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Positive psychology is a scientific study that seeks to promote and examine aspects fostering flourishing in communities and individuals. It also supports the optimal functioning of people. The discipline comprises three main pillars: positive institutions, positive individual traits and positive experiences.

Positive psychologists understand positive emotions among people by analyzing people’s hope for the future, present happiness and past contentment. One way that positive psychologists can identify the positive traits among people is by studying their strengths over weaknesses, such as;

  • Wisdom
  • Self-control
  • Moderation
  • Knowledge
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Resilience

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Different levels of positive psychology

Positive psychology seeks to promote a good feeling and overall well-being of a person. It also seeks to relieve individuals from pressure, anxiety, or depression while promoting healthy living. Learners undertaking the course should understand the three main levels of science. Based on Essay For All psychology homework doers, the levels encompass the group, individual and subjective levels.

The group level

The group level is also known as the community level. It focuses on various positive aspects affecting people, such as work ethics, tolerance, civility, altruism, nurturance, social responsibilities and civil virtues. Such factors help in promoting the development of communities and citizenship.

In this case, learners’ increased interest in positive psychology supports the maximization of human potential in institutions and communities. For any questions or clarifications, positive psychology assignment helpers at Essay For All will sort out all your needs.

The subjective level

It entails studying people’s positive experiences, such as optimism, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, well-being and joy. It is a level whereby a person tends to feel good. Most students need help describing what the subjective level contains. It is never complex as most students perceive. Contact our expert writers for immediate intervention and guidance whenever you need clarification about understanding the concept.

Individual level

According to our professional positive psychology homework tutors, the individual level seeks to identify the components of a good life while highlighting the basic and crucial qualities that can make one a ‘good person’.

The main focus of the study is on human strengths. Though people have various weaknesses, studying and paying more attention to such weaknesses may deprive people of healthy living. However, focusing on human strengths like talents, interpersonal skills, wisdom, originality, forgiveness, perseverance, and love promotes good life based on the positive psychology discipline.

Importance of positive psychology

There are many benefits of positive psychology. That means that positive psychologists have a significant contribution is a society that is very positive and embraces their strengths over weaknesses. For students who have decided to pursue the course, keep going even if they want to continue along the way because of the complexity of some assignments.

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It trains people on effective ways of dealing with failure.

In the world, while success exists, failure also exists. Since not all people are successful, the ones prone to failure and those who fail should understand effective ways of dealing with failure. Positive psychology is a discipline that trains people on how to handle moments of failure.

For instance, positive psychologists encourage learners and people to embrace positive transformation instead of being negative and even giving up. For instance, it helps them to confront negativity and fear of failure and be bold enough to venture into other pursuits.

It promotes a better workplace.

Employees in different organizations need different sorts of motivation to remain productive and meet the set targets and overall organizational goals. In this case, positive psychology is a study that has highly supported the need to promote improved morale in the workplace.

It has supported positivity among employees since it has supported and improved their interaction with clients and teams. Essay For All professional tutors will guide you anytime you want to understand how positive psychology can be employed in business organizations to increase employee performance.

It enhances relationships

Negativity among people tends to impair the relationship between them. Hover, positive relationships support good understanding among individuals and groups. Good relationships are essential since meeting the set goals is easy, especially among employees working as a team or a group.

Positive and strong relationships support healthy minds, strong family bonds, marriages, and friendships. Check out our positive psychology assignment solvers for more insight into the function of the discipline.

It makes people stronger.

In life, some incidences make people very low, hopeless, stressed and depressed. They need a source of assurance that all is not lost and the future has something better for them. It is only a strong person who becomes more hopeful for the future. That is why positive psychology becomes integral. It emphasizes people’s strengths and helps them gain confidence in their lives despite the frustration they might have undergone.

The PERMA theory of well-being 

PERMA is a word that stands for positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Positive emotion (P)

Any person who desires health must embrace positive emotions such as love, inspiration, hope, pleasure, satisfaction, gratitude and peace.

Engagement (E)

Sedentary lives are only sometimes satisfying. Therefore, martin Seligman encourages people to have involved in life by engaging in different activities. It helps them focus and explore their strengths while remaining optimistic about life.

Positive relationships (R)

Remember that human beings are social beings and effectively thrive where good and positive relationships exist. Positive relationships contribute to happy people with reduced disagreements and possible conflicts. Find more benefits of positive relationships from positive psychology perspectives at Essay For All.

Meaning  (M)

Based on Essay For All positive psychology assignment helpers, people who have found meaning in their lives are more positive than those who are yet to understand their strengths and hence live meaningless lives without direction.

Achievement (A)

Achievement is among the things in the life of most people that contribute to happy and positive living. Most people fear making some steps in life because of fear of failure. However, risk-takers may take a step into the unknown, hopeful of achieving their dreams.

In positive psychology, any accomplishment in a person’s life makes them appreciate themselves and motivates them to advance. Contact our professional tutors for profound knowledge of the PERMA model by seeking our reliable positive psychology homework help online.

The three happy lives in positive psychology

From his PERMA theory, Martin Seligman outlines three types of happy lives.

Meaningful life

A profound sense of meaning characterizes a meaningful life. Most people hardly lead meaningful lives. For instance, they need to understand their strengths and major on their weaknesses, which hinders them from maximizing their potential. Therefore, anyone seeking to live a meaningful life should start by knowing their strengths.

Life of engagement

It is a life with a sense of flow. For instance, a person has limited time to stay idle. Therefore, most of the time, a person living a life of engagement is always busy and preoccupied with responsibilities and activities. Life of engagement becomes the best and more enjoyable when a person identifies and explores their strengths to ensure they get the best from their busy lives.

The pleasant life

A person living a pleasant life is one operating on positive emotions. Essay For All positive psychology assignment doers encourage learners to embrace and operate on positive emotions. Mindfulness and savouring are among the essential skills required to promote positive emotions, resulting in a pleasant life.

Positive psychology interventions

According to Essay For All professional tutors, positive psychology interventions are empirically validated and theoretically grounded recommendations, activities and instructions that seek to improve people’s well-being. The interventions support positive strengths and emotions among people. Our professionals in positive psychology have done various research, which has proven that positive strengths and characters are very important in cultivating people’s overall well-being while resulting in different health benefits.

Engagement and flow interventions

According to Essay For All proficient writers, engagement and flow interventions are when a person experiences enjoyment, full involvement and a sense of energized focus. It also entails a distorted awareness of time, loss of self-consciousness and a sense of being in control. It is an intervention that closely relates to positive psychology from how it relates to satisfaction in life, people’s well-being and happiness.

Patience interventions

Patience is a virtue of significant importance in positive psychology. Patient people can wait for better chances, even in painful circumstances. Their patience gives them the strength to wait calmly for the best, even if it takes longer than expected. Most people suffer from impatience and inability to persevere but seek other options which seem to offer faster results even though they may not be long-lasting. Whenever it yields positive outcomes, patience highly impacts a person’s overall well-being.

Humour intervention

In positive psychology, humour results in increased coping ability, a decline in negative emotions and increased positive emotions. Generally, it positively impacts people’s interaction, such as boosting their popularity and extending their positive moods and emotions.

Do you know that people with a high sense of humour have a less negative emotion, even in stressful moments? Humour interventions are vital in promoting a healthier and happier society. Other positive psychology interventions covered by our expert writers are not limited to:

  • Meditative and mindfulness interventions
  • Courage interventions
  • Creativity interventions

Positive Psychology Assignment help

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