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Choose Essay For All top tutors today and enjoy first-class health promotion nursing assignment help services at affordable rates. Health promotion entails educating and allowing people to increase control over and enhance their health. It also entails a public policy focusing on health determinants like quality working conditions, employment, food security, housing and income.

The prevalence of various diseases and infections in the community increases demands for the need to have active health promotion programs to promote healthy people. According to our expert tutors, health promotion programs help engage and empower individuals and the community to select healthy behaviours and avoid risky habits or behaviours that can make them highly susceptible to chronic diseases.

Though people may have slight awareness about healthy behaviours, health promotion helps ensure enhanced awareness of ways of enjoying healthy lives. Our competent tutors work around the clock to ensure that nursing students can access our top-notch health promotion nursing assignment help services at any time. Place your order now!!!

General overview of health promotion

According to Essay For All Tutors, health promotion is a social science based on multiple disciplines such as medical, physical, psychological, environmental and biological sciences to prevent diseases and promote health while also preventing premature death through educating people on healthy behaviour and habits.

Hence, well-established community, institutional, group, individual and systemic approaches must be established to enhance people’s behaviour, skills, attitudes and health knowledge. Some people suffer poor health because of a lack of knowledge on ways to ensure good health. That is why the increased health promotion programs supported by the health sector aim to impact the health behaviour of people and communities positively. Some of the importance of health promotion include;

  • Reduction of healthcare costs that would other side be used in the treatment of diseases
  • It also helps in preventing or minimization of premature deaths
  • Improves life quality of people
  • Enhances the health status of the nation, states, communities, families and individuals

Principles of health promotion

Multiple principles dictate the process and procedures involved in health promotion. Some of them based on Essay For All specialists include;

Reorientation of health services                                                              

In health promotion, there are various organizations, including youth organizations. The involvement of youths has helped to advocate for the provision and development of health services that can serve the health needs of the youths and the young people. The organizations have also effectively ensured increased awareness and advocacy for adolescent-friendly health services for the young population. Remaining silent over crucial health issues may make the health sector insensitive to some people’s problems. Therefore, health promotion becomes integral in using the affected populations to express their demands.

Delivering public health policy

The society faces various health-related issues. For instance, there have been ever-increasing cases of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS among related sexual health diseases. Our health promotion nursing assignment help professionals highly recommend developing health-related policies to support and promote the health of affected people with specific health-related challenges. If a community is faced with increased cases of alcohol consumption among the youths and also adults, there can be the formulation of a national alcohol policy to address the health of the target and affected population.

Empowerment of community action

Essay For All top tutors recommend having alliances and partnerships with various sectors and organizations that can help influence the health of people within the community. In this case, the formed groups may unite to address the health needs of the identified affected population.

Creation of a supportive environment

The active population at risk of various preventable diseases is the youth. Poor health habits and lifestyles increase their chances of contracting some diseases. In health promotion, investment in youth organizations becomes very important. If there is a safe and secure social and physical environment, such youth-based organizations can give young people a chance to express their health concerns and needs. In the process, the session or platforms can be suitable for health education and awareness.

Health promotion for older adults

Based on Essay For All Tutors, older adults are highly vulnerable to chronic diseases. Most have reported cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and stroke. Once affected by these health complications, there are high chances of incurring high healthcare costs, disability, and even death. Alzheimer’s syndrome and dementia are prevalent as age advances.

Since part of the ageing population is from an ethnic minority, they face various challenges in ensuring access to quality care. In this case, health promotion becomes essential for the population. It can support healthy living, awareness of healthy practices, and prevention measures for certain health complications. Among older people, health promotion has significant benefits for their health, such as;

  • Supports physical activity programs important in minimization of the risk of arthritis pain and dementia
  • Offering lifestyle change programs to lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Increase awareness of diverse clinical preventive services like blood sugar testing, cancer screenings and blood pressure checks.
  • Increases early diagnosis and assessment, prevention and risk reduction of chronic disease

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The role of good governance in health promotion

Good governance has an essential role in health promotion. It helps mainstream health in all policies while addressing the differences in disability status, socioeconomic status, sexuality and gender, among the leading factors in health inequities. There are various characteristics of good governance in healthcare. Some of them include involvement, transparency of information and communication and accountability.

That is why our health promotion nursing assignment help professionals insist that good health system governance should entail a transparent and open policy process, have an operational capacity of government planning, active participation of citizens, and uphold high levels of accountability and responsiveness. Good health promotion governance helps address the challenge of health inequities and other barriers to access to healthcare. Register for our online assignment help services for deeper insights.

Role of nutrition in health promotion

A population that aims to live healthily and lower their risk of exposure to multiple diseases must consider various approaches, including good nutrition. Good nutrition promotes good immunity, hence making a person resistant to most diseases. It not only increases life quality but also prevents premature death. Through health promotion, people understand the importance of a good lifestyle with healthy eating patterns.

In the process,  it is easy to avoid the risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Poor or uncontrolled eating patterns result in most cases of cancers, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Undernutrition is when a person fails to get the nutrients that the body requires for normal functioning. That means that people should stay under-nutrition and under-nutrition. Taking adequate amounts of food is very important. Get our professional health promotion nursing assignment help services online for deeper insights.

Health promotion activities in communities

There are various types of activities used in health promotion. The exercises can ensure successful disease prevention and wellness programs when well implemented. Some of the activities include;

Policy, systems and Environment

Among the different health promotion activities are policy, environment and systems. It entails promoting systematic changes to encourage avail and support healthy choices. The policies and the changes can be made through improving regulations, rules and laws.


Education is an integral element of health promotion activities. In this case, there is specific health–related information that the public doesn’t know. Hence, health educators promote good health by educating the community. The main aim is to drive positive, healthy behaviours through diverse approaches such as support groups, training and short courses.


Health promotion mainly depends on good communication. The main message communicated concerns healthy behaviours. The choice of the communication channel should ensure reaching out to a broader population. Common communication channels include newsletters, mass media campaigns, health fairs and public service announcements.

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