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Essay For All is a trusted student partner offering high-quality, affordable history assignment help services.  The world enjoys a rich history.  Recording history in various forms helps to ensure that different generations can have a glimpse of the stages and occurrences that the world has undergone.

World history may also be related to cultural or political interactions in various countries.  There are notable occurrences in the world that are very significant and hence recorded for various reasons.  For instance, world wars are some of the events that are still commemorated by people to date based on their outcomes.  Based on our tutors, history addresses historical phenomena or past events cutting through national, regional, and cultural borders.

The core concepts in history

Generally, history studies the human past. So, history as an educational discipline focuses on past events and how some of these events inform our current practices. Thus, it is a crucial course in helping us to understand/reflect on our society’s past practices.

Equally important, it remains integral in enlightening our understanding of the present to contemplate our future. Most students pursue this course for various reasons. For instance, some students pursue history courses to gain an in-depth perspective of various activities that inform our history as a people.

Secondly, they also undertake this course as a career discipline. However, we must all agree that history has some challenging concepts that students cannot easily grasp. On the other hand, history as a subject demands a complete understanding of factual information from various historical sources in various formats, such as images, art, and documentaries. Some of the core concepts of history include:

Sources as a core historical concept

The primary purpose of historical concepts is to give us a thorough understanding of history. A source implies any documented or undocumented material data used to examine or gather information from the past. History focuses on past events, like:

  • World Wars
  • Civil wars
  • Colonization
  • The emergence of the women right’s movement.

However, our understanding of such pertinent issues does not emanate from our perceptions. As a result, we must rely on different materials where such information was recorded to grasp what transpired. We have various data sources. These include:

  • Primary data sources
  • Secondary data sources

The primary data sources can be magazines, documentaries, etc., recorded when the event occurred. Thus, it remains integral in giving us exact data about what happened. On the other hand, we can also obtain historical information from secondary sources to gain more insight into past events.

At Essay For All, we have experienced online tutors. As a result, they can help you gather accurate historical facts to understand past events. Additionally, we use credible and recommended scholarly sources to write every paper you order with us. Whenever you leverage our history assignment help, you are entitled to such benefits at nominal rates.

Continuity and change concepts

The second key historical concept is change. Accordingly, the underlying theme in history is to understand past events. However, it does not stop here. The subject further evaluates past aspects that remain relevant in our modern-day society. It also looks at the changes that have occurred from past to present. As a result, historians argue that some things are subject to change while others do not exhibit any form of change.

Consequently, every civilization in world history has some of these aspects. For instance, most societies/ histories have transformed from the past to the present. Various factors, including civilization, have exacerbated these changes. Historians consider the different aspects of the past that have remained relatively the same over time as continuity. On the other hand, the past aspects that have remained the same are perceived as change. Contact us for history assignment help.

Evidence concepts

Evidence is another crucial concept covered in history. Generally, it focuses on information from different sources for a particular research or task. History or any other scholarly discipline requires scholarly inquiry. Hence, this concept requires students to explore issues and practices through a thorough information gathering process and analysis to have theoretically-grounded and empirically-based findings.

So, you need historical evidence to develop a compelling argument to support a particular hypothesis. Equally important, you need robust and convincing historical evidence to affirm or dismiss a particular conclusion. Similarly, you can gather evidence from various scholarly materials like:

  • Newspapers
  • Documents
  • Artwork
  • Paintings
  • Stones

Secondly, you can collect evidence from different scholarly sources to inform your inquiry. However, you must also acknowledge that evidence remains crucial in every scholarly task you undertake. It tells your reader where you obtained information to support your claims.

Significance as a historical concept 

As the term suggests, “significance” implies the importance of particular events that occurred in the past. History studies the past to inform our present and the future. For example, in learning history, we gain insights into past leaders’ mistakes.

In doing so, we become better informed to avoid repeating similar mistakes. Similarly, history focuses on past occurrences. However, as we examine the past incidences/events, we must try to unravel the positive things that transpired due to such happenings.

In addition, we can also look at the significance of individuals, events, discoveries, historical monuments, migrations, etc. Equally important, you can only understand the significance of a particular historical occurrence by understanding its impact on the people, society, or the global community. At Essay For All, we offer online history homework help & answers to help you get a better perspective of these aspects.

