Perioperative Nursing Assignment help

If you are considering a perioperative nursing assignment help for your homework, then Essay For All is your ultimate destination. We are an online assignment writing service known for delivering quality. The perioperative process entails a series of events before a surgical procedure. It is primarily divided into three.

In most cases, when an individual is hospitalized for surgical treatment, a preoperative phase applies before going to the operating room. Perioperative nursing management includes perioperative fasting, gaining informed consent from the patient, and providing postoperative care. The field entails a detailed understanding of HIPAA laws, ethical considerations, and working with patients to design the most appropriate medical intervention strategies to address their needs.

The role of perioperative nurses

Perioperative nursing falls within the field of nursing. However, nurses specializing in this area focus on patients undergoing operative or other invasive procedures. So, they collaborate with surgeons and nurse anesthetists in providing care to patients.

Additionally, perioperative nurses discharge other care services to patients based on their underlying needs. For example, registered perioperative nurses provide support and care to patients before, during, and after surgery.

Equally important, they ensure patient safety by sterilizing the operating room, observing patients’ progress throughout surgical treatment, and helping them observe all the stated care procedures.

These nurses have the appropriate knowledge, perspectives, and skills to offer patients the necessary perioperative nursing care. Perioperative nurses’ responsibilities revolve around preoperative, postoperative, and intraoperative care.

The significance of perioperative nursing

The primary objective of perioperative nursing was to boost the morale of perioperative nurses to equip them with the right skills and strategies for providing care. These skills revolve around care before a surgical procedure, care after a surgical procedure, and postoperative nursing evaluation. Perioperative nursing equips students with advanced, safe, and ethical strategies to achieve outstanding outcomes for perioperative patients.

Similarly, it was also designed for registered nurses who have never operated in a perioperative setting. As you all know, the academic curriculum used in most countries prioritizes assignments as an essential evaluation tool to gauge students understanding of various concepts.

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Primary Perioperative nursing Topics

The rising population and health needs exacerbate the demand for competent medical professionals to address the emerging health needs. One of such areas of concern is surgical rooms. Thus, perioperative nursing courses offer nurses quality training and care in such pertinent areas. So the course covers different topics to give students adequate knowledge and operation room strategies to guarantee quick recovery of patients.

In addition, it also teaches the basic principles of perioperative nursing to registered nurses. Accordingly, it helps students with didactic instructions, laboratory exercises, and scientific practice in preoperative patient assessment.

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Cell physiology

Cell physiology remains vital in perioperative nursing since it considers the functioning of each body cell. Equally important, cell physiology focuses on the functioning of cells and the physical, mechanical, and biochemical activities occurring within a cell.

So, perioperative nursing studies cell physiology concerning the human body. For example, students pursuing this course study the cell membrane’s structure and function, cellular metabolism, and cellular respiration.

Primarily, cell physiology studies how cells function and react to their environment. It is a crucial aspect of perioperative nursing since it makes it possible to understand cell physiology as it relates to surgical processes and patient recovery. It also studies cell structure and how cells function. Are you looking for a cell physiology expert as a perioperative nurse to help you understand how cells operate? Worry no more. Perioperative nursing assignment help offered by Essay For All has your back.

Cellular biology

Cellular biology studies the structure and functioning of a cell. It primarily focuses on the scientific fact that cells form the basic unit of life. Cellular biology is critical in perioperative nursing, emphasizing the study of cells.

In addition, it defines cell life through different perspectives, like how cells work with other cells in a multicellular system. Finally, studying cell biology as a perioperative nursing student makes it possible to understand cell functioning, composition, and organization.

The goal of cellular biology in perioperative nursing is to help nurses provide care to patients more professionally. As a perioperative nursing student, you have to brace yourself for perioperative nursing assignments to graduate from this course successfully. Perioperative nursing assignments on cell biology require you to understand the question before responding. However, never be stranded by tough questions because our experts at can help you write impeccable papers at affordable costs.

The sensory and neurological system

The sensory and neurological system is part and parcel of the neurological system that can manipulate sensory data. More importantly, it can also help vision, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. All these components remain primary in perioperative patient care.

It is a vast topic covering general perceptions, special senses, and the central nervous system. The general perception aspect of this course covers pain, temperature, and touch sensitivity, which can be affected by different medical conditions.

On the other hand, special senses cover sight, smell, taste, and hearing. However, these senses too can be affected by medical conditions. For instance, a patient undergoing nasal surgery may have problems with their smell senses as they recover from surgery.

