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Get quality Social Science Assignment Help from our best custom writers at Essay For All whenever you feel stuck with your coursework. According to our expert writers, social science is a subfield of academic study focusing on human behavior from its social and cultural perspectives. As a result, it has a broader scope since it encompasses sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, etc. Equally important, a social science field studies human society and the relationships therein.

The term “science” comes from the Latin word Scientia meaning knowledge. Generally, it implies the systematic pursuit of knowledge based on evidence to ensure verifiability of such happenings. We acknowledge the centrality of social sciences in society. However, we also agree that students undertaking this course struggle with assignments. Thus, we avail of professional online tutors at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, to help you with all your coursework needs.

A brief history of social sciences

Generally, the development of social sciences is associated with the enlightenment age. The enlightenment age prioritized the understanding that reason is the primary source of authority and legitimacy. It had its origin in Europe in the eighteenth century. As a result, it stressed various ideals like:

  • Tolerance
  • Constitutional governments
  • Separation of church and state
  • Liberty, etc.

The enlightenment age also promoted scientific and reductionism strategies. Previously, religion was the leading tool to explain the different happenings within society. However, the enlightenment age challenged and questioned religion. In addition, the primary ideas championed by modern-day democracies, like separation of powers, civil society, etc., are products of the enlightenment era. Additionally, academic disciplines, including social sciences, emerged during the period.

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These disciplines were rooted in empirical methods, unlike the orthodoxy used in the past years. Social sciences prioritize inquiry into social phenomena, including human society. Understanding that social sciences prioritized human society and behavior is also imperative. So, the human was the focus. Therefore, an inquiry into the various happenings in human society led to the emergence of social sciences. For more information, contact our best custom writers at Essay For All.

Various branches of social sciences, according to our Social Science Assignment Help experts

The term “social sciences” has a broader scope because it covers different disciplines within this field. For instance, there exist different subjects studying human society and its aspects. Some of these fields include:

History as a social science branch

History is a branch of social sciences focusing on studying the human past. Accordingly, history studies various events related to the human past. According to our social science assignment helpers, it is a body of knowledge about the past produced by historians, incorporating everything involved in producing, communicating, and teaching that knowledge. It also involves studying events, people, myths, memories, places, etc. However, it is also good to note that history has diversified areas. Some of these areas include:

  • Social history is a social science field focusing on society and how individuals relate and interact. Thus, it examines individuals and groups living in a particular society to understand their way of life, customs, etc.
  • The second branch of history is military history: Generally, military history also refers to the history of wars and military campaigns. Over the years, the military has remained pivotal in understanding the various aspects of our society. Whenever you are stuck with your coursework, it will help if you seek social science assignment help offered by our experts at Essay For All
  • Political history: This is another crucial branch of history. Primarily, it examines the political changes that have taken place within our societies over a given period. Thus, it resonates with history’s primary theme of understanding society’s past to know the changes that have occurred over the years
  • Economic history: History studies society’s past events. However, this cannot be complete if we fail to understand the economic history of a society. As a result, this history branch emphasizes the production processes’ changes. If you need professional guidance, our online social science assignment helpers have your back
  • History of ideas. The final sub-field of history is the history of ideas. Generally, it focuses on the prevalent thought processes defining the collective psyche

Economics as a branch of Social Science

Economics is the second branch of social sciences. It is a social science since its premises focus on producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services. In addition, it also analyzes the choices that individuals, businesses, governments, and nations use to allocate resources to the respective sectors. Generally, economics studies the ownership, use, and exchange of scarce resources. It is classified as a social science because it relies on scientific methods to build theories to explain individual, group, and organizational behavior. As a result, most people consider economics a social science because it uses the scientific method to study various aspects of human behavior. We have micro and macro-economics:

  • Microeconomics focuses on economic activities at the individual or household level. The primary investigation areas include the demand of supply of goods and services that households or individuals need. It also stresses price theories, costing, game theory, monopoly, etc. The good news is that we have social science assignment help experts to help you write the best custom paper for your teachers
  • The second level of analysis is the macro level. Accordingly, this phase of economic analysis has a broader scope since it deals with the economy as a whole. It also examines the large-scale factors central to the success or growth of any economy globally. Currently, most countries are dealing with widespread issues like global inflation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it looks at issues, such as unemployment, which has been alarming in various countries, especially the developing ones. Equally important, students pursuing these courses must write social science assignments. This is where we come in.

