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Essay For All is the destination for high-grade environmental health nursing assignment help services. The environment has a significant impact on people’s health and overall well-being. Various aspects of human life depend on the state of the environment since it determines people’s way of life, the type of food consumed, and also the general social interactions of people.

Environmental health is beyond clean air and water, as some people may think. Multiple environmental factors can trigger health-related risks in a person. According to our tutors, environmental health is the health aspects controlled by various environmental factors. Most students encounter significant challenges in finding the relationship between health and the environment.

Hence, it becomes challenging to complete their environmental health nursing homework effectively. However, we have the best and most experienced tutors in environmental health. Anytime you seek our professional guidance, be confident of getting top-notch environmental health nursing assignment help solutions.

The main environmental aspects affecting human health

Various factors determine a person’s health status related to the environment. Based on our environmental health nursing assignment help tutors, the factors encompass;

Hazardous material management

Increased careless disposal of industrial and household waste poses a significant risk to the environment and people’s health. Untreated waste disposal to the environment will likely contact people in different ways, direct or indirect. That is why it is always essential for households, industries, and factories to understand the most environmentally friendly methods of disposing of forms.

Besides, treating the wastes, especially the toxic ones, before releasing them into the environment becomes very important. If there are disposal areas, people should minimize such land use or avoid using water from the surrounding areas due to the high risk of the water harming their health. Some carcinogenic wastes disposed of by companies are responsible for different types of cancer among people.

Air and water pollution, on the other hand, air and water pollution has contributed to various cases of waterborne illnesses and respiratory diseases. Health and healthcare givers should continue sensitizing people and corporations on promoting environmental safety and conservation. Get deeper insights from our environmental health nursing assignment helpers.

Food safety

According to our environmental health nursing assignment help professionals, various environmental health programs help track spoiled and contaminated food that contributes to illnesses and limit the public’s consumption of the foods. Foodborne illnesses break out because of gaps in food safety practices. The health sector implements various initiatives to control or prevent foodborne diseases.

In environmental health, food safety is very integral. It helps prevent food contamination by bacteria which may result in wide-ranging conditions. Environmental health professionals are always on the run, mitigating the possibility of food contamination due to various environmental factors to cause foodborne diseases.

Air quality

The nature and the purity of the air people breathe determines their health. That means environmental pollution from diverse sources will likely lower air quality. People should implement various initiatives to increase the air’s purity while minimizing air pollution. One factor that commonly affects air purity while causing health risks is cigarette smoking. Both active and passive smokers suffer the health effects of cigarette smoke.

Health effects of exposure to secondhand smoke vary from infants to children and among adults. In adults, the smoke may result in lung cancer, ischemic heart disease, and stroke. Cigarette smoke may cause middle ear infections, respiratory infections, and asthma among children.

Secondhand exposure to smoke in infants causes sudden unexpected death in infancy and low birth weight. Some factories eject industrial smoke into the air. Untreated wastes results in increased health concerns. Find more information by contacting our environmental health nursing homework help specialists.


Based on Essay For All Tutors, suitable housing with good ventilation and drainage helps in supporting good health. Too hot or too cold houses may pose health risks to people therein. Jails and prisons are other types of housing or shelters that predispose people to health risks. Some diseases or health complications are solvable by ensuring proper housing with the right temperature, and lighting, among other factors.

People should consider well-built and well-maintained houses with reduced or no health-related risk when selecting houses. Primarily, cold and damp housing is associated with excess mortality. Overcrowding in homes also is associated with high rates of infectious diseases.

Climate change

In recent decades, the effects of climate change have been experienced on a global scale. Climate change has resulted in different health complications due to disruption perceived in the ecosystem. There are various health-related concerns associated with climate change. According to our environmental health nursing assignment doers, such diseases include heat stroke, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, and giardiasis.

Global warming is also a climatic change experienced and harms people. For instance, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may cause eye cataracts, non-melanoma skin cancer, and melanoma. However, reduced exposure to ultraviolet light causes osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and rickets because of vitamin D deficiency.

Biological safety

Biological safety addresses human health concerns and also ecological issues affecting human health. The main objective of biological safety is following strict guidelines on safeguarding people and the environment from exposure to various natural hazards having devastating health impacts. For instance, exposure to lead can cause increased blood pressure among adults. However, children may suffer behavioral problems and developmental delays. Other present hazardous wastes in the environment can cause dermatitis, burns, and poisoning.

The importance of environmental health

Human safety and emotional well-being are directly related to healthy environments. Therefore, supporting a healthy environment while constantly caring for it, even for future generations, is essential. There are numerous benefits of environmental health. According to our environmental health nursing assignment helpers, good care and concern for the environment;

Limits global warming

Global warming results because of poor environmental measures by people through their operations. Currently, the world is suffering a gradual rise in global temperatures. However, specific measures should be taken to slow down the effect and find long-term solutions. Understanding the cause of global warming, such as the effect of human activities, is the first step, and also the emissions from fossil fuel companies. In this case, reducing industrial wastes and emissions will help individuals and organizations enhance environmental health while minimizing the global warming effect.

Increases biodiversity and habitat protection

Biodiversity, in this case, means human beings, animals, and plants. Protection of habitats ensures constant flow and availability of clean resources such as food, water, and air. In this case, limiting the high risks of getting health complications associated with polluted resources becomes very easy.

Improves life quality and length

Good shelter, hygienic and clean water, and food are among the basics for improved health. It reduces the chances of people suffering from diseases related to consumption of contaminated food. Hence, it is vital to support a clean environment to increase life expectancy and overall quality of life.

Minimize risk of disease.

Destruction or contamination of the environment increases the risk of wide-ranging diseases. However, supporting a good and safe environment lowers such chances. That is why people should have environmental health awareness to prevent disease outbreaks and reduce disease burden actively.

Diverse environmental principles that impact environmental health

The integration principle

The principle suggests that environmental protection should be incorporated into other policy areas to promote sustainable development. Hence, the government has a critical role to play in environmental protection.

The polluter pays principle.

According to the principle, any person who causes pollution should incur the costs of the damage caused and for any required remedy. It is one way of encouraging environmental management by various people since they must be accountable for their actions.

The prevention principle

In this case, preventive approaches are very integral in preventing environmental destruction before it happens. Therefore, people must know how certain activities affect environmental sustainability. The people respond by taking necessary actions to mitigate the negative impacts by taking suitable approaches even before the happening.

The precautionary principle

Based on our environmental health nursing homework doers, the precautionary principle insists on risk management where there is uncertainty concerning the environmental outcomes of a given action.

Recommended approaches in supporting environmental health

There are several factors that people may use to promote a healthy environment. Some of them include reduction, reuse, and recycling. The increase in industries has been attributed to the increased accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air. People should not only plant trees that will use carbon dioxide and regulate their environmental levels but also seek alternative ways of creating a balance in the gas levels.

According to Essay For All experts, people should be cautious of the products they use. Not all products are fit for human consumption. Heavy chemicals contaminate some and hence may cause serious health risks to a person.

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