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You can get Adolescent Health Nursing Assignment Help from our seasoned online writers at Essay For All. Adolescent health involves changing physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and intellectual transitions. Hence, it remains among the vital areas of healthcare problems. Accordingly, adolescence is a crucial stage in human life since it results in mental, pubertal, and social modifications. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines adolescents as teens and youths aged ten to nineteen.

Generally, teenagers and youths within this age are usually healthy. Unfortunately, some indulge in violence, suicide, early pregnancy, and other complications. As a result, they require proper care to address their health needs. This is where Essay For All comes in. Our website is the most sought-after online writing platform based on our commitment and consistency in delivering quality work. So, you can trust our services since we have the right professionals to deliver your expectations.

A description of adolescent health course

Studies show that nursing professionals should provide appropriate healthcare intervention to adolescents. Similarly, research shows that nursing professionals should strive to offer care in a safe and risk-free environment. As a result, this course endeavors to ensure that professionals discharge care while adhering to patients’ rights and protecting their confidential information.

Thus, the central concern of assignments covered in this course focuses on adolescent rights. Evidently, this confirms that these tasks require comprehensive research to understand the changing scope of patients’ rights. Therefore, most students resort to online assignment writing services to find relief. We are glad to inform you that Essay For All is the most credible assignment writing service you can trust with your writing needs. Our adolescent health nursing homework help experts have in-depth mastery of these concepts. Moreover, they know the key marking points. Hence, they deliver nothing but the best.

Topics under adolescent health

Undoubtedly, adolescent health is a vast specialization. As a result, it covers an array of issues dealing with the health of teens and youths aged 10 to 19. Furthermore, it covers multiple aspects, including this group’s physical, social, psychological, and emotional health. It is a broad area since it also looks at the decisions made by adolescents.

For example, adolescent actions, decisions, and habits impact their overall wellness and health throughout their lifecycle. Besides, adolescent health requires a complete view to ensure that all their health needs are addressed promptly to curb devastating actions and decisions. So, some of the topics covered under adolescent health offered by our experts include, but are not limited to:

Mental health as a topic under Adolescent Health Nursing Assignment Help

Generally, adolescents is a critical period where teens develop social and emotional habits pertinent to their overall mental health and well-being. For instance, they adopt healthy sleep patterns, regular exercising to be fit, problem-solving strategies, coping mechanisms, and interpersonal skills. Statistics show that one out of every six individuals is aged 10-19.

Moreover, adolescents are distinct since people in this category develop emotional and social changes. For the same reason, safeguarding adolescents from extreme conditions and providing mental health care remains core to their well-being and mental stability. The World Health Organization data shows that 14.1 percent of persons aged 10 to 19 suffer from various mental health conditions. Equally important, the same research disclosed that most of these conditions are usually unrecognized. In most cases, adolescents suffering from different mental health conditions become victims of:

  • Social exclusion
  • Stigma
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Low performance in their studies
  • Abuse
  • Drug and substance abuse

Hence, adolescents require a safe and supportive environment at home, school, and society to find proper help in dealing with mental health issues. Similarly, adolescents can experience immense stress from peers, identity exploration, and exposure to multiple risks. Secondly, media can impact their lived reality and their future aspirations.

In addition, domestic violence at home and economic hardships are pertinent factors affecting adolescent mental health and stability. Other mental health influencers include emotional disorders like anxiety disorders. Equally important, some adolescents also suffer from behavioral and suicidal tendencies.

Research shows that suicide is the leading cause of death in adolescents aged 15 to 19. This demonstrates that mental health is a critical aspect of adolescents’ health. Hence, mental health is among the role of a nurse in adolescent health to provide appropriate support and a safe environment to deter ill motives and behavioral tenets.

Obesity and malnutrition

Obesity and malnutrition is another core topic under online adolescent health homework help offered by our credible tutors at Essay For All. Malnutrition encompasses undernutrition resulting in wasting and being underweight. As a result, it results in diet-related non-communicable infections. Undernutrition usually goes undiscovered by young people and their families.

Consequently, it affects their ability to be productive in routine activities. On the other hand, overweight adolescents are susceptible to low self-esteem, body image, depression, anxiety, etc. Studies show that psychosocial morbidity is higher in girls, unlike boys. However, this condition tends to exacerbate as children transition to adolescents.

Similarly, research shows that inadequate food quality and quantity are the primary determinants of most health problems. Do you need more support to understand this topic? Or do you have challenging assignment questions on this topic? If yes, our online adolescent health tutors have you sorted.

Measures to ensure improved adolescent health

Adolescence is a critical developmental stage. For instance, it entails biological, physical, and mental development. Evidently, this stage requires substantial support to mitigate the health issues associated with adolescent health. Accordingly, adolescent health experts must take adequate precautionary measures to ensure their safety. Our adolescent health writers at Essay For All are competent and have vast experience to help you write impeccably quality papers. Some of the measures to improve adolescent health globally include:

  • Drug and substance abuse screening and counseling
  • Depression screening
  • A supportive environment in schools, homes, and community
  • Immunizations to give the necessary vaccines to adolescents for them to fight life-threatening diseases

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