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Essay For All is among the top social psychology nursing assignment help online in the industry. Don’t be doubtful any longer to seek homework help services since you will get the best services to attain better grades. Social psychology, as a branch of psychology, studies the construction of people’s goals, intentions, beliefs, feelings and thoughts in a social context affected by real or imagined interactions with other people.

The discipline is ‘social’  because of its increased focus on the influence of human behavior by other people within a social context. There are various topics that social psychology students have to study to empower and equip them to be competent in their careers. Some topics are:

  • Stereotypes
  • Social influence
  • Attribution theory
  • Social cognition
  • Self-concept
  • Attitudes
  • Discrimination
  • Prejudice

Nurses must have good social psychology knowledge to ensure professional and indiscriminate handling of patients across different backgrounds. For any professional guidance or assistance in your social psychology nursing homework, count on our experienced tutors for a guarantee of the best performance.

History of social psychology

Psychologists ventured discovered and ventured into the study of social psychology after the second world war. Based on social psychology nursing assignment solvers at Essay For All, there are four main stages that social psychology goes through.

The first stage marked the dawn of the discipline between 1934-1964. The time between 1935 and 1945 marked the early stage of social psychology. The outcomes of the war triggered researchers and psychologists to find various answers to the problems that faced the people.

For instance, they sought to understand the reason or driving force behind people engaging in inhuman acts, the source of the pressure. In the process, social psychologists would understand the influence of societal forces like obedience, compliance and authority.

World war II, between 1946-1984, was characterized by the expansion of social psychology. After that, from 1985 onwards, the increased advancements and developments in the profession marked the modern stage of social psychology. Visit Essay For All for profound insights into social psychology’s relevance in nursing.

Why is social psychology important in the nursing field

As nurses, handling patients is not always a simple task. Some health conditions need a nurse to refer back to a patient’s social context. In this case, social psychology knowledge is essential in dealing with patients. For instance, it enables a caregiver to understand how the concerns of society can affect a person’s well-being and the wellness of the entire society. Hence, it becomes easy to address a patient’s health concerns about issues such as:

  • Aggression
  • Bullying
  • Public health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Prejudice
  • Crime
  • Substance abuse

Social psychology nurses can also collaborate with mental health specialists to understand the treatment of mental health disorders caused by social factors. Social psychology nurses tend to assume that a health condition in a patient may result because of other people who influence their behaviors and thoughts. Besides, they also attribute some behaviors to environmental influence. The main social approaches considered in the discipline are;

  • Social thinking
  • Social influence
  • Social behavior

Applications of social psychology

Socialization and personality development

As children grow, some experience personality disorders that affect how they interact with others. However, it is always important for children to have healthy personalities as it has diverse benefits apart from ensuring positive and healthy interactions.

In this case, social psychology nurses encourage parents and caregivers to offer proper care to the young ones as they grow to help them avoid developing personality disorders. The common personality disorders evident among children include emotional disturbances.

  • Fears
  • Mental retardation
  • Shyness
  • Inexpressiveness
  • Sense of deprivation

The disorders result from socio-psychological causes in the upbringing of a child. A child is likely to develop personality disorders when parents subject children to a discouraging environment, constant exposure to harsh treatment, child negligence, and family with too many parental disagreements and fights. In this case, a nurse needs to review a child’s family environment to determine the root cause of their personality disorder.

Social psychology and mental health

Social psychology nurses play an integral role in responding to mental health problems not limited to personality disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, phobia, stress, anxiety and depression. Research shows that increased cases of mental health issues have socio-psychological origins. For instance, whenever a person encounters unexpected social changes, operating in a stressful workplace, break-ups, loss of loved ones, or weak family bonds can also result in mental health challenges.

Since social situations can result in abnormal behavior, drug abuse, emotional disturbance or criminal behaviors, social psychology nurses must consider several factors when handling patients with wide-ranging conditions. Determining the underlying cause of some health conditions or behavior becomes easy without medical or natural causes. Social psychology knowledge has helped nurses effectively manage the increasing mental health issues.

