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Anytime you need quality, and affordable Psychoanalysis Homework help, Essay For All will sort you. Among the psychology disciplines that our experts exemplary perform is psychoanalysis psychology. We have qualified and well-trained tutors passionate about seeing students succeed in the program and be the best in their future careers. In psychology, psychoanalysis is an approach utilized in the treatment of mental health disorders using psychoanalytic theory.

For instance, the theory focuses on unconscious mental processes. The objective of psychoanalysis psychology is to awaken what is present in the subconscious or the unconscious to the state of consciousness. The main guiding principle of the discipline to meet its objectives are mastery of experience through voice reversal, the plasticity of interpersonal drives, and the dynamic unconscious. Register for our services today and enjoy top-notch homework help services delivered by our competent tutors.

The psychoanalytic theory

Sigmund Freud developed the psychoanalytic theory to further expound on various areas of the discipline. The theory reveals that human personality results from three diverse fundamental elements:  id, ego, and superego. The uniqueness of the psychoanalytic theory is that it focuses on a person’s awareness levels alongside their experiences during childhood when explaining the existence of certain mental health disorders.

Sigmund Freud considers that human personality comprises various stages which result from inner conflicts. A normal individual has three main levels of consciousness from a psychological perspective: unconsciousness, preconsciousness, and consciousness. The diverse levels of consciousness also conflict with the mind’s superego, ego, and id. Anytime you need to understand the fundamental elements of the human personality, contact Essay For All professionals. Meanwhile, below are brief explanations of the components.


According to our professional psychoanalysis psychology homework doers, the id is the most fundamental personality aspect, which helps describe instinctive responses. When a child is born, their personality is composed of id. The component is critical since it sustains people’s lives while facilitating their response to their primitive needs and urges. The id component is essential for survival, and since it is a fixed entity, it is challenging to alter it. It is also a selfish trait that demands satisfaction of the underlying need. Seek Essay For All online psychoanalysis psychology assignment help for deeper insights.


The ego, the rational part of the mind, plays a significant role in regulating personality. It thrives on the reality principle, that is, after satisfying the demands of the id in realistically and socially acceptable ways. According to Essay For All professionals, the ego is the only part of a person’s conscious personality. It helps in mediating between the unrealistic id and the real external world. Even though the id is unreasonable and more chaotic, the ego operates by reasoning. While deciding how to behave, the ego considers rules, etiquette, norms, and social realities.


Based on Essay For All psychoanalysis psychology homework helpers, the superego forms part of a person’s unconscious mind. It operates by controlling impulses by the id, particularly the norms prohibited by society. It helps the ego to stick to moralistic motives while striving for perfection. With the superego element, a person can make moral and ethical decisions and choices. The superego in psychology is a broad concept with many critical aspects for learners to understand. For in-depth coverage, click Essay For All.

Different levels of consciousness

The conscious level

It refers to people’s level of immediate awareness. It is put in action when one uses their senses to analyze information and even make decisions. Based on Essay For All top tutors, the conscious mind constitutes what one is aware of at a given time, including the ongoing thoughts in their mind. Besides, a conscious experience entails all thoughts passing through the mind, what a person can sense and perceive from their outside world, and the memories they can recollect.

Preconscious level

The preconscious or the subconscious level is the store of all remembered experiences or happenings in life. It supports the formation of dreams. It holds information on the surface of awareness in the form of memories.

Unconscious level

The unconscious level comprises instinctual desires, memories, and thoughts embedded within a person’s depths far from their conscious awareness. They seem to be long-forgotten, but based on psychology, they still influence a person’s behavior. While growing up from childhood to adulthood, many activities and events occur. In the process, people may gather diverse experiences and memories, forming insecurities, beliefs, and fears held by people in their present life.

Despite the inability to recall all the memories, the unconscious mind still drives certain behaviors. Seek more diverse psychoanalysis psychology understanding only from Essay For All credible and reliable professional tutors. Based on Essay For All psychoanalysis psychology assignment doers, some hints rendered by the unconscious mind include;

  • The nature of the patient-therapist relationship
  • Daydreams
  • Dreams
  • Topics that prove challenging for one to address
  • Repetitive behaviors

Recommended patient-therapist relationship in psychoanalysis

Most psychological therapies encourage a close relationship between the patient and the therapist. Without a close relationship with developed trust, there is a high chance of the patient’s inability to open up about some of the problems facing the therapist. Hence, hiding any information may fail to offer effective counseling or therapeutic session with improved outcomes. That is why our psychoanalysis psychologists emphasize close patient-therapist relationships in the profession.

