NUR 300 Homework Help & Answers

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Nursing modules under our NUR 300 Homework Help & Answers

NUR 300 Professional Role Development and Practice in Nursing

Generally, NUR 300 Professional Role Development and Practice in Nursing explores the roles of nurses in professional practice. Equally important, the course also explores how nurses can align nursing theories and research to enhance their practice. The module primarily focuses on the convergence of theory, research, and clinical expertise in advancing evidence-based nursing practice. In addition, the course examines the various pertinent changes within the nursing profession over the years.

It also covers the scope of the nursing practice as outlined by the American Nursing Association (ANA), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and other agencies. Equally important, this course requires students to apply critical thinking skills, evidence-based practice, and continuous quality improvement strategies. So, this course is integral in nursing because it addresses professional role development and its essence in nursing. Thus, it equips students with skills to consistently redefine their practice to enhance quality.

NUR 300 Nursing Internship

All nursing students must be part of an internship program in a clinical or healthcare setting. As a result, NUR 300 Nursing Internship is a final course as you prepare to transition to practice as a registered nurse. You undertake a supervised placement during the internship, working with other healthcare teams to provide care. So, you consolidate your learning as you prepare for graduate practice. You can self-appraise your practice as your supervisor assess your competency in applying the different nursing models.

Thus, as a nursing student, you will take the course outside the class context since it involves actual practice in a healthcare setting. However, universities/colleges require learners to write reports at the end of the period. The information should detail your experience, including what you did and the roles you executed. Our experts at Essay For All can help with your homework needs if you are stuck.

NUR 300 RN to BSN Transition

The course provides foundational knowledge on the essential roles of a baccalaureate-prepared nurse. For instance, it emphasizes the progressive roles of professional nurses. These include evidence-based practices and quality-oriented healthcare services. As a result, it equips students with skills to begin designing their professional portfolio, which they continue to develop throughout the training. The core course performance objectives for NUR 300 RN to BSN Transition include:

  • The assessment and the reflection upon the professional values in the delivery of safe, patient-centered care
  • Incorporation of the relevant communication strategies within the interprofessional healthcare framework to provide evidence-based and patient-centered care
  • It also requires students to integrate theories and concepts from general education into nursing practice using inquiry, analytical, and informational literacy skills to address practice issues
  • Finally, it looks at the integration of the ideal lifelong learning to support excellence in nursing practice by adhering to professional principles

On the other hand, the core primary learning objectives for this course include:

  • Practical understanding of the impact of history on modern issues in nursing practice
  • Ascertaining the relationship between theory, training, and research
  • Designing a personal philosophy of lifelong learning
  • Demonstrating leadership capabilities by engaging in ethical reasoning, advocacy, and social justice
  • Integrating team-building and collaborative strategies within the interprofessional team
  • Comparing and contrasting conflict management approaches to have a positive work environment

NUR 300 Nursing as a Human Science

Generally, this module focuses on the historical, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of nursing. It also looks at the intersubjective nature of the nursing profession by factoring in its ethics, morals, and legal aspects. At Essay For All, we provide impeccable assignment writing services through our tutors. Thus, we encourage students to partner with our experts to help them write quality assignments. We also provide online tutor services. Hence, we can help you understand some of the challenging concepts. Please reach out to us, and our tutors will give your papers a professional touch.

Different nursing courses under our NUR 300 Homework Help

NUR 306 Nursing Arts and Science

Nursing is an art and a science. As a science, it explains the work of a nurse. At the same time, art addresses the human connections, empathetic communications, and dedicated care and compassion that make nursing a critical aspect of healthcare. Therefore, NUR 306 Nursing Arts and Science introduce learners to the essential concepts and skills pertinent to the art and science of nursing.

Equally important, the nursing process is introduced as a problem-solving tool with scientific principles in teaching foundational nursing therapeutics used in most practice settings. To do this course, you must have completed all the major nursing courses with a minimum of grade C. If you need help in this course, it will help if you do not hesitate to contact our top-notch writers at Essay For All.

NUR 313 Foundations of Nursing

NUR 313 Foundations of Nursing equip students with relevant skills and knowledge to ensure culturally competent and holistic nursing care for individuals and communities. It stresses the principles of care, professional development, the nursing process, critical thinking, and therapeutic communication. As a result, this program remains critical in promoting individual health and well-being. Accordingly, it also ensures the competence of the nursing professionals to discharge quality healthcare services.

This course includes lectures, clinical, and simulated learning experiences. Additionally, it also meets the infection control requirements for professional licensing. The course requirements might overwhelm you as a student. For example, you have classes, clinical, and simulated learning experiences to attend to. Thus, it might prove challenging to attend to all these. However, it would help not to worry because Essay For All has you sorted through our professional services. You can contact us for quality solutions.

