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A background understanding of contract law

The word contract originates from the Latin word “contractus,” which means to draw together. Thus, a contract implies an agreement between two or more parties recorded in writing and signed by the involved parties or their representatives. Similarly, the signed terms should impact the lives of the involved parties. For instance, when you enter into a contract, you promise to do something for another person/party in exchange for something else.

For example, if an individual offers to sell something, the contract requires them to deliver on that offer if another party agrees to buy their product/service. This shows that each party must have an obligation towards the other in contract law. Equally important, a person’s word becomes their bond in contract law. Contract law covers a broad area. As a result, offers contract law assignment help to alleviate your homework burden.

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How to form a contract

A contract means an agreement between two or more parties. Equally important, a contract can be about buying or selling a commodity, giving money in exchange for goods or services, or promising something to a person. Thus, contracts are everywhere.

However, contract law provides a set of rules or regulations governing contract formation and enforcement. All parties must agree on the terms and conditions written down in a contract document or memorandum to form a contract. The primary necessities in contract formation:

An offer

An offer insinuates vast content that includes the conditions and problems they need another party to consider when it agrees to those terms. Therefore, their offer should be acknowledged and understood. For instance, a person/business makes an offer when one party shows their willingness to enter into a contract with another party for particular goods or services at a specific price.

Accordingly, the parties have the free will to revoke or withdraw the offer before the other party accepts it. However, after an offer has been made and accepted, it becomes a binding agreement on both parties and cannot be withdrawn unless there was some fraud or mistake, such as typos, while making the offer. Our website has contract law assignment helpers to guide you through and help you write your essays. So, we encourage students like you to partner with our professional writers.


The second component that must be present for an offer to be formed is acceptance. Therefore, if the next party fails to counter the offer or recommend certain changes on the terms and conditions placed forth by the initial party and the offer is approved, the agreement is made. As a result, all the parties must adhere to the legal documents requirement and signs to show their acceptance.

In addition, accepting the contract requires communication between the involved parties illustrating their willingness to agree mutually. An example of an offer is when an individual sends an email showing that I will sell you my house at $350,000. This constitutes an offer because they offer their house for sale to willing buyers at a recommended price. In some instances, students get confused. However, it would be best if you worry not because our online contract law assignment help has you sorted.


Contract law has an obligation where two or more parties agree to provide something to the opposite party. For example, if the producer has some items for sale, the buyer gives some cash to the producer to buy their items. The same applies to all contracts since one party must give something to the other. In a nutshell, a consideration implies something that a party gives in exchange for something else.

It can be in the form of money or an offer to do something in the future. As a result, consideration must be adequate, lawfully acceptable, and bargained for. In addition, it also implies that the involved parties act voluntarily without undue influence. Equally important, the consideration must relate to the subject matter of the contract. The consideration must also be real. Therefore, it requires you to mean your word.


The final aspect of contract formation is intent. It refers to the mutual intention, which is mandatory for any party to enter into any agreement by the involved parties. Our contract law assignment help experts have an in-depth understanding of these concepts. As a result, they promise nothing but the best. It is also imperative to understand that a contract cannot be formed between the involved parties without intent and consent.

So, it is a crucial factor in contract law formation. For instance, a contract exists when parties exchange promises to perform particular actions for each other. There is no contract if a promise is made with no intent to be bound by it. For example, if one party were to say, “I promise to give you $10 tomorrow,” that statement would not create a binding agreement unless the speaker intended to be bound by the promise.

Types of laws under contract law

Unilateral contract

A unilateral contract is a type of contract law formation that occurs when one party makes an offer to the other. Thus, making a unilateral contract involves an offer and acceptance. However, as the term suggests, a unilateral contract occurs when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts the offer. For instance, if an individual wants to sell a car and you say yes. This is an example of a unilateral contract.

Equally important, it is a legal agreement between parties demanding a single party to act. As a result, if the other party fails to take action, nothing happens. A unilateral contract occurs when one party makes an offer, and the other agrees to it. It is prevalent in online transactions where one party acts as the seller while the other acts as the buyer. Leverage our online contract law assignment help!

Bilateral contracts

Unlike unilateral contracts, bilateral contracts require mutual understanding between two parties that come together to accomplish particular things. We avail contract law assignment writing service to ease your homework burden. A bilateral contract legally implies a contract made between two parties. As a result, both parties fulfill the terms of the agreement. For instance, it becomes necessary for all parties in such an arrangement to understand what they are agreeing to before signing it as a legally binding agreement.

In addition, such contracts apply to different situations, not limited only to business dealings. The synonym for a bilateral contract is an exchange contract. It comes into play when one company contracts with another company or individual for goods or services—for example, buying or selling real estate properties, renting property spaces like apartments, hiring employees, or partnering with independent contractors.

Implied contracts

An implied contract serves as an agreement binding two or more parties. Such contracts occur by a single party’s actions and are up to the other parties to accept or reject it based on its terms. For instance, it can be a contract between a business and a restaurant where you walk into a fast-food store and order food. You expect them to deliver exactly what you ordered at a reasonable price.

However, if they fail to do this, there may be grounds for an implied contract breach for failing to accomplish their duties. Accordingly, it occurs between landlords and tenants, employers and employees, and friends who assist each other without writing down. So, it covers situations with no written agreement, but the parties’ actions imply that they have agreed to enter into a contract.

Express contract

Our experts at Essay For All define an express contract as a contract that entails a promising exchange where two people work in several circumstances. This type of contract is primarily common in the United States. It is a type of contract that all the parties sign; however, it can be verbal or written. Examples include employment contracts, rental agreements, and other contracts that do not require interpretation to understand what each party has promised to do.

In addition, an express contract implies a legal document outlining the terms and conditions of an agreement between two parties. It has been in existence for centuries since people could make agreements on clay tablets. Accordingly, they apply to straightforward transactions, such as buying something from a store. At Essay For All, we have you sorted through our online contract law homework help.

Unconscionable contracts

As the name, unconscionable contracts imply unreasonable contracts favoring only a single party involved in a deal. The term describes a contract that is unfair or one-sided and deemed contrary to the public policy; hence, unenforceable. In addition, such contracts are unenforceable by the legal system, such as the courts. For instance, most unconscionable contracts emanate from manipulative actions.  A perfect example is a car loan where you pay outrageous interest rates and fees. Do you need more information on this? If yes, then contract law assignment help offered at Essay For All has your back.

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