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Seek professional tutors at Essay For All and receive superior Substance Abuse and Addiction Assignment help services. Substance abuse is the recurring pattern of compulsive behaviour denoted by repeating significant interpersonal, legal, occupational or legal detrimental results such as marital challenges, school arrests, and absenteeism from school and work. The effects of substance abuse and addiction are numerous and devastating. That is why healthcare organizations are availing enough task forces to help people overcome such challenges resulting from continued use of the substances.

After a long while of using drugs, one is considered an addict if they can no longer do without the drugs since they have developed a physical and psychological dependence on the substances. Drug addiction is complex, which is why it takes an addict a long time and many struggles before entirely quitting reliance and use of the substance. Never address the issue of substance abuse and addiction on myths. Get top-notch substance abuse and addiction assignment helps services from our experts and be ready to pursue your future career.

General overview of substance abuse and addiction

According to Essay For All, substance abuse and addiction assignment help experts, substance abuse and addiction are a condition characterized by the destructive behaviour of consuming substances that result in significant health issues or distress. For instance, a person constantly relying on substance use may suffer withdrawal or tolerance from the substance. Substance addiction is a chronic condition where one has an irresistible urge to seek and use drugs, even with awareness of the drug’s impacts on their overall health.

At first, one meets a voluntary desire to use drugs. With frequent or regular use, it reaches a time that one loses control over drug use. In this case, the drug’s chemical composition alters the brain composition and functioning, causing the inability to resist the urge to drug use. Continued substance abuse may result in substance-related legal implications. Besides, it may interfere with family relationships and friendships, among other relationships. There are many substances with such impacts, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana and alcohol.

Risk factors and causes of developing substance abuse and addiction disorders

According to the research performed by our experts in substance abuse and addiction, substance abuse and disorders has wide-ranging causes. Some learners assume some people get into drugs because of a lack of self-discipline and self-control. That is not the case. It is essential to analyze a set of social, psychological and biological factors that may make one develop substance disorders.

There are special cases whereby even without such factors, one family can be more vulnerable than the other. In this case, genetic factors can be an influence, whereby there might be family members with substance abuse disorder or addiction. Hence, when handling individuals who want to quit substance use, caregivers may consider all these factors to offer the best intervention for the addicts. Briefly, factors predisposing one to substance abuse and addiction are not limited to;

Social risk factors

Social risk factors encompass those people or groups that one frequently interacts with. Some people would never fall into the traps of substance abuse or addiction if they did not meet friends with addiction to the substance. Besides, a person’s social status also affects. For instance, young youths and the unmarried, through hanging out with friends with practice substance abuse and behaviour, are more vulnerable to substance abuse and addiction.

Besides, low socio-economic status and unemployment render people idler hence using their time to socialize with friends. As a result, they may develop negative behaviour such as substance abuse and addiction. Register for our online substance abuse and addiction assignment help services and be an expert.

Psychological factors

When assessing psychological elements determining an individual’s rate or level of substance abuse and addictions, factors considered are personality, mood and thought disorders. Personality disorders, in this case, mamay bentisocial personality disorders. If one fails to interact with others, they may use drugs to offer them a source of solace. Thought disorders like schizophrenia and mood disorders may also lead a person to substance abuse that may end up in addiction beyond their control. Hence, it is essential to ensure sound management of psychological challenges, such as consulting an expert instead of drug abuse to manage emotions and moods.

Exposure to adverse events while still young

Some people have tough childhood experiences that may yield psychological torture or challenges extending into adulthood. Such people may find less meaning in leading everyday lives due to the ever-refreshing memories of their early lives. For instance, victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and also witnesses of domestic violence are highly vulnerable to developing substance abuse and addiction as their way of managing the effects. Substance abuse is never a solution. Contact Essay For All professionals and receive tips for professionally handling substance abuse and addiction cases.

Notable signs to look for in a person with substance abuse and addiction

Nurse specialists in substance abuse and disorder are always detail-oriented when handling patients with substance abuse disorders. Such symptoms can prove the addiction level and help them predict effective measures to use on the patients. When suspecting a person to be using drugs and suffering addiction, you may find reality by considering factors like;

  • Physical symptoms of abstinence from drug use
  • Reliance on drugs to cope with their problems
  • Loss of memory or blackouts when not using the drug
  • Repeated arguments in their social sphere
  • Mood disorders such as mood swings, sadness and irritability

Impact of substance abuse and addiction to the brain

Using drugs, especially those offering euphoric feelings to the use, seems to trigger the brain’s reward circuit. In this case, the motivation a person receives pushes them into using the drug each time because of the resulting good feeling. The chemical substance from drugs known as dopamine also supports one’s motivation for drug use. An increase of dopamine components in the blood triggers drug use as they get a pleasurable feeling no matter the harmful outcomes resulting from the substance abuse.

Continued drug use makes the brain adjust to functioning in the presence of the chemical. The brain demands an increased drug supply to ensure the body remains on the desired’ highness’. In the process, the body gets less reliance or pleasure on other activities or foods with an increased inclination to the drug. Extended use of drugs not only impairs the chemical systems of the brain but also affects other critical body functioning and processes such as;

  • Stress management
  • Decision-making process
  • Judgment
  • Behaviour
  • memory
  • Learning

Commonly abused drugs

Despite some people understanding the impact of the drugs they abuse, they still go for the drugs and rely on them. As a result, people go for substances that, when they consume, they get a euphoric feeling. The problem is without the presence of such substances in the blood; it becomes challenging for them to live normal lives.

Government policies and some regulations have chipped in to limit the consumption of certain substances due to the awareness of their implications and devastating impact, which not only affects an individual but extends to affect the entire nation. Most commonly abused drugs are legalized, while there are people who still abuse and acquire them through illegal means, such as from drug traffickers. From our professional substance abuse and addiction assignment help services, those substances, when abused, result in addiction encompasses;


Drugs in the category of opiates encompass percodan, Percocet, Vicodin, methadone, morphine and heroin. The drugs work by decreasing the functioning of the nervous system.


Inhalants are the category of drugs that people consume through inhaling. Some of them exist in the form of vapours, while others are in different forms. The easy access to drugs makes them among the most commonly abused drugs by people. Long use of inhalants has detrimental health implications for the user. For instance, it may not only affect the respiratory and breathing system but also affect the normal functioning of the brain.


Nicotine is a chemical and addictive substance that is present in cigarettes. People who constantly abuse nicotine can hardly do without it due to its related intense addictiveness to the chemical. The list for commonly abused substances are covered in-depth in  our substance abuse and addiction assignment help services. Don’t forget to seek further guidance from our professional tutors.

Diagnosis for substance use disorder

Quitting drug addiction is mostly a person’s decision. Though it is never an easy decision, one may consider the life-threatening outcomes of drug abuse and seek ways of quitting the behaviour. Forcing an individual to quit substance abuse is almost impossible. it also requires the willingness of the addict to ensure they will try to comply with the given strategies to help them avoid the behaviour. Some of the health practitioners that may intervene to help individuals with substance use disorder are mental health specialists, substance abuse and addiction nurses or psychiatrists. Such professionals may look for signs such as;

  • Sleep problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Less concern for hygiene
  • Red eyes
  • Constant fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Abnormal blood pressure and heart rate

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