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You can get Fracture Nursing Assignment Help from our professional online tutors at Essay For All. Generally, a fracture is a break in the bone. In most cases, when a bone is broken, the skin becomes affected since a fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone. Most bone fractures occur due to a high-impact force or stress. Furthermore, fractures may also arise from medical conditions weakening the bones.

A typical example of such a scenario is osteoporosis and some cancer types. A bone fracture may also imply a full or partial break in the continuity of a bone or a tissue and can occur in any bone in the body. A bone can fracture in different ways. For instance, we have closed fractures causing a break to the bone and do not damage the surrounding tissues or tear through the skin. On the other hand, compound fractures are more dangerous since they expose a person to infections and other risks.

There exist different types of bone fractures. Some of these types are as discussed below:

  • An avulsion fracture is a type of bone fracture where a muscle or a ligament pulls on the bone to cause a fracture
  • The second type of bone fracture is greenstick fracture. This fracture occurs when the bone partly fractures on a single side but does not entirely break. In most cases, greenstick fracture causes the rest of the bone to bend
  • A compression fracture occurs in the spongy spine bone. For instance, the front part of the vertebra in the spine may collapse due to different health complications, such as osteoporosis
  • Fracture dislocation also occurs when a person’s joint dislocates, causing the fracturing of one of the joint bones
  • Pathological fracture is another type of bone fracture. It occurs when an underlying health condition weakens the bones and causes a fracture
  • An impacted fracture occurs when a bone fractures and the impact affects another bone. In a nutshell, it occurs when a fracture in one bone affects another bone
  • Longitudinal fracture is when a fracture extends along the length of a bone
  • A stress fracture happens due to repeated stress, and strain on a bone surface causes a bone to fracture. This type of bone fracture is usually prevalent in athletes and sportspeople
  • A transverse fracture occurs due to a straight break across the bone

A background understanding of bone fractures according to our Fracture Nursing Assignment Help tutors at Essay For All

Fractures are common injuries and can affect anyone at any age. The term fracture is a medical term used to refer to a broken bone. Bone fractures are caused by car accidents, sports injuries, when a person falls, etc. However, particular medical conditions and repeated physical activities like regular running increases a person’s risk of experiencing certain fractures in their lifetime. A bone fracture requires surgery to remedy the bone condition.

For some people, physicians respond to their needs using a splint, cast, brace, or sling for their bone to heal and resume normal functioning. The duration for your fracture to recover depends on the type of bone that fractured, the exact location of the fracture and its cause. The following are critical to understanding fractures:

  • Bone fracture vs. bone break means the same thing. For instance, a fracture is a medical term for a broken bone. As a result, the two can be used interchangeably
  • Bone fracture vs. bone bruise – They refer to painful injuries caused by a powerful force hitting a person’s body. For example, this can be caused by an accident, sports injury, falling, etc. In addition, bones are living tissues that can get bruised differently. Just like the skin also gets bruised. However, it takes much more force for your bone to get bruised than for your skin
  • Bone fractures vs. sprains are prevalent due to sports injuries. Whenever you experience a fracture, you have one or more bones injured. This makes it impossible to sprain your bone. Generally, a sprain happens when your ligaments are stretched or torn. So, a person can experience a bone fracture and sprains on the ligaments due to a single injury affecting their bones and ligaments. This is common with damage to your knee or elbow
  • Open vs. closed fractures – Open fractures are where your bone breaks through your skin. They can also be referred to as compound fractures. On the other hand, closed fractures are where the bone does not break through your skin. In this case, open fractures take more time to heal than closed fractures
  • Displaced vs. non-displaced fractures – A displaced fracture implies that your bone pieces moved and a gap formed around the fracture. Contrariwise, non-displaced fractures are where the bone break but they did not move away when they break

Treatment and diagnosis of bone fractures

Bones are internal body tissues. Therefore, physicians cannot quickly identify which location and the exact bones with injuries. As a result, your healthcare provider will use the following imaging techniques to get a picture of your fracture

  • The commonly used diagnostic tool is X-rays since it confirms any fractures and gives a precise picture of how a person’s bones are damaged
  • Secondly, they can use bone scans to locate fractures that X-rays cannot reveal. It usually takes a more extended duration. However, it remains critical in finding more details about fractures that one has
  • CT scan is also used since it gives your healthcare provider a vivid view of your bones and the surrounding tissues

After diagnosis, your healthcare providers move on to treatment. The treatment depends on the fractured bone type, what caused the injury, and the extent of the damage. The following are some of the recommended treatment approaches for bone fractures

  • The first treatment approach is immobilization, used primarily for mild fractures. It is used in cases where the bones did not move out of place
  • Secondly, a closed reduction can also be used to treat a bone fracture. A closed reduction is used for more severe breaks demanding realignment of your bones
  • Bone fracture surgery can also be used, especially when your fracture is worse

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