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What is supply chain management

Every organization’s core is its supply chain management. It includes all of the procedures carried out throughout the firm’s material life cycle, from raw materials through finished goods and client delivery. Every business’s success largely depends on managing its supply chain. Businesses must establish a network of suppliers to obtain the many types of raw materials required for the production process. Additionally, businesses need to work with suppliers who can supply the needed materials in any quantity whenever the corporation needs them.

Due to fierce rivalry in every market sector, the function of supply chain management (SCM) has even expanded. Similar items are now offered by several businesses, giving consumers more options. Because of this, it is harder for businesses to survive in the market, and they must always come up with unique ideas to keep ahead of the competition. The suppliers can also benefit from effective supply chain management and the manufacturer. The manufacturer may increase the profit margin by accurately predicting the market demand for the goods. While a supplier can efficiently manage his supply to several firms provided he communicates the requirement for material promptly.

Parts of supply chain management

Demand management

Demand management consists of three planning processes: demand, commodity, and trade facilitation.

Supply management

The five components of supply management entail supply strategy, distribution planning, production strategy, inventory and capacity organization.

Sales and operations planning

Sales and operations planning (S&OP), a recurring connected software process, allows leadership to focus on key supply chain drivers like sales and marketing. Also, allows leaders to concentrate on demand management, production, inventory management, and the introduction of new products. Through dynamic connectivity of plans and strategies across the organization, S&OP aims to empower leaders to make better-informed decisions with an aim toward financial and corporate impact. S&OP, frequently repeated monthly, allows for efficient supply chain management and focuses an organization’s resources on providing customers’ needs while being profitable.

Product portfolio management

Product portfolio management is the procedure from creating a product concept to commercializing it. A company needs an exit strategy for when a product hits the end of its profitable life or if it doesn’t market well.

Management of a product portfolio entails:

  1. Introduction of a new product
  2. Planning for death
  3. Planning to become cannibals
  4. Planning for commercialization and the ramp
  5. Analysis of contribution margins
  6. portfolio administration
  7. Planning for brands, portfolios, and platforms

6 Components of supply chain management

Although managing the entire supply chain is difficult, it can break down into five main components, which we will look at below.

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