Learning history has numerous benefits, whether locally, regionally, or globally.  For instance, it helps people learn about the world around them.  Some successes or failures may exist in a region or amongst some people that later generations may not understand.  However, referring to history offers deeper insights and evidence about certain occurrences.

History also promotes understanding among people.  Immigration has a long history.  Most people left their native lands to settle in new regions for various reasons.  The interactions in new regions were of different cultures.  Based on the reason for migration and the understanding thereof, the people can understand each other and enhance understanding among them.

Our history assignment helps tutors insist on the need for history for people to understand present issues.  Good knowledge of history also enables individuals, organizations, and communities to learn from mistakes, understand identity, become inspired, and develop whole rounded people.


Empathy is a critical historical concept since it makes us human enough to appreciate and acknowledge various things that happened at particular intervals. Human beings are central to every historical event that happens. Hence, they serve as either the propellers of such events or the recipients of the effects. Thus, the concept of empathy remains core in aiding our understanding of how specific historical events influenced particular individuals or groups in given locations.

It implies acknowledging and appreciating various situations that individuals encountered in their lifetime. In addition, it also recognizes the values, attitudes, and motives behind every form of action. Most people argue that empathy implies fitting in the shoes of others to understand their experience better when particular incidences happen. We acknowledge the centrality of history to our existence. However, most students struggle with assignments. The good news is that our services cover history assignments for college students.


The concept focuses on interpreting and vividly explaining historical events. As a result, it serves a critical role in history because the discipline is subject to debates. Therefore, people come up with different arguments and propositions and use particular pieces of evidence to support their arguments. History has no correct or wrong answers. So, for people to believe in your answer, it will help if you develop compelling arguments and explanations to support your assertion.

Equally important, the contestability of this discipline makes it open to new knowledge. For instance, historians will always research to build on the existing paradigms. Thus, it remains core in facilitating a better understanding of past events. Secondly, the concept allows historians to interpret historical facts based on their perceptions of events. Generally, this concept insinuates history as an open book for researchers to write their unique views, provided they adequately justify their claims.

Cause and effect

The final concept covered in this course is cause and effect. It implies the framework used to ascertain the short- and long-term chain of events and development. As a result, this concept enhances our analysis and examination of various reasons behind the occurrence of a particular historical event and the final impact. History also looks at perspectives focusing on various points of view or a fixed point from which individuals base their understanding of particular events.

In most cases, perspectives depend on age, gender, societal beliefs, and values. Over the years, Essay For All has remained the ultimate destination for learners who need assistance with their history assignments. We believe you can also partner with our experts to get impeccable solutions. Our experts know what it takes to deliver A+ papers. So, we have your back whenever you need assistance. Contact our history assignment helpers for prompt assistance.

Significant aspects of world history

The world wars

The world experienced two main international conflicts, one between 1914 and 1918 and the second War between 1939 and 1945.  World War I was more successful because of the technological advances supported by the Second Industrial Revolution.  Hence, there was significant production of military hardware.

Germany’s invasion of Poland marked the onset of World War II on 1st September 1939.  The main powers that engaged in the War were Japan, Italy, and Japan attacking the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain, and France.

The most damaged country during the Second World War was the Soviet Union, which recorded 22 to 27 million deaths.  The countries that participated in the wars also experienced significant losses apart from the death of their citizens.  For instance, bombing destroyed well-built cities, destroyed railroads, and bridges.

The Great Depression

Economic recession is not new in America and other parts of the world.  History reveals that the greatest and longest economic recession witnessed in the world happened between 1929 and 1941.  The period started after the crash of the stock market.  The happening was triggered by inadequate action by the monetary authorities concerning federal reserves, leading to a reduced money supply that caused the banking crisis.

Based on our history homework helpers, the great depression had significant economic impacts such as deflation, reduced economic growth, the decline in people’s living standards, failure of the banking sectors, and reduced world trade. Businesses could not thrive in the great depression because of the target market’s overproduction of goods and under-consumption.

Besides, business failure resulted from the rising tariff wars, increased unemployment cases, and banks’ refusal to finance business operations.  However, the onset of the Second World War supported the healing of nations from the great depression.

For instance, many adults joined the armed forces while others went for related defense jobs.  After being appointed president, President Roosevelt also implemented various measures by signing the new deal to ensure an end to the great depression.

