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For quality Zika Virus Nursing Assignment help contact professional and competent expert writers at Essay For All. Zika virus, caused by a mosquito-borne viral disease, primarily results in Zika fever. Zika virus is never different from the west Nile virus, yellow fever, or dengue fever. If you understand how the related conditions behave, you can envision how the Zika virus behaves. In recent years, the Zika virus nursing program has received increasing attention from the number of students enrolling in the course.

Even though people have been underestimating the impact of the virus over the years, there is a need to ensure proper education for people, especially those vulnerable to the virus, to understand ways of preventing or handling the condition once infected. Take your time with undertaking the course. Instead, ask our proficient tutors through our online Zika virus nursing assignment help services to meet all your academic-related hurdles on time.

Causes of Zika virus

When handling a patient with the Zika virus, a Zika virus nurse needs to understand some of the causes of the virus. Not any mosquito can carry and transfer the Zika virus. However, two Aedes mosquito species are always associated with the Zika virus. Since mosquito species are spread out worldwide, anyone across the globe can get the Zika infection. The infection happens when a mosquito bites a person who is already infected with the virus and then moves on to bite a healthy person, transferring the virus from the infected person to a healthy person through a mosquito bite.

Pregnant women are also at risk of spreading the virus to the fetus. If you need an idea of the diverse causes of the virus, grab the opportunity of interacting with Essay For All proficient tutors anytime you ask for our online Zika virus nursing assignment help.

History of the Zika virus

According to our proficient tutors, Zika had its earliest traces in Uganda in 1947 in the Zika forest. It was discovered by scientists performing research on yellow fever within the forest. Due to the foreign nature of the virus, the scientists had to separate the Zika virus from the collected samples obtained from a captive sentinel rhesus monkey. In 1948, scientists discovered the virus from a mosquito, Aedes africanus, captured on a tree within the Zika forest. It was in 1952 that Uganda recorded the first human cases of the Zika virus.

The scientific research concerning the virus established that geographical areas infested by the virus are not only in Uganda but extend to other countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. Ever since its identification, there has never been a moment of disease outbreak experienced in either country. Instead, there are always only a few cases whereby people experience mild symptoms and recover from the condition. However, in 2007, the Zika virus spread massively from Asia and Africa to the pacific island of yap.

Ever since, the virus has also caused outbreaks in other areas like in the new Caledonia, the cook islands, easter island, and in French Polynesia. Learn more about the advancement and spread of the Zika virus in the world by getting our Zika virus nursing homework help services.

People at high risk of Zika virus

Apart from exposure to mosquito bites, especially in a place where people are infected with the virus, other factors pose an increased risk of one getting the virus. Mostly among adults, the prevalence of unprotected sex acts as a platform for the further spread of the virus from infected people to a healthy population. That is why married couples should avoid extramarital affairs to minimize the risk of getting the virus. Protected sex and sexual abstinence are also crucial among partners moving to and from the affected areas.

Additionally, people who live or travel in nations with frequent Zika virus outbreaks are susceptible to contracting the virus. Some areas with high incidences of Zika outbreaks are regions in the tropical and sub-tropical areas such as west Africa, north America, and south and central America. Even in countries not found in tropical or sub-tropical areas, immigrants from such regions may serve as the primary source of infection for the Zika virus.

Hence, people must take necessary health measures to shield themselves from the virus risk. Find deeper insights from Essay For All professionals anytime you register for our Zika nursing assignment help services.

Signs and symptoms Zika virus

Even though transmittable by infected mosquitoes, the signs are very distinct from that of malaria. Hence, nurses need to understand the uniqueness of a patient’s signs and symptoms when suffering from the Zika virus, even before performing laboratory tests.

The main challenge with the virus is that a person having the virus hardly shows signs. The symptoms delay for approximately two weeks after being bitten by an infected mosquito. After that, the symptoms may exist for a week before a person recovers. During the 3rd week, some of the exhibited symptoms by the infected person are;

  • Eye pain
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Red eyes
  • Joint pain in the feet and hands
  • Rash
  • Mild fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • General discomfort

Prevention measures for the Zika virus

So far, no determined Zika vaccine can prevent people from suffering or contracting the virus. Therefore, people must take precautionary measures by understanding the virus’s causes and responding effectively. Since the virus results from mosquito bites and sexual transmission, protection from mosquitoes becomes critical.

That can happen to young children, women of reproductive age, and pregnant women who are more vulnerable to protection against mosquito bites early evening and during the day when the mosquitoes are always active. Some of the protective measures to undertake encompass;

  • Using mosquito repellants
  • Closing doors and windows
  • Closed window screens as a physical barrier to mosquitoes.
  • Wearing clothing that covers the entire body to minimize skin exposure to the mosquitoes
  • Using mosquito nets when sleeping early evening or during the day
  • Destroying the breeding sites for the mosquitoes, such as disposing of stagnant waters and covering water storage containers

Prevent sexual transmission

In collaboration with other healthcare practitioners, it is the role of Zika virus nurses to advise and counsel sexually active women and men on the need to use diverse contraceptive methods. Besides, pregnant women also need sex education to help them realize the importance of safe sex or sexual abstinence during gestation. If a person is moving from an area with a high prevalence of the Zika virus, they must abstain from sexual activity for two months to avoid infecting their sexual partners.

Health effects and risk of the Zika virus

While there is significant emphasis on protective and preventive measures against the Zika virus by pregnant women, it is because the virus can result in congenital disabilities. In pregnancy, the Zika virus is likely to cross the placenta, affecting the fetus. Pregnant women exposed to the virus may also develop complications such as stillbirth, preterm birth, and miscarriage.

Microcephaly is a congenital disability that results in babies whose mothers suffered the Zika virus while pregnant. Microcephaly is characterized by giving birth to a baby with having small than the standard head. The condition may be evident at birth or present itself after the first few years of the child’s development. Children with such disorders may have complications or challenges, such as

  • Dwarfism
  • Seizures
  • abnormal facial features
  • Poor speech
  • poor motor function
  • Intellectual disability

Types of laboratory tests for Zika virus

While there are people who, by analyzing the predisposing factors of the Zika virus, they may conclude they have Zika virus and hence take necessary precautions to manage the symptoms of the condition. However, sometimes patients may confuse the symptoms with other related conditions. That is why it is essential to go for tests to ascertain the exact type of condition one suffers. Based on our professional tutors, Zika virus nurses may use antibody tests or molecular tests.

Antibody tests

In this case, the Zika antibody assesses the obtained blood sample from the patient for the presence of antibodies fighting Zika.

Molecular tests

Whenever a medical practitioner performs the molecular test, they will be looking for genetic material from the Zika virus. The polymerase chain reaction is among the commonly used molecular tests on patients suspected of having the Zika virus. It is common among pregnant women and involves assessing the blood or urine sample from the patient. Remember, in case of any queries, to contact our professional tutors for instant Zika virus nursing assignment help services.

Treatment of Zika virus

So far, there is no specific drug for Zika virus fever treatment. However, infected people suffering from the condition’s symptoms must take various steps to manage the symptoms. Because of the fever that results from the state and the pain, patients can take acetaminophen. Besides, taking adequate rest and drinking plenty of fluids is essential. Apart from water intake, one may consume other liquids such as beverages, juices, and soup to ensure enough fluid intake and supply to the body.

While the measures also apply to pregnant women, they must seek regular monitoring by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to assess for any fetal defects like microcephaly. Anytime you meet a patient with the Zika virus, don’t hesitate to offer the professional advice you receive from Essay For All experts.

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