Our professional online tutors understand what it takes to deliver top-notch assignments. So, they can help you write impeccable quality papers whenever you contact us for help.

Political science as a branch of social science

Political science is a sub-discipline of social science. It is a social science discipline because it aims at deepening our human understanding of the forms and nature of political action. As a result, it leverages theoretical tools for interpreting politically significant phenomena. Secondly, it also deals with vital aspects within the scope of social science, including democracy, elections, government, etc. Accordingly, political science studies political phenomena.

So, it strives to deepen our understanding of the forms and nature of political action. Hence, political science specialization remains vital in enhancing our understanding of political phenomena and accustoms people to view things through an international lens. Therefore, it encourages political action. Equally important, it deals with theories and practices of government, political activities, and political behavior. The primary sub-disciplines of political science include:

  • Political theory: Accordingly, this political science field studies political thought history. In addition, it examines the underlying challenges within modern-day political life with a philosophical dimension. The essential concepts covered under political theory include democracy, oppression, rights, etc. At Essay For All, we guarantee top-notch social science assignment help & answers whenever you feel stranded with your coursework
  • Public law and administration: Every country or government has an administrative system. Thus, public law and administration focus on different legal institutions, constituting the administrative system of a state
  • Comparative politics: Comparative politics is another crucial sub-division of political science. As the term suggests, it seeks to identify and understand the global similarities and differences among the different political systems. The father of comparative politics is Aristotle. Our social science assignment help service has your back whenever you need help
  • International relations: The final sub-field of political science is international relations. Generally, it studies the relations of states with each other and with other international organizations

Sociology as a social science branch

Sociology is a social science discipline that emphasizes human societies by examining their interactions and processes that preserve and change them. As a result, sociology relies on the constituent parts of societies, like institutions, communities, gender, racial groups, etc., to understand society. Equally important, sociology is a social science that uses research to understand the various facets of human behavior and thought.

In addition, sociology uses scientific approaches to understand the different societal aspects that sociologists study. Like other social sciences, the core concern of sociology is generalization. Hence, this specialization is critical in understanding various dynamics within our modern-day society. Do you need help with your sociology assignments? If so, then our social science homework experts have you sorted. Our website has top-notch writers to help you excel in your coursework. So, you can trust us based on our consistency in delivering impeccable qualities.


Philosophy studies the basic ideas about knowledge, right and wrong, reasoning, and the value of things. Consequently, philosophy also seeks to understand the fundamental issues about knowledge and other pertinent factors touching on human lives. Secondly, philosophy helps you understand some basics of the general truth.

It also looks at the issues about the good life, truth, realities, and other factors affecting human life. Equally important, philosophy also studies fundamental problems affecting human beings and societies. Hence, people rely on philosophy to answer some fundamental questions about human life. The essential branches covered under philosophy include:

  • Logic: It is a branch of philosophy dealing with the applicable principles of philosophical reasoning. Logic applies in different fields. As a result, it is a fundamental philosophical skill
  • The second branch of philosophy is ethics. Generally, ethics deals with ascertaining what is right or wrong. So, this aspect of philosophy emphasizes the moral principles governing a person’s behavior in different setups. For instance, societies have norms outlining their engagement in different activities and interactions. Similarly, every profession has specific ethical requirements guiding how the staff operates
  • Epistemology is the third branch of philosophy. Accordingly, epistemology is the theory of knowledge. Consequently, most people consider it the theory of knowledge. It examines how a person’s mind relates to reality. Do you need assistance with your coursework? If so, Essay For All has outstanding social science assignment experts to assist you in completing your pending tasks
  • Metaphysics: Another crucial branch of philosophy is metaphysics. The term “metaphysics” was derived from a Greek term implying an idea, doctrine, or posited reality beyond the human sense of perception. Thus, it encompasses studying what cannot be attained through the objective study of material reality. Contact us now for quality services at nominal rates