The civil rights movement

Based on Essay For All Tutors, the civil rights movement is a combination of various political movements that sought equality which existed during the 1960s.  The movements were mostly nonviolent, and the protesters engaged in peaceful resistance.  The main aim of the civil rights movement was fighting for equality in civil rights.

The people also ganged up in the movement to protest against discrimination and racial segregation against racial minority groups.  Racism and discrimination have a long history in the United States.  But by referring to the United States history, the racial minority took action to condemn the experienced discrimination through social movements.

The involved protesters and the civil rights movement received significant opposition from the government, and even most of them were assassinated in the process.  The persistence of minority groups in the fight for equality later became fruitful.

If there were no civil rights movements and active protests, racism, and discrimination would be widespread, with most people suffering under the white community.  History also outlines the challenges the racial minority experienced in the years back.  Hence, the information helps people to avoid facing similar or related effects.

The age of exploration

The Age of Exploration or the discovery age is when Europeans started exploring the world using sea transport.  The exploration was to discover new trading routes, knowledge, and wealth.  The period happened between the 15th and 16th centuries and extended into the 17th century.

The discovery venture resulted in various outcomes, some of which were positive while others were negative.  With the pursuit of trade routes, increased trade exchanges between Europe and the colonies resulted in new animals, plants, and food.  Besides, the exploration resulted in new and improved methods of mapping and navigation.  Due to the demand for increased labor in the massive plantations, there was the growth of the slave trade, whereby the enslaved people were used as a source of labor.

Among the major motivations for the Age of Exploration was the desire and search for valuable minerals such as gold and silver.  The age of discovery was marked by various ethnic groups, such as Italians, Spanish, and Portuguese, who encountered various discoveries.

The Age of Exploration plays an important role in world history.  It also affected geography based on how the explorers determined trade routes and gained entrance into various nations.  History can also be used to explain the presence of certain flora and fauna within particular geographical locations.

The French revolution

When addressing world history, you will likely come across the French revolution.  It is an event that happened between 1789 and 1799, which resulted in the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.  The revolution comprised various events. According to our history assignment helpers, the period was marked by the uprooting of ancient institutions like the feudal and monarchy system and also the altering of the political landscape by the French citizens.

The main cause of the French revolution was the people’s discontent with the economic policies enforced by King Louis XVI and the French aristocracy.  There are various outcomes of the French revolution.  For instance, it resulted in the establishment of modern democracies whereby people had free will.

Though democracy is what most countries would want, without clear historical knowledge of the French revolution, the people may not appreciate the importance of having democratic leadership.  History also helps the people and other generations to know and appreciate the effort made by others to ensure that the country enjoys a democratic regime.

The Renaissance

Renaissance is a French word that stands for rebirth.  It was the time during European civilization that resulted in the revival of classical learning and wisdom.  The two main scholars that resulted in the Renaissance were Francesco Petrarch and Dante Alighieri.  The rebirth took a long time; hence, it is categorized into 3 main periods; the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries.

Based on our history assignment help tutors, the Renaissance played a critical role in bridging the gap between the middle ages and contemporary civilization.  Some people recorded as geniuses or intellectuals during the rebirth period are unlimited to; Galileo, René Descartes, Erasmus, and Titian.  Over the years, people may be using articles written by some people related to the Renaissance period.

For better understanding, referring back to the happenings back in the day helps readers in the present and even years to understand the context of the writings.  In the 14th century, humanism emerged as a cultural movement in Italy.  The movement thrived on various principles, and the basic belief was that man was at the center of his universe.

Hence, it is vital for people to embrace human achievements in various areas unlimited, including science, literature, classical arts, and education.  There are various achievements made by the intellectuals of the time.

For instance, Filippo Brunelleschi was an architect associated with the professional design of significant buildings with expansive domes.  Having history enables people to understand the origin of concepts used in different areas of life and some of the people who started the ideas.

The world and each country have a history to celebrate.  Good history documentation helps generations to generations have detailed information about past events.  Though history is a wide discipline with multiple topics, our online history assignment help will make your work easier.  Book Essay For All professional tutors to work on your assignments as your prepare for your exams for the best performance.

History Topics

History is a broad specialization because it covers various aspects of events that occurred in the past. As a result, it also has a broader scope because it covers different topics to inform the same happenings. The good news is that Essay For All has professional online tutors to help you write your history assignments whenever you need help.

