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Are you aware that Essay For All offers the most credible human rights law assignment help? We thought you should know because most students leverage these services to make their academic pursuits rosier. It focuses on a range of legal issues affecting human rights. For example, it focuses on civil, political, economic, and social rights. Equally important, human rights law aims to protect all societal members from discrimination and abuse.

Therefore, students must comprehensively understand the meaning of human rights, their functionality, and how they differ from other areas of the law. The underlying principles of human rights law are the equal value possessed by all human beings, protection of individual freedoms and liberties, and equal treatment of all persons before the law. Thus, it is a critical area for law students. However, most students find it challenging to write their papers on this topic because it demands in-depth research.

A background understanding of human rights law

As the term suggests, human rights law assignments emphasize protecting individual rights and freedoms enshrined under the law. The 1945 United Nations Charter established the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Accordingly, it outlined principles regarded as fundamental rights applicable to all persons. In addition, the United Nations established the United Nations Human Rights Council to monitor human rights violations globally.

Thus, the council’s core mandate was to promote adherence and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Equally important, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) guarantees fundamental liberties to all persons in different geographical locations. So, it encompasses a broad category of legislation aimed at protecting the civil rights of all persons. As a result, assignments on this subject matter focus on ensuring that individuals adhere to the basic freedoms. At Essay For All, we offer human rights law assignment help to students like you.

Types of human rights law

Civil and political rights

The first in the category of the types of human rights are civil and political rights. International law also protects these rights. Examples include the right to life, security of person and liberty, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and freedom from arbitrary arrests and torture. As a result, civil and political rights apply to all the citizens of a given country without discriminating against them.

Accordingly, the citizens possess these rights concerning the government. Hence, this type of human rights allows learners to express their civil liberties and political rights as enshrined in the constitution. At Essay For All, we provide top-notch online human rights law assignment help services to make your academic journey more fulfilling. We acknowledge the homework burden students face; hence, we relieve that burden.

Economic, social, and cultural rights

The second category of human rights is the economic, social, and cultural rights guaranteeing individuals the right to access resources necessary to live a dignified life—for instance, the right to food, water, housing, health care, and education. As a result, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights considers it fundamental social rights indispensable for their dignity and development.

The core purpose of economic, social, and cultural rights is to safeguard each person’s ability to live a valuable life. For example, a life where they can engage in fulfilling work to make themselves happy, pursue education, and access quality health care. Most students find it challenging to write their homework on this topic due to a lack of knowledge. However, it would help if you did not worry because our human rights law assignment helpers at Essay For All have your back.

Essay themes in human rights law assignment help

These assignment papers may appear like simple essay questions on the surface. Still, they may require a student to deal with highly sophisticated theories and models such as health law and human rights, climate governance and citizen justice, and genocide in international law, among many other topics. For instance, a student may have to tackle four questions in these assignment papers, each of which is slightly different.

Nonetheless, the questions are primarily on axioms, which serve as the foundation for many human rights laws. In addition, these axioms require thorough analysis in light of current events at the national and international levels when they are supplied in an assignment paper. However, such delicate human rights concerns must be handled entirely, which requires a significant amount of time and effort on the part of the student. Contact our human rights law assignment helpers at Essay For All for the most up-to-date advice.

Human rights law assignment

Annotated bibliography

Human rights law essays endeavor to bring out a student’s investigative approach to questions or themes. Thus, annotated bibliography assignments on this topic require students to summarize the content from the used sources and grasp the comprehensive meaning of the sources, define the significance of using particular sources, and precisely outline the methodology used. Accordingly, students must demonstrate the precise framework used in their work and the credibility of their sources.

As a result, students specializing in this field must show an impeccable understanding of the course’s subject matter. In addition, they must engage in extensive research to write quality papers in this course. Most students find writing tediously; hence, they cannot write and deliver quality assignments. If you fall into this category, there is no need to worry. This is why Essay For All exists. Our human rights law assignment helpers will be glad to serve you.

Law reform research papers

Most law reform research papers require students to select a topic before its comprehensive analysis. As a result, students should avoid generalization by settling on specific issues. Accordingly, students should demonstrate why they decided on particular topics through precise ideas and supporting arguments. On the contrary, most students have various activities and other pending tasks, making it impossible to devote adequate time to such complex essays. So, we offer online human rights law assignment help to assist overwhelmed students write outstanding papers.

Unlike students, our team comprises professional writers with a detailed understanding of question requirements and different formatting standards required for law papers. Professors give essays with unique formats; hence, students should adhere to all these considerations to write quality papers. At Essay For All, we avail of crème de la crème writers who consistently deliver quality services. You can leverage our services to simplify your academic journey.

A Typical Format

Every homework task has a precise structure that learners should adhere to while writing their essays. A sample format for writing human right law homework include:


An introduction is an integral part of your paper since it gives a brief overview of the entire article. In addition, it explains the scope and purpose of the whole document. As a result, it should be precise to help readers understand the content of your writing. Finally, it should have a clear thesis statement as a roadmap for your entire paper. If you need more information on writing your introduction, our website has human rights law notes pdf to help you out.

International protections

Conduct an investigation and incorporate provisions from relevant international covenants or treaties into advocacy and lobbying efforts to assist the situation. Our expert human rights law assignment helpers describe the political background of the chosen topic and compare and contrast the national and international dimensions.

Federal protections on human rights law

The federal protections also have a part in the structuring of your essays or other assignments in this field. Accordingly, the allocated human rights law assignment help expert handling your paper highlight the basic federal protections and other statutes. Your papers begin from the international scale and narrow down to the home environment’s essential protections.

The author’s proposition

The author should offer a well-articulated argument to recommend and justify appropriate solutions. In addition, the writer should summarize the paper’s findings with concise comments on their applicability. This makes your task elaborate, convincing and justifying. At Essay For All, we have experts to help mitigate all these aspects.

Bibliographical information

This is the last section of your paper. As a standard academic rule, all academic essays must have citations and references from credible sources. Accordingly, you should use credible and authentic sources to justify your claims and assertions. If you have any problem with citations, leverage human rights law assignment help offered at Essay For All. Our teams will be glad to serve you.

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