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You are at the right place for top-notch Sjogren’s syndrome nursing assignment help services. Essay For All has been the all-time leader in delivering outstanding nursing homework help services, including Sjogren’s syndrome homework help services. As an autoimmune disorder, Sjogren’s syndrome happens when the body’s immune system, by mistake, attacks its health issues.

Among individuals with Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune system attacks and damages glands responsible for making saliva and tears. That is why the common symptoms to look for in a person having the syndrome are dry eyes and mouth. However, other body parts suffer abnormal dryness. Based on our professionals, Sjogren’s syndrome is a long-term health condition more prevalent among females than males. There is a rising trend in students undertaking Sjogren’s syndrome nursing courses.

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How do you diagnose Sjogren’s syndrome?

Sjogren’s syndrome nursing students need to know about the condition’s diagnosis. If you have yet to learn, don’t worry, our competent Sjogren’s syndrome nursing homework doers will help you. Generally, diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome relies on a patient’s symptoms. Besides, it depends on special studies seeking objective evidence of dry mouth and eyes, using blood tests and physical observation.

It is always essential to avoid making conclusions after finding out that a patient has dry eyes and a dry mouth since there are some medications with such side effects on a patient. Besides, performing Sjogren’s syndrome diagnosis remains challenging to most nurses new to the profession as the symptoms vary from one individual to the other. Also, signs displayed may match that of other diseases hence raising confusion. That is why seeking clarity by getting our professional Sjogren’s syndrome nursing assignment help online is important. Performing various diagnostic tests help to conclude the condition’s presence or absence based on multiple factors.

Eye tests

As a Sjogren’s syndrome nurse, you can use a Schirmer tear test on the patient when suspecting the likelihood of Sjogren’s syndrome. The test is essential in measuring the dryness of the eyes. The Sjogren’s syndrome nurse may collaborate with an ophthalmologist to examine the patient’s eyes for further complications.

Blood tests

When carrying out blood tests, the doctor may be after seeking any indicators of possible defects or abnormalities with the kidney and liver or the presence of inflammatory conditions in the patient. Besides, some blood tests may help determine the presence of prevalent antibodies among people with Sjogren’s syndrome or level check for levels of diverse types of blood cells.


When using the biopsy approach, the physician seeks to identify any availability of inflammatory cell clusters, a standard indicator of Sjogren’s syndrome. Find more insights about procedures involved when performing biopsy from Essay For All expert tutors.


After receiving eye tests, the doctor may initiate various imaging tests to assess the functioning of the patient’s salivary glands. If one has a dry mouth, there are increased chances of abnormal functioning of the salivary glands resulting in inadequate saliva production to moisturize the mouth. According to Essay For All Sjogren’s syndrome assignment help professionals, most doctors use salivary scintigraphy and sialogram.

Symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome

There are various symptoms that a person who has Sjogren’s syndrome may exhibit. Any incidence of a person having dry eyes and mouth does not confirm they have Sjogren’s syndrome. Considering various symptoms is always critical. Apart from the eyes and mouth, other affected body parts are the nerves, digestive organs, blood vessels, kidneys, lungs, and joints. It is common for one suffering from the condition to experience dryness in the throat, nose, and skin. According to online Sjogren’s syndrome nursing homework help experts, other symptoms of the disease are;

  • Vaginal dryness among females
  • Chronic dry cough
  • Skin rashes
  • Prolonged dry skin
  • Stiffness, swelling, or joint pain
  • Swollen glands
  • Fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Tingling sensation or numbness in toes and fingers

Treatment of Sjogren’s syndrome

When considering the treatment option for a patient with Sjogren’s syndrome, it is critical to identify the affected body part. People suffering from the condition tend to avoid seeking medical attention from qualified caregivers. Instead, they mostly rely on over-the-counter eye drops. However, severe cases of the condition may require surgical procedures or certain medications.


When suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome, extreme symptoms of dry eyes may need a minor surgical procedure to seal the tear ducts responsible for draining tears from the eyes to ease the state of dryness of the eyes. The procedure may include inserting silicone or collagen plugs into the tear ducts to preserve tears.


Medications of different types among people with Sjogren’s syndrome help manage various health conditions. For instance, a person with such a condition needs an improved life quality, so they need vital medications for their dry mouth and eyes. Since one may also suffer additional conditions like fibromyalgia, nerve dysfunction, fatigue, and joint pain, among other complications, the healthcare provider needs to consider various factors to ensure the prescribed medication effectively manages all the symptoms experienced by the patient.


This category of medication is essential in decreasing inflammation since it suppresses the immune response. If you want to prescribe corticosteroids to your Sjogren’s syndrome patient, don’t hesitate to seek further guidance from Essay For All Sjogren’s syndrome nursing assignment help professionals.

Pain relief medications

According to our professional writers, patients suffering from the condition and experiencing increased joint pain can rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). One precaution of using such medication understands its side effects on the use. In most cases, the drugs increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal bleeding, and heartburn.

Immunosuppressive medications

According to our experienced Sjogren’s syndrome nursing homework helpers, immunosuppressants help moderate joint pains. Besides, they assist in controlling the overactive nature of the immune system hence, minimizing inflammation. Such medications type include hydroxychloroquine. Apart from its effects on people with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, it also helps relieve rashes, fatigue, and joint pain among patients with Sjogren’s disorder.

Cholinergic agonists

Among patients with increased symptoms of dry mouth and eyes, as a healthcare giver, you can prescribe drugs such as cevimeline or pilocarpine hydrochloride to trigger the lacrimal glands for increased tear production salivary glands to increase the production of saliva. Typically, cholinergic agonists assist in stimulating body secretions. If the medication is ineffective on a patient, seek professional guidance from Essay For All Sjogren’s syndrome nursing homework helpers.

Home-based remedies for managing symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome

Since the common symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome are dry eyes and mouth, various home remedies can help manage such symptoms without regularly visiting healthcare providers. With the problem of dry eyes, the patient can increase their indoor humidity and avoid direct or increased exposure to wind or blowing air that can lead to further dehydration of the eyes. When you must spend outdoors, putting on protective eyewear like goggles is essential to preserve eye moisture.

Despite inadequate production of tears, a patient can rely on artificial tears or even eye lubricants to keep the eyes lubricated. After supporting the overall wellness of the eyes in a patient with Sjogren’s syndrome, attention to the mouth is also crucial. In this case, some of the best practices to recommend to such patients are;

  • Use artificial saliva
  • Depend on the saline spray.
  • Stimulate saliva production and flow by using sugar-free gums and candies
  • Increase intake of fluids
  • Avoid smoking

Possible complications resulting from Sjogren’s syndrome

Individuals with Sjogren’s syndrome need to take serious health action to avoid suffering some of the common possible complications resulting from the condition. Having well-lubricated or moisturized eyes and mouth is essential for various reasons. However, insufficient saliva constantly renders the mouth dry, making one more susceptible to developing cavities since enough saliva helps protect against tooth decay.

Besides, a person with Sjogren’s syndrome is likely to develop yeast infections in the mouth or gingivitis. Do you know that saliva helps in the swallowing process? When it is available in fewer amounts, it becomes easier for a person with the condition to swallow fluids or solid foods. On the other hand, having a dry nose increases the chances of sinusitis and nosebleeds. While handling Sjogren’s syndrome patients, reminding them of such complications is vital to help them abide by the prescribed medications and treatment plans. From our Sjogren’s syndrome nursing assignment notes pdf, other complications linked to the disorder are;

  • Nerve issues
  • Lymphoma
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Kidney, liver, or lungs inflammation

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