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The best and most reliable destinations for students to access and enjoy professional contemporary health issues nursing assignment help services are at Essay For All. The health sector is critical in supporting the overall wellness and health of the global population. The industry embraces diversified approaches to effectively managing people’s health demands. Technological advancement has increased healthcare practitioners’ efficiency in their professional practice.

However, there are still more gaps to be filled, which exist in different forms. Contemporary health issues are health-related concerns that affect the health of people in the present world. Therefore, they are problems that are yet to be resolved, or the process of finding solutions to the problems is still underway. Nurses need to be aware of such contemporary health issues to improve their operations and understand how best to address the public’s health concerns.

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Obesity and overweight a contemporary health issues in modern society

Obesity is now becoming a global health issue in current society. It is receiving increased attention since the condition offers a good ground for developing other non-communicable diseases. The good health of an individual supports good global health. That is why it is always necessary and advisable for people to embrace healthy lifestyles that minimize their predisposition to different infections and diseases.

According to the contemporary health issues nursing assignment help professionals at Essay For All, obesity makes one vulnerable to conditions such as coronary artery diseases, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, colon and breast cancer, stroke, sleep apnea, and diabetes, among others. Obesity and overweight are severe health conditions affecting millions, especially in developed countries.

Obesity lowers a person’s life quality and shortens their lifespan. Though a person of any gender can be obese, obesity cases are more prevalent among women than men. Though obesity and overweight are mainly used interchangeably, they have different meanings. For instance, being overweight is characterized by excessive body weight, including water, fat, bones, and muscles. However, obesity means an excessive amount of body fat.

Causes of obesity 

There are wide-ranging causes of obesity that may differ from one person to the next. As a health practitioner, you don’t need to conclude that any obese individual has poor or unhealthy feeding habits. Instead, it would help if you understood the various causes by getting our online contemporary health issues nursing assignment help to a clear understanding. From the research and analysis of our expert tutors, obesity may result because of;

Environmental factors

Not all environments support healthy living. The toxicity of an environment also depends on a person’s decisions and choices. The environment people grow and develop is supported by increased eating out and consumption of large amounts of foods, most of which are high-fat foods because of convenience and availability.

Since there are many fast food outlets, people prefer buying food instead of preparing food in their homes. However, there are limited healthy food options for those who seek affordability, convenience, and accessibility. Besides, with an increased working population, many hours spent at the workplace render most people lazy to spend good time shopping and preparing fresh and healthy meals.

Genetic factors

Some people inherit the genes linked to obesity. That is, an obese parent can have a child who will later in life also suffer from obesity. Inheritance of such genes increases one’s risk of weight gain. However, other risk factors support the effective operation of the genes. For instance, leading inactive or sedentary lifestyles with unhealthy diets can increase one’s chances of being obese. That is why such people, despite inheriting obese-related genes, should stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy diet

According to an Essay For All top tutors, unhealthy diets among the current generation are among the leading causes of obesity. Nowadays, people consume unhealthy foods characterized by a high intake of sugary drinks, unhealthy fats, red meat, and refined grain. The complications associated with obesity are what make it a contemporary health issue.

Social factors

Social interactions among friends, family members, and colleagues highly affect people’s food choices. It is common among the youths to go out and consume unhealthy foods since they enjoy especially when in groups. Social influence makes people opt for high-fat foods and other junk, leading them to gain excess weight and become obese.

Mental health problems among the leading contemporary health issues

Among the efforts put in place by the health sector is concerning the management of mental health challenges. Mental health entails a person’s overall social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, which affects their actions, feelings, and thoughts. Good mental health is essential as it affects many aspects of an individual’s life, including health-related choices, social interactions, and stress management approaches.

Hence, mental health remains critical throughout all life, from childhood to adulthood. According to our professional tutors, mental health is an integral part of health vital for community, personal, and socio-economic development. While offering contemporary health issues nursing homework help services, we help students understand the different determinants of mental health. Among the common ones are;

  • Harsh parenting
  • Bereavement
  • Social disadvantages like debt, poverty
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Social isolation
  • Neglect
  • Trauma
  • Child abuse
  • Physical environment

Following the challenge of health disparities, mental health challenges have remained an issue yet to be resolved. There is increased demand for mental health promotion and prevention initiatives from local to national levels. Such interventions should focus on the personal., social, and structural determinants of mental health for increased efficiency. Despite mental health issues being a current problem in the health sector, contact our contemporary health issues nursing assignment helpers for various ways key players in the health sector may use to address the challenge.

Substance abuse and addictions as a contemporary health issue

Based on Essay For All expert tutors, substance abuse is the consumption of harmful psychoactive substances like illicit drugs and alcohol. Human health relies most on good and healthy food choices while also focusing on involvement in physical activity.

