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A background understanding of age-related macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) routinely affects the macular, a core part of the retina that aids people in maintaining a sharp vision. The macular’s well-being determines every person’s ability to recognize other persons, read, and perform any work related to visual work. Even though this condition affects the macular, total blindness is rare. However, it is common for persons suffering from this condition to lose central vision.

On the contrary, they maintain side vision. It is the leading cause of vision loss in multiple continents, America and Europe. In the same way, AMD’s severity increase as individuals advance in age. If it affects both your eyes, each eye will be differently impacted. Wet AMD is the most severe case of AMD and accounts for roughly 10 percent of AMD cases. It is caused by leaking blood vessels in the retina.

Macular degeneration vision

Macular degeneration is detrimental to your vision since it affects the retina, responsible for vision. In dry macular degeneration, the center of the retina deteriorates. On the other hand, leaking blood vessels grow under the retina in wet macular degeneration. Consequently, blurred vision is an underlying symptom. Dry macular degeneration causes blurred vision due to the thinning of the macula. A macular is a retina component responsible for clear vision in your direct line of sight. It develops in one eye and then affects both eyes in most cases.

As a result, your vision can deteriorate with time; hence, affecting your ability to perform visionary work. For example, it can cause reading difficulties, failure to precisely recognize faces, and impede your driving capability. However, it does not result in vision loss since people only lose their central vision but retain peripheral vision.

AMD symptoms

The initial stages of AMD are usually characterized by a distorted vision in the central part of the eye. In some scenarios, individuals with the condition see wavy words when reading. Other symptoms also include glare sensitivity and struggle in reading, especially in a poorly lit area. Dry macular degeneration symptoms usually develop gradually without pain. The underlying challenge with this condition is that most people do not notice these symptoms early, mainly when the disease is affecting only one eye. The following bullet points summarize the symptoms:

  • The blurriness of printed words
  • Challenges in recognizing faces
  • Visual distortions of images and writings
  • Minimized central vision in either one or both eyes
  • The desire for brighter light when studying or doing work that demands keenness and focus

The leading cause of macular degeneration

Nobody knows the exact cause of macular degeneration; however, people attribute it to hereditary and environmental factors. Likewise, AMD is also associated with aging. However, researchers and scientists argue that there is a higher likelihood that genetic component also causes it. On the contrary, some individuals also link AMD’s cause to exposure to too much sunlight. In addition, wet AMD is caused by abnormal vessels that leak blood into the macula. As a result, the leakage causes blurred vision since the retina is responsible for the central vision. People use these assertions to justify AMD’s cause. The primary risk factors to this condition are:

Heredity concerns

AMD has a genetic element. Researchers and scientists have outlined multiple genes related to the development of this condition.

Higher prevalence rates in women than men

Research shows that women are more susceptible to AMD than men. As a result, they are at a higher risk of the condition.


Age is also a critical risk factor for AMD since the disease is prevalent in individuals aged 60 and beyond.


Cigarette smoking or exposure to smoke can also significantly exacerbate macular degeneration risks.


Studies show that obesity may increase the chance that early or intermediate macular degeneration will advance to a severe form of the disease.

High blood pressure

Individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels may be susceptible to increased risks of macular degeneration.


Race is also a critical risk factor for AMD. Macular degeneration is more rampant among Caucasians than other racial groups.

Age-related macular degeneration treatment

AMD is a severe condition that can adversely affect someone’s health. As a result, treatment and other preventive measures remain crucial. However, treatment depends on the AMD type that a patient is suffering from. Unfortunately, Dry AMD has no cure, but vision aids can mitigate the detrimental impacts in your life. On the other hand, wet AMD requires regular eye injection and photodynamic therapy to stop your vision from getting worse.

These regular injections prevent your vision from becoming worse. In addition, photodynamic therapy is shined on the back of your eyes to destroy the abnormal blood vessels that cause wet AMD. Supplements can also be provided to patients to reduce the progression rate. AMD’s treatment goal is to stop the growth of blood vessels in the retina.

Prevention of macular degeneration

It is believed that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you can use the following measures to minimize the risk of developing AMD.

Do not smoke

Smoking or exposure to smoke increases the risk of macular degeneration. So, individuals must avoid smoking to minimize the chances of developing this infection.

Healthy weight and regular exercise

A healthy weight remains crucial for good health. Therefore, people should exercise regularly to burn excess calories. Routine exercise can significantly reduce the risk of macular degeneration since it helps you keep fit bodies.

Consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables

It would be best to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. These foods contain antioxidant vitamins that reduce your risks of developing macular degeneration.

Manage your underlying medical conditions

Individuals suffering from cardiovascular infections, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are high-risk groups for macular diseases. Therefore, persons with underlying conditions should manage their health needs by adhering to the doctor’s instructions.

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