However, the bond only develops over time. Rather, it grows during treatment and helps promote a safe environment for the client to reveal the most personal information that keeps affecting them freely. The therapist must be skilled and professional enough to interpret the meaning of every feeling, action, and thoughts of the therapist for the best intervention. Find more tips on cultivating positive and strong patient-therapist relationships at Essay For All.

Disorders treated by psychoanalysis psychology

People are vulnerable to wide-ranging psychological disorders. Identification of the most suitable psychological intervention is one way to ensure their faster recovery and overall psychological well-being. Essay For All professional tutors recommend a psychoanalysis approach in the treatment of various conditions such as;

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Phobias
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Sexual disorders
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Depression
  • Identity disorders

Remember that psychoanalysis therapy considers how a person’s presence is affected by past experiences. In case of a traumatizing event, painful feelings can persist within a person’s unconscious mind, which will affect their present behavior and moods, resulting in a negative influence on their relationship, personality, self-esteem, and performance. Unawareness of such forces may make a person seek short-term ways of managing psychological problems such as socializing and interacting with friends, strolling, reading books, and sleeping, which fail to offer a long-term solution. That is why psychoanalysis takes individuals back to their unconscious mind while reviewing their past experiences and starts addressing and solving what interferes with their present behavior.

Psychoanalytic techniques

Psychoanalysis is a discipline that seeks to assist people in being less vulnerable and controlled by the demands or biological drives of the super-ego. That is why psychoanalysis psychologists mainly use psychoanalytic therapy to bring a person’s unconscious material into consciousness and improve the operation of their ego. The therapy never concerns minimizing symptoms but rather restructuring a person’s personality. Hence, the structure takes a long time to realize a change.

  • Resistance Analysis: 

from our psychoanalysis psychology assignment help notes, resistance is the unconscious attempts made by people to prevent anxiety-triggering information from penetrating their consciousness. For instance, a person may choose to remain silent during therapy. The challenge with the decision is impairing the efficiency of the therapeutic process. However, a psychologist may use the behavior to gain valuable insight concerning what troubles the client attending the therapy. In this case, Essay For All psychoanalysis psychologists encourage the concerned therapist to identify and overcome resistance and help the clients access and work through their unconscious conflicts.

  • Dream analysis.

According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are a basic way people express their unconscious feelings and desires. It is the highway to the unconscious. Dream analysis is among the critical components of psychoanalytic therapy, which has significant benefits. For instance, the therapist of psychoanalysis psychologist will request the patient or the client to report their dreams. After that, the therapist may help offer them the dream interpretation and hidden meanings of the dream to reveal their unconscious intentions and thoughts. Ask for our psychoanalysis psychology assignment help online services for deeper insights into dream analysis and interpretation.

  • Free Association:

in a psychoanalysis psychology study, free Association entails encouraging the patient under therapy to feel free to speak whatever pops up in their mind without the fear of censorship or judgment. In this case, the psychologists ensure attention to detail on the person’s free associations, identifying hidden meanings and slips of the tongue since they help expose unconscious conflicts. During the therapy, the therapist may also focus on any interruptions within the free Association that can communicate the rise of repressed, anxiety-provoking content or material. Such identification and interpretation of the unconscious help the psychologist to gain a deeper insight into the psychological challenges experienced by the client.

  • Transference analysis

Based on Essay For All professionals, transference analysis is the systematic analysis of the transference implications of a patient’s overall nonverbal and verbal manifestations.

Who needs psychoanalysis?

Within the profession, it is vital to understand which type of clients would respond the best to psychoanalysis. No psychological technique will yield positive results when one is diagnosed with psychological challenges. Some will seem to respond positively, but the results may not be long-lasting. That is why it is essential to pick on an approach that will have an effective and lasting solution for the client.

Psychoanalysis is recommended for individuals seeking self-awareness and a deeper understanding of themselves. For instance, those having certain past experiences that may be affecting their present can use the approach to make sense of their experiences and solve their problems right from the roots. Besides, people in emotional pain and emotional suffering also need psychoanalysis. According to Essay For All psychoanalysis psychologists, psychoanalysis helps individuals struggling alone to manage their psychological issues, such as;

  • Relationship difficulty
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Eating disorders
  • Physical pain
  • A state of overly self-critical

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