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Essay For All offers Chronic Disease Nursing Assignment Help to students globally. Chronic diseases last for more than 12 months and require ongoing medical attention or limit your involvement in routine activities. The prevalent chronic diseases include diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. Equally important, the government spends more than $4.1 trillion annually on chronic-related medical expenses.

This shows that chronic illnesses require much attention because of their detrimental effects on individual health and the economy. Most chronic illnesses are caused by poor nutrition, tobacco usage, physical inactivity, and excessive alcohol use. These diseases also advance as a person advances in age. Additional examples of chronic diseases include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart illnesses like cardiac arrest and stroke
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy

In most cases, chronic diseases have no cure. They also lead to multiple complications and trigger multiple health problems. In states like New York, chronic illnesses are the number one cause of death. Statistics show that more than 40 percent of the adult population in New York suffers from chronic illnesses. Equally important, chronic complications contribute to roughly 23 percent of deaths in New York State. Equally important, roughly six out of every ten deaths in New York arise from chronic diseases. These diseases are linked to lifestyle choices that individuals can control. Nurses and medical professionals working in the United States and other countries must understand this condition to offer appropriate patient care.

Chronic diseases prevalence in the United States, according to our Chronic Disease Nursing Assignment Help experts at Essay For All

Chronic illnesses are incurable and ongoing. Besides being not treatable, they are often preventable and manageable through early detection, improved diet, treatment therapy, and exercises. These diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. The following statistics are critical in the understanding of the disease prevalence in the United States:

  • First, in 2020, about 47 percent of the American population had at least a particular chronic disease
  • Generally, chronic diseases are responsible for six out of every ten deaths in the United States. As a result, it kills approximately 1.7 million Americans annually

Chronic diseases also lower a person’s life quality and well-being. This happens primarily if the chronic illness is left untreated or undiagnosed. Over the past years, America has witnessed a massive amputation of the lower limbs due to diabetes. The figure below shows that chronic disease prevalence in the United States is likely to remain the same.

Essay For All Chronic Disease

The available data shows that chronic illnesses in the United States are on an upward trajectory. For instance, the adverse impacts of chronic illnesses continue to increase and will likely continue to do so. Previously, chronic conditions were more prevalent in older persons. However, currently, it is common in children and teenagers too. In addition, chronic disease prevalence countrywide varies based on regions.

For example, chronic disease prevalence in the Mid-South region is higher than in other regions. These illnesses have no cure. For this reason, managing them proves costly to families whose members or friends suffer from such conditions. They are referred to as chronic because they last for more than a year and require ongoing medical attention. Statistics also show that more than thirty million Americans suffer from five or more chronic diseases.

Chronic disease geographic variation in the United States

A disease is deemed chronic if it lasts more than twelve months and demands ongoing medical attention. Chronic illnesses can sometimes thwart a person’s ability to engage in productive activities. Statistics show that almost half of the U.S. population suffers from chronic illnesses. However, it also remains vital to note that the disease distribution is uneven. As a result, some parts of the country witness more cases of this disease while other regions have reported low cases.

Statistics show that the United States’ chronic diseases are more prevalent in the Mid-South country. Thus, states like Florida record the highest chronic disease cases countrywide , while Wyoming records the lowest. The rapidly rising cases of this condition demand proper understanding among the population and healthcare groups. The general population requires sensitization to embrace healthy lifestyles to mitigate the risks associated with these chronic illnesses. 

The effects of chronic diseases in the U.S. as highlighted by our Chronic Disease Nursing Assignment Helpers at Essay For All

Impact Description
High demand for health care leads to high costs Chronic diseases require frequent medical attention. Statistics show that these conditions account for over 81 percent of hospital admissions. In addition, chronic diseases also account for the most significant percentage of healthcare spending countrywide. It costs more in publicly funded health programs since it costs more than 99 percent in Medicare and 83 percent in Medicaid
Reduction in life quality More than 47 percent of the U.S. population suffers from chronic illnesses. The available data shows that chronic diseases contribute to the death of more than 1.7 million Americans yearly.

Equally important, the diseases can be disabling. Hence, they can significantly lower a person’s life quality. Every 30 seconds, an American lower limb gets amputated due to diabetes, which is a chronic disease

Costly to employers and employees The U.S. workforce pays more for the exorbitant chronic disease costs due to the high demand for care services to address the needs of chronic illness patients. Additionally, healthcare premiums for employer-sponsored family coverage have increased by 88 percent since 2000
Health care burden on families Chronic diseases are costly to individual families whose members suffer from this condition. In addition, they require additional services like homecare nursing, which increases the disease burden.

Take home notes as outlined by our Chronic Disease Nursing Assignment Helpers

Chronic diseases are health conditions that persist for more than a year and require routine medical attention. Some prevalent chronic diseases include asthma, cardiac arrest, diabetes, obesity, etc. Most of these diseases are not curable but require management. In addition, they are preventable.

Therefore, to mitigate the risks associated with these conditions, we must try to prevent them as early as possible through healthy diets, regular exercise, physical activity, and treatment therapy. Chronic diseases are not death sentences. So, if your family member suffers from either of these conditions, be there for them. For instance, by sharing relevant information, you can provide emotional support and teach them how to remain optimistic. This will remedy their conditions.

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