Likewise, as a perioperative nurse, you need the primary symptoms if a patient’s nervous system is not operational as required to consider appropriate strategies to remedy their condition during surgery.

Types of preoperative nursing

Perioperative nursing is also known as surgical nursing because it helps in pre and postoperative care of patients. As the term suggests, they assist patients before, during, and after surgery. Additionally, surgical nurses prepare surgical instruments and equipment, assist surgeons, and ensure the operation theater’s sterility.

However, various perioperative nurses who discharge different roles in the operating room exist. It is also imperative to understand that the different types of perioperative nursing require different specializations to discharge their responsibilities. Surgical nursing entails different roles like holding bay, circulating, anesthetic, instrument nurse, and recovery room:

Surgical technologists in perioperative nursing

The first type of preoperative nursing is surgical technologists who aid surgeons by preparing supplies, instruments, and equipment for a planned procedure. For example, they set up sterile drapes and prepare sutures and other needles required during an operation. In addition, these nurses maintain the sterility of an operating room to ensure the safety of patients and all the involved persons.

Finally, they assist with other procedures like wound dressing after a surgical operation. It is a crucial specialization area for perioperative nursing. Are you facing any trouble with your assignments as a surgical technologist? Would you consider professional help to alleviate your homework-related challenges? You can talk to us at for quality perioperative nursing assignment help.

Circulating nurse in perioperative nursing

The primary role of a circulating nurse involves being sensitive to the needs of the surgical team to ensure that all surgical supplies are available at the operating theater. Equally important, they control and manage all the supplies in a surgical or operating room. Thus, their general roles entail overseeing all the operations within an operating room. In addition, these nurses serve as a liaison between surgeons and health organizations.

Accordingly, they coordinate patient needs with the operating room personnel. In the same way, circulating nurses monitor patients from time to time to ascertain their status and share the same with the doctors.

In preoperative care, these nurses play a core role in providing instructions to patients and putting all their documents in place. Do you desire to learn more about the roles of a circulating nurse? If so, offers the most credible perioperative nursing assignment help.

Recovery room nurse

As the term suggests, these nurses provide care to patients immediately after surgery. As a result, they work with patients immediately after surgery until recovery. Accordingly, they work with patients and monitor their vital signs and critical factors. For example, they ensure that the patient’s airway passage remains open, recording results from regular observations of the patients and their response to specific medical changes.

So, they operate more in the recovery room, where they monitor every patient’s crucial signs and ensure their stability before being discharged from the hospital. These nurses also treat patients experiencing particular side effects from anesthesia or surgery.

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Phases of perioperative Nursing

Surgical nurses provide care for patients going for surgery and those from surgery until their full recovery. The three phases of perioperative nursing care:

  • Preoperative
  • Intraoperative
  • Postoperative

The preoperative phase of perioperative nursing

The preoperative nursing phase is the first stage that commences immediately after a patient is notified that they are due for surgery. It also entails surgery preparation before and after a patient is admitted to a surgical room and ends when they shift from the operating room bed. During this phase, perioperative nurses prepare patients physically and psychologically for surgery.

However, the surgery period varies based on patient needs. The diagnostic studies during this phase should be accessible to nurses who perform the immediate perioperative evaluation. In addition, nurses use the chart information to design an appropriate care plan. Therefore, if you have any concerns with the phases of perioperative nursing, worry no more. Talk to us at Essay For All for perioperative nursing assignment help.

The intraoperative phase of perioperative nursing

This phase begins when a patient moves to the operating room bed and ends with their transfer to the post-anesthesia care unit. Nurses monitor patients during this phase, anesthetize them, and drape them. All the nursing procedures performed at this phase emphasize patient safety, emotional support, prevention of infections, and their response to anesthesia and other surgical interventions.


The final phase of perioperative nursing start when a patient moves to the recovery unit and ends when they fully recover. It can be brief or extensive, covering a discharge period from a surgical facility.

This phase covers the period after surgery when patients receive care in a post-anesthesia recovery unit. Thus, they do not get out of this unit until they regain their consciousness, active breathing, and stabilize. Nurses monitor patients as they recover from surgery and anesthesia in this stage.


Perioperative nursing is a complex specialization area comprising vast topics, making it challenging for students to write quality assignments. The objective of perioperative nursing is that it results in the development of nurses who offer holistic and effective care before and after recovery. Equally important, it teaches perioperative nurses the fundamentals of the course. Nursing courses are complex; hence, students find the assignments challenging.

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