At Essay For All, we offer Contemporary Health Issues Nursing Assignment Help to students who need professional assistance with their assignments. A current health issue is a health concern relating to a killer or untreatable disease. Over the past few years, countries have experienced various threats of killer diseases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, it remains essential for healthcare providers, including nursing students, to have a thorough knowledge of general healthcare issues. Acknowledgment and understanding a particular health issue is the first step toward addressing it. Globally, cancer, heart diseases, and stroke are life-threatening. For example, most people succumb due to cancerous infections, cardiac arrest, and stroke. This has increased concerns over these diseases since they lead to high death rates. In addition, they are also draining financially and health-wise. The term contemporary implies the current health concerns in our societies.

A basic description of the contemporary health issues

2020 was a horrible year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which emerged as one of the leading killers. This pandemic made the health inequalities characterizing the global health systems apparent. For instance, countries globally struggled to tackle the pandemic and to provide care for those in acute conditions. Equally important, the pandemic attempted to thwart all the progress made in global health over the past decades. For instance, international and supra-state institutions made multiple attempts to fight infectious diseases and improve healthcare access. In 2021, most countries prioritized health as a core consideration to address the loopholes disclosed by the coronavirus. Organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) increased their efforts to strengthen countries’ preparedness for pandemics and other health emergencies. Besides other contemporary health concerns, coronavirus is among the worst pandemic witnessed in the history of humanity based on the following:

For this reason, the most significant part of 2020 and 2021 witnessed a global health crisis posed by the pandemic. As a result, social interactions and physical gatherings were prohibited as a containment measure to mitigate the spread of this disease. The abilities of the healthcare facilities and personnel were constrained during this period because of the rising infections. Countries with older populations, like Italy, lost millions of people due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, no country was spared from the pandemic’s adverse impacts. The global health focus shifted to preventive measures and ways to stop the spread of this global pandemic. Even though coronavirus is almost gone due to the containment measures like vaccination, it remains a global health threat because another version of a similar pandemic might emerge.

The prevailing contemporary health issues, as outlined by our Contemporary Health Issues Nursing Assignment Help Tutors at Essay For All

Currently, there exist multiple health issues in different countries. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitors the underlying public health issues in the United States. The first public health concern raised by the CDC is alcohol and drug use among the population. Approximately 88000 deaths occur annually in the United States due to excessive alcohol consumption. The short-term health risks associated with excessive alcohol use include injuries, motor vehicle accidents, violent homes, sexual assaults, and suicidal behavior. Research shows that homes where parents consume excessive alcohol, are susceptible to violence. Equally important, excessive alcohol use is linked to various life-threatening diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, liver cirrhosis, blood pressure, learning and memory complications, etc. Additional contemporary health issues include the following:

Additional contemporary health issues as outlined by our professionals at Essay For All

Contemporary health issues encompass multiple issues adversely affecting individual health. Recently, obesity has turned out as one of the most significant health concerns in the United States. For example, the most significant percentage of individuals over 65 years suffer from this condition. It has become a health concern since medical experts and nutritionists are working around the clock to devise proper means to curb this challenge. Secondly, motor vehicle accidents have remained another vital health issue in the United States. Statistics show that more than 32000 persons die yearly from motor vehicle accidents. In addition, more than two million sustain motor injuries annually. Most motor vehicle accidents witnessed in the United States emanate from recklessness since some people drive while drunk. Approximately 30 percent of motor vehicle accidents arise from reckless driving. Additionally, another one-third of these accidents occur due to overspeeding. Additional concerns involve the following:

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