NUR 314 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric and mental health nursing demands an array of nursing, psychosocial, and neurobiological expertise. This course aims to promote well-being through prevention and education. Thus, it offers a complete approach to addressing such disabilities. It is also known as psychiatric nursing and provides care to persons with mental health disorders to help them recover and improve their quality of life. Accordingly, NUR 314 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing emphasize individual and family response to stress. The course focuses on theory-based psychiatric-mental health nursing practice. It also incorporates clinical experiences and lectures. To do this course, you need background training in NUR 231, NUR 316, NUR 336, and NUR 339.

NUR 321 Healthcare of Women and Children

The international medical corps consider women’s and children’s health a priority for healthy communities. Women serve as the foundation of both families and communities. As a result, their well-being is pivotal for the success of those around them. Therefore, protecting that well-being is challenging for women’s and children’s healthcare in most societies. Some organizations like International Medical Corps work with communities and local health agencies to improve the health of pregnant women.

The organization also contributes to better health outcomes by reducing common childhood illnesses. NUR 321 Healthcare of Women and Children builds on the theory and nursing practice concepts covered in the previous nursing courses. Generally, life processes focus on the developmental phases. For instance, it looks at different stages from conception to menopause. So, students utilize the nursing process to provide holistic care for women and children.

NUR 322 The Child Client

The program is primarily designed to help nursing professionals gain proper skills to handle children from birth to age 16. It is an elective course that equips nursing professionals with skills to handle kids below sixteen years in acute environments. Accordingly, this course introduces learners to critical philosophical concepts relating to pediatric care. So, at the end of this course, students should be able to explore the routine health problems and chronic and life-threatening illnesses that affect child clients.

However, to undertake this program, you must have completed NUR 117 or NUR 103 and enrolled in SC 391 or its equivalent. Dealing with child clients requires caution. As a result, nursing professionals should physically get down to a child’s level and give kids a helping role. Whenever you need help with NUR 322 The Client Child, look no further since Essay For All offers outstanding services.

NUR 322H Advanced Adult Health

NUR 322H Advanced Adult Health is a core program under our NUR 300 course. It covers concepts of significant health alterations. This course can prove complex, similar to other nursing courses. So, most learners get stranded with their homework. You know how that could be, especially if you have no one to consult. However, Essay For All exists to relieve you from such problems. Therefore, if you need help, we are at your service. Partnering with our professional tutors is the best you can do to make your academic journey rosier. You can email, text, or WhatsApp us to order your homework with us.

NUR 328 Clinical Pharmacology for Nursing

This course introduces students to pharmacology principles for the most medication classes used in treating diseases. Thus, the applications of these principles make it possible to apply the concepts in clinical decision-making to promote safe and effective patient care. Pharmacology is a foundational course in nursing.

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NUR 329 Child-Rearing Family Practice

NUR 329 Child-Rearing Family Practice stresses nursing processes used to promote health and support the adaptation of children, adolescents, and their families. Child rearing implies the methods used to bring up a child from birth through adulthood. Generally, communications, evaluations, and pharmacotherapeutic skills are the key emphasis.

Accordingly, it centers on clinical judgment in implementing therapeutic nursing interventions for pediatric clients in different settings. Child rearing practices aim to promote and support a child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development from infancy to adulthood. Essay For All becomes your ultimate destination if you are stuck with your assignments in this course.

NUR 336 Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice

Evidence-based Practice refers to integrating research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences. Thus, this strategy is critical in motivating nurses to provide individualized patient care. It is a proper tool in nursing for delivering high-quality patient care in numerous nursing specialties. Accordingly, it enables nurses to apply data-backed solutions incorporating clinical expertise and current research into proper decision-making approaches.

NUR 336 Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice offers the basis for integrating research and evidence-based practice into delivering quality nursing care. The course stresses how research, evidence, and data analytics result in acquiring skills, knowledge, and evidence-based practice to inform patient outcomes.

NUR 339 Global Health Promotion

NUR 339 Global Health Promotion means allowing people to increase control over and improve their health within the dynamic global context. The course offers a basic understanding of global health promotion concepts and issues. Specifically, it emphasizes infectious diseases, environmental issues, nutrition, and vulnerable groups. Based on its scope, this course also looks at the international health organizations and governmental policies to understand the global health policies. Therefore, this course requires students to read multiple health policies. So, assignments can prove tedious and challenging. However, our experts at Essay For All will be glad to serve you.

NUR 340 Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is a way of treating and caring for the patients as a whole body involving physical, social environment, psychological, cultural, and religious beliefs. Holistic nursing aims to nurture wholeness, peace, and healing by factoring in a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental concerns. Thus, it creates a conducive care environment where each other’s values and beliefs are respected.

