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Essay for All Tutors is ready at your service for the best and most professional lifespan development nursing assignment help. Lifespan development is a scientific study of how and why people change or remain the same in a certain period. Various changes happen from when a child is born to when they are 30 or 70. The processes involved and the witnessed change is the central area of concern in lifespan development. Development is a lifelong process.

Based on our expert tutors, people are always in constant changes from the time of their conception until the point of death. The course helps students to understand the various developmental stages that people undergo, which include birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and death. If you want reliable and professional lifespan development nursing homework doers, choose our expert tutors with a guarantee of improved outcomes. Place your order now.

Periods of human development

Based on our professional lifespan development nursing assignment help tutors, the main stages in lifespan development are;

Prenatal development

Once the conception process happens, that marks the beginning of development. The prenatal development stage comprises three main steps: the germinal, embryonic, and fetal. The fertilized egg starts changing in structure, and the main body structures start forming. At this point, the pregnant mother carrying the baby should take many precautions to ensure that the life of the growing fetus is safe. The gestation period among people takes 38 weeks.

At the end of the period, a woman gets into labor and delivers, and the childbirth process becomes complete. Giving birth should happen under the attention of medical practitioners. There is some possibility of complications at birth, such as stillbirth or giving birth to a child with defects; hence, a healthy caregiver should be around for professional support and guidance and ensure the infancy period starts well.

Infancy and toddlerhood

After birth, a child undergoes tremendous growth between the first year and the second year. There are many concerns that a baby requires from the point of delivery. Educating mothers, especially first-time mothers, about best practices when handling their children is very important. While not all infants may require close attention, a few with varying birth complications may need closer monitoring.

For instance, a child born with a cleft palate may require advice and assessment from the caregiver for further medical assistance. The mother also needs guiding and counseling to gain strength to manage the underlying situation of their child. The infancy and toddlerhood stages can be very stressful, especially if the child has frequent complications and health needs.

Early childhood

According to Essay For All Tutors, early childhood is the stage commonly referred to as the preschool years. A child in this category is those from 2 to 6 years. It is a critical stage whereby a child learns languages. Early childhood is also a stage whereby the child learns a lot from their physical world and tries to attain some increased sense of independence.

Though they may have caregivers around them, there are various things that they may choose to complete without seeking assistance. However, a caregiver or parent should always monitor the child’s activities in their early childhood to avoid things that may harm their health. If your child still needs to develop or learn the language, contact our lifespan development nursing assignment helpers for necessary advice.

Middle Childhood

Our lifespan development nursing homework solvers classify children between 6 and 11 years under middle childhood. Children under this category spend significant time with their peers and teachers in schools. It is a time that the children actively acquire academic skills. The rate of skill acquisition helps to determine the children with learning disabilities who may require special attention. The stage enables people to understand further the extent of social relationships, including same-sex friendships.


Adolescence is a transition time for people from childhood into adulthood. Several changes always accompany it. It is mainly characterized by physical growth and sexual maturation. However, the rate of the transformation or physical changes that a person undergoes continuously varies based on gender and also culture, among other factors such as lifestyle.

Adolescence also comes with cognitive changes whereby adolescents may exploit new possibilities and experiment with aspects like freedom, fear, and love. Since adolescents are at high risk of getting sexually transmitted infections or dying from accidents, parents must ensure close supervision and monitoring. Adolescence is a broad topic that needs more time for enhanced understanding. Contact our professional tutors whenever you need our online lifespan development nursing assignment help services.

Early adulthood

Based on our lifespan development nursing assignment doers, early adulthood starts in the late teens, twenties, and thirties. Substance disorders are among the leading health challenges people face in early adulthood. Most people in this category may start some habits with health risks.

Therefore, healthcare givers intervene in offering advice concerning healthy food choices, healthy practices, and good lifestyle choices that support healthy lives free from the risk of chronic diseases or related mental health issues. For deeper insights regarding this group’s health and overall wellness, seek our lifespan development nursing homework solvers.

Middle adulthood

Middle adulthood ranges from 40 to 60 years. It is characterized by physiological aging, which becomes more evident. Among women, the onset of middle adulthood may feature menopause. The hormonal changes and decline in hormone levels result in menopause or irregular periods. The females start losing their viability.

The biggest challenge that people face when getting into middle adulthood is the risk of chronic disease. In this case, depending on different factors, a person can be at risk of developing cancer, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and hypertension, among other diseases. Hence, lifestyle modifications that support healthy living remain very critical.

Despite the reduced life expectancy, people in middle adulthood should seek medical advice and perform tests and screenings for any underlying health issues for early treatment or intervention. Neglect may result in the worsening of a health condition and hence become life-threatening. If you want to specialize in the health and wellness of people in middle adulthood, get a copy of our lifespan development nursing assignment help notes.

Late adulthood

Late adulthood has various subcategories. However, older adults need a lot of healthcare concerns and attention. They are at a point where their body’s immune system has reduced, and they become more vulnerable to diseases and infections. However, good health is very important for them to live for many years with a low risk of chronic diseases.

Some families may lack adequate time to attend to their families and hence opt to take them to long-term care facilities, hospice, and related centers where they can receive professional attention. There are numerous challenges that older adults face. Hence, it requires a specialist in lifespan development, especially in late adulthood, to handle adults effectively. Contact Essay For All Tutors for professional guidance and mentorship.

Death and dying

Death marks the end of lifespan development. It is a time that people always undergo emotional and psychological distress for seeing their loved ones die. Some people following their critical illnesses may have moments of pain and discomfort before their death. Hence their families opt to subject them to palliative care to increase their level of comfort and also as a way of showing love to their loved ones.

There have been some debates on euthanasia, especially for the elderly or people in critically ill conditions who suffer a lot but may still have some more days of life. Follow our online lifespan development nursing assignment help services for more information on lifespan development and the different involved stages.

Domains of lifespan development

Physical development

Based on our expert tutors, physical development is the biological changes in the brain and body. Some common physical developments are changes in gross motor skills, size and strength, and the development of motor and sensory activities. The rate and direction of physical growth and development change depending on a person’s age. Various factors may inhibit or support normal physical growth and development.

Cognitive development

Our lifespan development nursing homework doers consider cognitive development as the changes in mind. The development happens in stages. The main stages involved in cognitive development are the

  • sensorimotor stage
  • preoperational stage
  • the concrete operational stage
  • the formal operational stage

Psychosocial development

The idea of psychosocial development is closely coined to the psychoanalysis theory by Sigmund Freud. Freud suggests that personality development among children happens through five stages which include:

  • Oral stage
  • Anal stage
  • Phallic stage
  • Latency stage
  • Genital stage

Based on Essay For All experts, psychosocial development concerns the development process of a person’s personality and how they learn or acquire social skills from infancy to adulthood. The many research performed on lifespan development has resulted in various theories on the study. Anytime you want a better understanding of the theories, notify us, and we will deliver highly professional services at cost-friendly rates.

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