Some history topics cover almost similar aspects but focus explicitly on different themes. As a result, students will likely get confused due to limited knowledge to understand history assignment ideas. However, with our experts by your side, your academic journey will be rosier. Some of the topics covered under our history assignment help include, but are not limited to:

Social history

History covers various topics. However, our best custom writers at Essay For All can assist you with different history assignment topics. Generally, social history focuses on social structures and interactions between various societal groups. It stresses the social aspects of a people. For example, it studies the livelihood of ordinary community members. Accordingly, the course also examines the social aspects that define livelihoods in these societies.

So, it is an integral topic in history since human beings are always central to particular historical happenings. Thus, it aims to give a general understanding at the individual level. Equally important, it also looks at specific social groups within societies and their influence. Therefore, history assignments on this topic emphasize the social changes in society. Are you facing any difficulties with your assignments on this topic? If yes, then we have your back through our exemplary service.

Political history

Generally, political history helps us understand and critically examine various contemporary challenges and changes. It also explores the changing economic, social, and cultural structures as necessities for triggering policy. Equally important, the world has witnessed different political changes over the years. Some political structures have remained relatively the same while others have changed. So, it looks at the political formations, systems, and policy changes over the years.

Similar to every course, students specializing in political history must write assignments. However, some students lack time to complete their pending tasks, especially those who study and have part-time jobs. Additionally, some course concepts might prove complex to understand. This is where we come in. We offer online history homework help to assist you in writing your papers. Our professional tutors can help you write outstanding coursework within the stipulated timeframe.

Economic history

Another crucial topic covered under our history assignment help is economic history. Economic history strives to understand historical events by considering the economic processes. It originated in 1776 through the activities of Adam Smith, who published a book on “The nature and causes of the wealth of nations.” Generally, it studies how the past economies have changed and the pertinent factors influencing economic development.

So, it plays a vital role in helping us understand various economic practices that defined past societies. As a result, this topic focuses on practical questions about real economies. Are you in need of history experts to help you write your coursework? We know you need assistance. If you are reading this article, you are on the right platform. We have the best writers not found elsewhere to assist you in writing your assignments. You can check history assignment samples to gauge our writing standards.

Cultural history

Cultural history examines society through the lens of values, beliefs, norms, and customs that defined past societies. As a result, they delve into the details of society by evaluating the beliefs of the minority groups. For instance, the cultural history of the United States addresses racial segregationist practices against minority groups. It also looks at the various belief system that differentiates these minority groups from mainstream societies.

Equally important, cultural history also looks at artistic and cultural objects that defined lives in past communities. So, they consider :

  • Past societies’ attitudes
  • Values
  • Assumptions
  • Prejudices
  • Rituals

Cultural history remains vital since it shapes our understanding of the world. Consequently, it aids our understanding of the past cultural aspects and how society has transformed over time. Coursework on this topic involves interpreting various cultures and how they have changed civilization. Visit our website for history assignment examples.

Military history

Our education curriculum prioritizes assignments as the fundamental tool to gauge students’ understanding. As a result, students must acknowledge the “importance of history assignments” in their academic life. One of the core topics under history is military history. Generally, military history is the history of wars and armed forces. The world has experienced various protracted and short-term conflicts. As a result, wars are considered part and parcel of human nature.

Similarly, this topic also looks at the military developments over the years. For example, countries have transitioned from informal military groups to organized military bases. Therefore, this topic remains core in bringing various strategic decisions about war and peace into perspective.

It also shows how a polity’s public and national narrative changes with time. Our history assignment helpers are the most sought-after in the writing industry. As a result, they can help you in writing impeccable qualities.

Types of History Assignments

Our aim as a writing service is education nurturing. As a result, we strive to be a one-stop platform for all your writing needs. Accordingly, our professional online tutors can help you write various types of history papers, as discussed below:

Assignment Type Description
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History essay writing Our education system stresses assignments. As a result, learners must complete coursework within the agreed duration. Contrariwise, most students find it challenging to complete their assignments. Thus, our history homework helpers can assist you in writing your papers.
History research papers As a student, you must complete a research paper during your course of study. In addition, you must write such tasks. So, we offer online assistance through our pool of experts to help you complete your pending tasks without struggles. We can perfectly tackle your history papers to deliver A+ grades.
Assistance with history homework Finally, we can help you get complete assistance with history homework whenever you need professional assistance. Our best custom writers can help you complete any history coursework you might have at any time.

History Assignment Help

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