NUR 340 Holistic Nursing also covers the essential theories and concepts related to holistic nursing. For instance, the course examines evidence-based practices of complementary and alternative therapies. It stresses the progressive and tolerant examination of diverse cultural and global integrative therapies. Finally, the program looks at the self as a healer and development of a recovery environment. Thus, it looks at these factors to ensure complete healing.

NUR 341 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals

The course help students develop detailed and integrative skills in using and understanding medical terminologies in healthcare settings. The course focuses on:

  • The concepts, suffixes, and prefixes
  • Respiratory, cardiac, and lymphatic systems
  • Digestive, urinary, and reproductive health
  • Endocrine, neuro, and sensory

This course champions self-paced programmed learning exercises, computer-assisted instructions, and audio pronunciation. So, upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to recognize, pronounce, and interpret medical terminology about the body’s systems and pathophysiology. For instance, it covers diseases, diagnosis and treatment, and terminology related to medical specialties.

NUR 344 Palliative Care Strategies

Palliative care means care for the terminally ill and their families, primarily offered by organized health services. NUR 344 Palliative Care Strategies cover concepts related to palliative care at the end of life. Thus, it stresses the nurse as a member of an interdisciplinary team and the relevance of attention to cultural factors affecting care at the end of life. However, currently, there exists a wide gap between the reality of the end of life care and the kind of care each would seek. The course serves as a guide for nurses. If you need help with your homework, we have you back.

NUR 345 Psychosocial Integrity: Behavioral/mental health nursing

Psychosocial integrity requires nurses to provide and guide nursing care that promotes and supports the emotional, mental, and social well-being of the client experiencing stressful events. Thus, it is an essential health need for all clients. Equally important, the course emphasizes patients’ behavioral/mental health needs across the lifespan.

It also assesses the principles, concepts, and best practices that guide nursing practices in various psychiatric facilities. So, the program examines the role of nurses within the healthcare team in identifying and treating various conditions. However, to undertake this course, you must have completed NUR 320. Essay For All has credible essay writers at your disposal to help you write quality essays within the stipulated timeframe.

NUR 347 Medical/Surgical Nursing

This course, NUR 347 Medical/Surgical Nursing, addresses the nursing care of an adult patient experiencing progressive health challenges. The nursing process and Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) principles offer direction to promote, restore, and maintain the health of medical-surgical patients in selected acute care settings. The second edition of medical nursing goes hand-in-hand with the first edition.

It adheres to the revised objectives of the profession. Therefore, it is a dynamic course covering the latest reviews to improve nursing practices. Accordingly, it ensures that the nursing career remains progressive and relevant to the needs of our current healthcare. Are you overwhelmed with your NUR 347 courses? If so, we can help you whenever you leverage our assignment writing services at Essay For All.

NUR 353 Professional Communication in Extraordinary Nursing Care

NUR 353 Professional Communication in Extraordinary Nursing Care stresses interpersonal, psychosocial, coaching, and public communication concepts. Practical communication skills remain pertinent in nursing. For instance, good communication makes it possible for nurses to approach every patient with the underlying intention to understand their concerns, experiences, and opinions.

Nursing involves verbal and non-verbal communication skills, active listening, and patient teach-back techniques. It also entails collaborating with other disciplines and organizations. Thus, it centers on health literacy, coaching, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competency in effective communication. Communication is core to every profession. As a result, nursing students must have proper communication skills to attend to varying patient needs.

NUR 357 Gerontology

Gerontology studies the aging process in individuals. For instance, it includes studying people’s physical, mental, and social changes as they age. It also examines societal changes emanating from the aging population and its implication for policies and programs. NUR 357 Gerontology assesses the physical, psychological, sociocultural, and spiritual aspects of aging. The course emphasizes health promotion, illness prevention, and the management of common disease processes of aging persons.

Equally important, this course also stresses end-of-life issues, care of dying individuals, and adaptations in providing nursing care to old persons. Therefore, this course also equips students with appropriate skills to care for old persons and how to handle them based on their unique needs. To undertake this program, you need background specialization in NUR 280, NUR 320, NUR 330, NUR 335, NUR 338, NUR 356, or NUR 450.

NUR 378H

Clinicians use clinical reasoning to diagnose and manage a patient’s problem. Thus, it is offered during the first semester to facilitate acquiring essential skills. It also has workshops to equip students with skills to consolidate and develop clinical competencies in a safe environment of the clinical skills laboratory and simulated learning setting.

This course is critical for NUR 382 and NUR 386. So, it serves as an essential program to help nursing professionals diagnose and manage different conditions in their patients. However, the good news is that you will no longer have to struggle with your essays and other homework tasks. Whenever you feel stuck with your nursing tasks, prioritize our professional services because we are the leading assignment writing platform.