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You can get top-notch Environmental Health Nursing Assignment Help from our professional tutors at Essay For All. Generally, environmental health nurse roles entail the identification of different issues within the environment that can influence health and well-being. So, these nurses work to ascertain those issues using various tactics to improve the health of a particular group in an area. Equally important, they work hand-in-hand to curb injuries and other adverse impacts that environmental factors pose to human health.

Environmental health nursing professionals regularly monitor and assess the environment to ensure public safety from the adverse effects of environmental factors or exposure to particular environmental hazards. Climate change continues to be an issue of concern in the modern era. It affects almost every sector, including human lives. This is where environmental health professionals come in. The underlying job duties of environmental health nurses include the following:

  • First, environmental health nurses are responsible for identifying potential issues in an environment associated with poor health or deteriorating health impact on patients or population in a given area
  • Secondly, they are responsible for initiating programs and initiatives to mitigate environmental health risks to human lives
  • Environmental health nurses provide educational materials to people at high risk of specific environmental impacts. These educational materials are pivotal in teaching them how to tackle such situations
  • They also conduct follow-up studies to assess if the risks are still present or not
  • Finally, environmental health nurses develop charts and reports to capture the findings in a given study to help understand certain ecological risks. The nature of their work necessitates the need to collaborate with public health officials to understand particular health risks in a given population and devise appropriate and relevant solutions to address them

A background understanding of environmental health nursing, as described by our Environmental Health Nursing Assignment Help experts at Essay For All

Generally, environmental health nurses work in different settings. For instance, they can work in a community or a work setting. Those discharging their duties in work settings strive to enhance the health and safety of the workforce in that given environment. Likewise, those working in a community setup focus on improving the health and safety of a population group in a given society. Their work is office-based, but they are also frequent in the field, gathering samples to assess an area’s prevalent environmental risk factors.

The environment is among the traditional nursing concepts since nurses practice within an environment. In addition, patients do their routine activities within an environmental setting. For this reason, it becomes imperative for nurses to assist patients in creating healthy environments where individuals, families, groups, and communities can live comfortably. Therefore, this course covers the following key areas:

  • Environmental health course seeks to help students pursuing this course to understand the meaning and significance of environmental health
  • Secondly, the course seeks to assist environmental health nurses in understanding why they are involved in environmental health issues
  • Finally, it outlines the underlying principles guiding the practice and the entire profession

The environment is a core determinant of individual and public health in every setting. Studies outline that the environment, human behavior, genetics, biological factors, and the entire healthcare system contributes to the health and diseases affecting residents in a particular area. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines environmental health as a human health component determined by an environment’s physical, chemical, biological, and psychosocial aspects.

Some scholars also define environmental health as liberty from diseases and injury. This means that the entire concept of environmental health focuses on a safe ecological system guaranteeing the safety and well-being of the population groups in such areas.

Further insights about environmental health nursing

Environmental health nursing implies assessing and initiating measures to correct, control, and mitigate ecological factors that adversely impact people’s health. The environment encompasses our surroundings. As a result, it means everything around us. For example, it includes the air we inhale, water, trees, animals, etc. Unfortunately, our interactions with our surroundings are also sophisticated due to environmental hazards, threatening our well-being and general quality of life.

People are constantly in contact with an environment as long as they are alive. Equally important, our environment defines who we are based on the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, etc. This implies that we rely on our environment for almost everything. So, if we use polluted water or drink contaminated water, our health becomes at risk. The following reasons justify why nurses are part and parcel of environmental health:

  • Nurses are part and parcel of environmental health because nurses’ roles entail providing a safe environment for the communities.
  • Secondly, nurses comprise the most significant percentage of healthcare workers. As a result, they work and interact with different cultures. As a result, they can serve as trustable information sources for different groups.
  • Furthermore, nurses, especially environmental health nurses, are professionals trained in environmental health issues. For this reason, they conduct environmental health assessments to understand particular ecological health risks. They also perform follow-up studies to ascertain whether the risks are still present. Public health officials can use such insights to inform public health policy and define intervention measures.
  • Nurses are also integral in translating scientific health research into formats that the general public can understand. In most cases, they distribute such literature to at-risk communities to help them know how to take care of themselves.

The critical role of nurses in environmental health, as described by our Environmental Health Nursing Assignment Helpers

The overall concept of care revolves around nurses’ capabilities in providing care to diverse populations. Thus, we can affirm that nurses have been at the frontline in providing safe and healthy environments. In the 1860s, Nightingale stated that nurses are in every setting where the human population exists. For example, environmental nurses work in schools, communities, hospitals, etc. Each of these settings has environmental hazards likely to jeopardize the life quality and well-being of persons residing in these regions.

As a result, nurses focus on creating an ecological system where people can thrive. Nursing is top-rated as the most ethical profession in countries like the United States. In this regard, nurses are trusted as sincere professionals whose insights can help policymakers initiate suitable policies to address public and environmental health issues.

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