Abused substances have no nutritional value to the body. Instead, they are harmful to the body in various ways. Despite the various campaigns and programs against substance abuse, there are still rising cases of health disorders handled related to substance abuse.

The commonly abused drugs are marijuana, inhalants, heroin, cocaine, and anabolic steroids, among others. Substance use remains to be among the leading cause of various social problems like domestic violence, child abuse, homicides, and drugged driving. It also affects people’s performance, whether in academics, at the workplace, or in their respective duties. Treatment or management of substance abuse disorders requires increased spending by the government.

However, the increased number of people with addictions and substance abuse makes it challenging to attend to the entire population effectively. Substance abuse and addictions are a current health threat and issue in the health sector due to their multiple adverse effects not limited to increased risk of;

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Liver cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • stroke
  • Mental health conditions
  • cancer of the throat and mouth

HIV/AIDS as an alarming current health issue

Do you know that HIV/AIDS remains to be an alarming health issue to date? Despite the many researches and efforts put in place to curb the menace, there is still an increased number of people suffering and living from the condition. It is a serious public health challenge since infection rates are still on the increase. Most people in developing countries are more affected because of limited access to prevention, care, and treatment.

Reduced health disparities regarding the management of HIV/AIDS are among the ways through which individuals, groups, and communities can benefit from the strategies put in place to address HIV/AIDS. Stereotypes and myths concerning the disease have also contributed to limited effectiveness in responding to the measures in place. Suffering HIV/AIDS predisposes one to various infections since the condition impairs a person’s immune system. For instance, such a patient is likely to suffer an array of diseases;

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis B
  • Candidiasis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Cervical cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

There are various ways of preventing infection and the spread of the disease. For more information, visit Essay For All.

Physical activity and nutrition

Physical activity is almost inseparable from good health. However, most people assume that access to a balanced diet, even without involvement in physical activity, will support good health. Physical activity has immense health benefits.

However, the current generations are so busy with different activities finding little or no time for exercising. However, the outcomes of such choices are heavily felt by the health sector, whereby they handle people having wide-ranging health conditions related to leading physically inactive lives.

Physical activity is not only to support physical health but overall health, including the mental, social, and psychological wellbeing of a person. Active involvement of people in physical activity with a regular routine could be an effective way of addressing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and different types of cancer. It is not a must to engage in strenuous exercises. However, one may start simply by;

  • Climbing stairs
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Yardwork
  • Jogging
  • Playing football, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Muscle strengthening exercise
  • Flexibility activities
  • Aerobic activities

Nutrition is also a challenge that the health sector phases. Despite increased nutrition-related information on media and the internet, people are still going for unhealthy food choices. However, there are still people who suffer from malnutrition, especially those in developing countries or from low socio-economic status hence the inability to access the required nutritional needs.

There is much to be done to ensure that physical activity and nutrition no longer remain to be current health issues. For any queries on nutrition and physical activity as current health issues, ask for our online contemporary health issues nursing assignment help.

Health care access as a contemporary health issue

Based on Essay For All nursing tutors, healthcare access is the ability of people to obtain healthcare services like treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and management of disorders, illnesses, and disorders, among other health-impacting conditions.

Apart from the availability of the services, it is also essential for them to be affordable and convenient to the people to be considered accessibility healthcare. There are various barriers to healthcare access despite the efforts put in place by governments and non-profit organizations to set up more healthcare facilities.

Considering people’s socioeconomic well-being while promoting equitable access to healthcare services is important. Most healthcare insurance is costly and less affordable to most people. The government should respond by offering affordable health insurance to encourage easy access to healthcare services to people from different socio-economic levels. According to our contemporary health issues nursing homework doers, the main barriers to healthcare access are;

  • Patient language barriers
  • Transportation and work-related barriers
  • Bias and stigma in the medical community
  • Shortages in healthcare staffing
  • Insufficient insurance coverage
  • Rural poverty
  • High healthcare costs

Is awareness of contemporary health issues critical?

Yes! As a nurse, you must understand current health issues to understand how best to handle healthy and sick populations. Besides, it helps set measures and programs to fight against all the possible health issues affecting people. According to our proficient contemporary health issues nursing assignment help tutors, people should also know contemporary health issues to prevent themselves from underlying health issues and problems.

Some certain beliefs and stereotypes support the existence of some of the contemporary health issues. Performing adequate research and educating such people about facts of the medical problems also enables them to embrace healthy practices and lifestyles to distance themselves from the conditions. The government also benefits from such awareness of budgeting and prioritizing the different health needs.