Archaeology as a branch of social science

Archaeology is a social science because it reveals information about the human past before the invention of writing. Accordingly, archaeologists use fossils obtained through excavation in particular areas to understand the ancient human culture, social life, economic activities, religious activities, etc. In most cases, archaeologists undertake excavation excises in regions believed to be the early man’s inhabitants.

For example, East Africa was considered the original home of the ancient human species. Scholars applaud archaeology as the source of information about the human past because it gives a complete picture of the human experience. Our professional tutors reiterate that archaeology studies human activity by recovering and analyzing material culture. Essay For All has credible social science assignment help writers to help you whenever you feel overwhelmed or stranded. You can order your assignment here.

Why do students resort to Social Science Assignment Help offered by Essay For All?

Our modern-day education system prioritizes coursework. As a result, students must write assignments to graduate successfully from their respective college/university programs. Teachers use assignments as the fundamental assessment tool to gauge students understanding of various course concepts. So, when you enroll in any educational program, it will help you prepare yourself for assignments.

Unfortunately, most students find it tedious and challenging to write their assignments individually. This is where Essay For All comes in. Social science is a theoretical discipline with complicated aspects that most students find challenging to understand. Consequently, this results in serious troubles with coursework. The following are some of the leading reasons why students seek professional online tutors to help them complete their pending tasks:

Lack of time

Undoubtedly, students work with deadlines. For instance, professors give assignments with deadlines. As a result, students must write and submit their coursework within the agreed period to get the necessary marks. Unfortunately, most students tend to wait until the last minute before they start working on their papers. This practice is dangerous because it piles pressure on students that they cannot manage at the last minute.

Thus, they resort to the best custom writers at Essay For All for assistance. Secondly, some students have part-time jobs, apart from studies. So, they find it challenging to balance their already squeezed schedules to meet academic and professional demands. The good news is that we have top-notch writers at your disposal to help you write quality assignments. Are you stranded you’re your coursework because of time limits? If yes, then we have your back. Contact our social science assignment experts today.

The vast nature and the complexity of social sciences

The second reason students seek assistance from superior writers At Essay For All is because of this course’s vastness and complexity. Social sciences have a wider scope. Hence, they encompass different modules. The vastness of this specialization poses a challenge to learners. For instance, they must read far and wide to understand the course’s subject matter. Secondly, social sciences entail some challenging courses.

For example, philosophy, economics, political theory, etc., are complex. As a result, students resort to online help to get quality solutions at affordable prices. The good news is that Essay For All has experienced writers who understand what it takes to deliver a perfect social science assignment. Our writers have a track record in delivering quality assignments meeting your needs. They know what it takes to deliver A+ papers.

The interdisciplinary nature of social sciences

The most significant subjects under social science are interdisciplinary. Most subjects speak to each other across disciplinary limitations. However, this might pose multiple challenges regarding methodology. For example, the interdisciplinary nature of this course can confuse students. For instance, learners do not understand where to apply particular methods and concepts. The good news is that Essay For All is a number one social science assignment help service based on our writers’ professionalism.

As a result, you can leverage our services to make your academic journey rosier. Our best custom writers follow your prompts to deliver your expectations. We also guide learners through our online tutoring services to help them understand challenging concepts. So, we are a one-stop platform for all your writing needs. Therefore, Essay For All becomes your ultimate destination whenever you need your papers to have a professional touch.

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