on supporting the efficiency of organizations, groups and individuals at the workplace.

Good managerial psychology knowledge helps managers to have an improved understanding of recurring psychological patterns within their workforce. Besides, the knowledge also enables managers to mitigate recurring harmful patterns.

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Original aims of managerial psychology

Managerial psychologists, who were the principal founders of the discipline, had various objectives to fulfil by developing the field. For instance, they mainly focused on aspects like fatigue, boredom and varied work environments, which affected employee performance.

There are conditions at the workplace that, when provided, help in promoting increased employee morale and productivity. However, others hinder employees from maximizing their potential and meeting the set targets. Hence, the study was after identifying such aspects of working conditions and how to manage them and ensure employee productivity.

However, managerial psychology has undergone various advancements, covering other topics like performance appraisal, need, job satisfaction, motivational forces,  training, leadership, personality, emotions, and learning, among other issues.

The reason for the expansion is to increase employee productivity and morale. However, there are more objectives aimed to achieve by managerial psychologists, which you can learn by seeking our online managerial psychology assignment help services. Based on the Essay For All professional tutors, other additional objectives for the professionals are:

  • Understand the process of identifying diverse skills for persuading and motivating other individuals.
  • Understand the characteristics of a successful leader
  • Acknowledge the most effective leadership styles and the related leadership skills involved. Identify the most appropriate procedure to follow in conflict resolution within an organization.
  • Means of operating in a culturally diverse team
  • To understand stress management techniques in business organizations

Effect of managerial psychology on people

Human resource managers have a significant role in promoting positive employee workplace behaviour. Hence, they must eradicate or prevent harmful behaviour resulting in a poor workplace environment.

In most cases, business organizations seek competent managerial psychologists to establish a positive workplace culture. When managerial psychologists focus on understanding employees’ ideologies and behavioural patterns at the workplace, attaining the set goals becomes much more manageable.

As part of organizational psychology, managerial psychology concentrates on the effectiveness of organizations, groups and individuals. If you want to develop and nurture a behavioural pattern and desired thought flow at the workplace, managerial psychology understanding is most fit for you.

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Major theories in management psychology

Managerial psychologists developed various research methods, tests and theories to enhance people’s understanding of the discipline. Since managerial psychology is a discipline that seeks to establish things that motivate and increase employee morale, the theories also explain related concepts.

If you want to get well-explained meanings of the theory, seek our online managerial psychology assignment help services. Despite the differences, the general focus of the theories is on job satisfaction, personality and motivation.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

In managerial psychology, learners need to understand the fundamental theories frequently used to explain different discipline concepts. Through the theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow has highly influenced the field.

That is why you will find most managers referring to the idea of Maslow in promoting increased motivation among their workforce. Based on the theory, the satisfaction of one needs results in need to satisfy higher-level needs. Human needs, as it appears from the bottom of the hierarchy to the top, are

  • Biological and physiological needs
  • safety needs
  • love and belonging needs
  • Esteem needs
  • Self-actualization needs

Based on the hierarchy, managerial psychologists must ensure the satisfaction of the lower needs within the hierarchy to ensure a happy or motivated team of employees. In case employees lack motivation, managers and managerial psychologists can also investigate how best the organization meets the basic needs of the employees.

Douglas McGregor’s XY theory

In 1960, Douglas McGregor developed Douglas McGregor’s XY theory. It suggests that the attitude of a manager affects employee motivation. The theory is divided into two; x and y theories which have opposing motivational methods. Remember you can enhance your understanding of the theory by asking Essay For All expert tutors for managerial psychology assignment help services.

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Theory x

The theory has various assumptions that managerial psychology students need to understand. For instance, the majority of people are;

  • Unintelligent and gullible
  • Change resistant
  • Self-centered
  • Less aptitude for creativity concerning problem-solving in their respective workplace
  • Never or less ambitious

Theory y

Based on managerial psychology understanding and as affirmed by Essay For All top tutors, self-actualization and self-esteem needs are constantly advancing help challenging to satisfy them fully. Such knowledge enables managerial psychologists and organization managers to align the employees’ personal goals with organizational goals by utilizing the employees’ desire for fulfilment as the greatest motivation. Some of the ways of improving employee motivation using theory y are;

  • Performance appraisal
  • Participative management
  • job enlargement
  • Decentralization and delegation

Find out the assumptions of theory y from our managerial psychology assignment notes pdf by contacting our competent managerial psychology assignment helpers.

Common tools utilized by managerial psychologists

While seeking to promote workplace productivity and overall employee performance, managerial psychologists use wide-ranging tools to measure employee performance levels. Some of the  tools include;

The job satisfaction scale

Without job satisfaction, most employees look for employment opportunities in other organizations. Some managers may fail to realize why employees quit while seeking greener pastures. However, constantly using a job satisfaction scale may help managers to seek ways of increasing employee job satisfaction levels, which will increase their workplace commitment, morale, and productivity and result in increased job satisfaction levels.

Based on the Essay For All managerial psychology assignment helpers, high employee turnover rates result from low job satisfaction. Concerning job satisfaction, there is a job satisfaction scale that comprises 15 items. It was developed in 1979.

Ever since, most organizations have been using the tool to promote high employee satisfaction levels. Eight items within the scale measure extrinsic job satisfaction, while seven measure intrinsic motivation. Measuring both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation helps in calculating the overall satisfaction score.

The work value questionnaire (VWQ)

Have you heard of the work value questionnaire? It is an inventory that comprises 37 items. It has been in existence since 2005 as introduced by Furnham. With the tool, it is now possible for people within an organization to gauge the diverse intrinsic and extrinsic aspects vital for each individual.

Despite having 37 items, all are measured on a six-point scale. If you check ManTech’s questionnaire, which has been there since 1983, you will realize that the work value questionnaire is an advanced form of ManTech’s questionnaire.

The ten-item personality inventory

In managerial psychology, an employee’s personality significantly influences their performance. Some personalities impair specific individuals from delivering high-quality performance. Therefore, it is the role of managers to understand how to help people of varied characters to ensure they can all reach their goals.

That is why gosling founded the ten-item personality inventory tool in 2003. The device uses a seven-point scale to measure ten different items. According to Essay For All professional tutors, the items within the scale have opposing statements vital for measuring the personality variable of the person filling out the questionnaire.

Importance of workplace diversity

Among the current trends in a workplace setting is diversity. Globalization has resulted in the interaction of people from different cultural, ethnic, racial and national backgrounds in the same workplace.

It has always been a challenge for teams that fail to embrace workplace diversity to enjoy the productivity of their task force. However, managerial psychology encourages managers to promote and encourage diversity since it fosters the ability of the employees to deliver high performance.

However, with a managerial psychology understanding regarding team diversity, a diverse team is likely to exhibit better performance. Essay For All experts after intensive research has concluded that companies with high levels of diversity, equity and inclusion are highly productive and profitable. Other benefits of workplace diversity are;

  • Higher employee equity
  • Promotes innovation and creativity
  • Improved ways of problem-solving
  • High employee satisfaction levels
  • Positive reputation

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