At Essay For All, we offer Contemporary Health Issues Nursing Assignment Help to students who need professional assistance with their assignments. A current health issue is a health concern relating to a killer or untreatable disease. Over the past few years, countries have experienced various threats of killer diseases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, it remains essential for healthcare providers, including nursing students, to have a thorough knowledge of general healthcare issues.

Acknowledgment and understanding a particular health issue is the first step toward addressing it. Globally, cancer, heart diseases, and stroke are life-threatening. For example, most people succumb due to cancerous infections, cardiac arrest, and stroke. This has increased concerns over these diseases since they lead to high death rates. In addition, they are also draining financially and health-wise. The term contemporary implies the current health concerns in our societies.

A basic description of the contemporary health issues

2020 was a horrible year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which emerged as one of the leading killers. This pandemic made the health inequalities characterizing the global health systems apparent. For instance, countries globally struggled to tackle the pandemic and to provide care for those in acute conditions. Equally important, the pandemic attempted to thwart all the progress made in global health over the past decades.

For instance, international and supra-state institutions made multiple attempts to fight infectious diseases and improve healthcare access. In 2021, most countries prioritized health as a core consideration to address the loopholes disclosed by the coronavirus.

Organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) increased their efforts to strengthen countries’ preparedness for pandemics and other health emergencies. Besides other contemporary health concerns, coronavirus is among the worst pandemic witnessed in the history of humanity based on the following:

  • Coronavirus was highly contagious
  • It caused high death and infection rates never witnessed in human history
  • Finally, it had a global scope

For this reason, the most significant part of 2020 and 2021 witnessed a global health crisis posed by the pandemic. As a result, social interactions and physical gatherings were prohibited as a containment measure to mitigate the spread of this disease. The abilities of the healthcare facilities and personnel were constrained during this period because of the rising infections.

Countries with older populations, like Italy, lost millions of people due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, no country was spared from the pandemic’s adverse impacts. The global health focus shifted to preventive measures and ways to stop the spread of this global pandemic. Even though coronavirus is almost gone due to the containment measures like vaccination, it remains a global health threat because another version of a similar pandemic might emerge.

The prevailing contemporary health issues

Currently, there exist multiple health issues in different countries. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitors the underlying public health issues in the United States. The first public health concern raised by the CDC is alcohol and drug use among the population. Approximately 88000 deaths occur annually in the United States due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The short-term health risks associated with excessive alcohol use include injuries, motor vehicle accidents, violent homes, sexual assaults, and suicidal behavior. Research shows that homes where parents consume excessive alcohol, are susceptible to violence. Equally important, excessive alcohol use is linked to various life-threatening diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, liver cirrhosis, blood pressure, learning and memory complications, etc. Additional contemporary health issues include the following:

  • Health-related infections occur when a person receives treatment within healthcare facilities. Approximately one out of every twenty-five individuals admitted to hospitals acquire health-related infections like bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections, and surgical site infections.
  • Food safety is another critical health concern in the United States currently. For example, foodborne illnesses affect one in six Americans yearly and cause approximately three thousand deaths. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates the costs of foodborne diseases at $15.6 billion annually. As a result, the agriculture department and the CDC play a leading role in championing food security measures at the federal level since foodborne sicknesses are preventable.
  • Heart disease and stroke is another contemporary health issue since the number of persons diagnosed with such conditions continues to increase rapidly. Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death in countries like the United States. For example, approximately 610000 persons die annually due to heart-related complications. Consequently, this has increased pressure on the healthcare systems to prioritize strategies for reducing blood pressure to curb such challenges. 

Additional contemporary health issues 

Contemporary health issues encompass multiple issues adversely affecting individual health. Recently, obesity has turned out as one of the most significant health concerns in the United States. For example, the most significant percentage of individuals over 65 years suffer from this condition. It has become a health concern since medical experts and nutritionists are working around the clock to devise proper means to curb this challenge.

Secondly, motor vehicle accidents have remained another vital health issue in the United States. Statistics show that more than 32000 persons die yearly from motor vehicle accidents. In addition, more than two million sustain motor injuries annually.

Most motor vehicle accidents witnessed in the United States emanate from recklessness since some people drive while drunk. Approximately 30 percent of motor vehicle accidents arise from reckless driving. Additionally, another one-third of these accidents occur due to overspeeding. Additional concerns involve the following:

  • HIV is another contemporary health issue since more than 1.2 million Americans live with this virus. Likewise, about 13 percent of Americans are not aware if they are infected with HIV. Health statistics show that more than seven thousand people die annually from HIV/AIDS. This calls for prompt measures to enlighten the masses on the proper ways of taming this condition
  • Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity cause numerous health-related problems. For this reason, CDC is working with learning institutions to ensure learners get quality and healthy meals.
  • Drug overdose, like the opioid epidemic, has remained a leading global health challenge since 1999

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