Social psychology theories

Psychoanalytic theory

The founder of psychoanalytic theory is Sigmund Freud. The theory assumes that an individual has a certain mental or libido energy level vital for personality development. Based on the psychoanalytic theory, the mind exists in two parts: the unconscious and the conscious. The conscious mind makes a person aware of all information retrievable from memory.

However, the unconscious mind constitutes the knowledge, instincts, desires and emotions an individual cannot recall but still affects one’s behavior. When handling patients, social psychology nurses may meet complicated conditions requiring a comprehensive diagnosis. Therefore, the nurse may assess for information one is unaware of and determine their influence on a person’s behavior or health condition.

Social learning theory

Behaviorism is a psychological perspective closely related to social learning theory. According to Essay For All social psychology nursing assignment helpers, social learning theory suggests that human behavior is affected or determined by processes or events, such as repression, ego and id.

When handling patients whose thoughts and behaviors are highly affected by their id and ego, social psychology nurses can easily understand how best to assess, diagnose and treat their underlying health conditions with less focus on the impact of id and ego, among other aspects. However, they focus more on the effect of the resulting relationships between observable conditions in a person’s environment and observable behaviors.

Application of cognitive-consistence theory by social psychology nurses

Generally and as approved by Essay For All professionals, cognitions are the things people use to make sense of their immediate world or surroundings. Part of the cognitions commonly used by people is perceptions. The way through which people perceive events and experiences varies from one person to another. It also varies from the beliefs people hold, opinions, and knowledge.

In nursing, there are some health or medical conditions that patients interpret differently. While some health issues may have medical issues, others may relate them to cultural factors. Hence, such individuals may look for herbal or cultural means of treating such conditions. In this case, the social psychology nurses’ role is to intervene and help educate the patient on the best approach to managing the underlying condition.

A social psychology nurse can also help patients in relating between two elements, such as a cause and an outcome. Apart from the cognitive-consistence theory, there are many more theories that social psychology nurses may refer to improve their services and overall professional practice. Learn more by seeking online Essay For All professional social psychology nursing homework help services.

Social exchange theory

A competent nurse should have a good psychology understanding as it highly impacts their professional practice. Not all patients’ conditions require biological assessment. Psychological analysis sometimes becomes critical based on the condition a patient suffers. Our social psychology nursing homework doers consider social exchange theory critical in explaining social behavior based on the mutual reinforcement individuals exchange.

The theory also helps explain, especially by using mental processes to explain the behavior among certain patients. Social psychology nurses rely on a patient’s memory to understand the existence or development of certain health disorders. If a patient cannot recall, various strategies can be used to trigger improved memory. Find more by registering for our social psychology nursing assignment help online.

Health conditions managed by social psychology nurses

The operation of social psychology nurses is unique from that of other nurses. People are vulnerable to different health conditions. It requires a nurse specialist to address various health conditions depending on their line of specialization to ensure they deliver high-quality services.

Certain health conditions make family members and close friends of people suffering from social and psychological issues have a rough time coping with their conditions. Hence, it requires competent social psychology nurses to handle individuals’ experiencing;

  • Social support
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory and cognitive defects
  • Insomnia

Social Psychology Nursing assignment help

There is increased technicality required when handling social psychology nursing assignments. Besides professors setting high standards for students to fulfill when handling the assignments, limited time or handling too many assignments also makes students’ work more challenging.

Since students must complete assignments and passes to qualify for their careers, Essay For All professional tutors have been very reliable in offloading heavy workloads on the side of students. We uphold professionalism when handling all assignments, supported by our exceptional experience as social psychology nurses. Share all the trouble you undergo in the course, and we shall exchange it with quality solutions. Anytime you need top-notch social psychology nursing assignment help, contact us, and we shall get back to you immediately.

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