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Challenges for selecting nursing research topics

You probably know how difficult and stressful nursing studies are if you choose nursing as your major. Although many students are eager to complete their education and begin working in famous hospitals and practices, they frequently encounter similar difficulties. Therefore, the most typical is keeping up with writing assignments and practical homework. Practical assignments are challenging. Thus, many students fall behind on their writing assignments. The most difficult research papers to write seems to be in nursing.

It is challenging to conduct actual research and write the paper while attending to structure, formatting, and citations. However, choosing the best nursing research topic is another issue that students frequently face. Some college students who want to major in healthcare find that finding suitable research topics puts them in writer’s block. To avoid receiving poor grades throughout their academic careers, they must consider many factors. It leaves very little time and room for actual study and research when done carelessly.

Additionally, it forces those who want to become doctors to look for easy fixes, which are not necessarily reliable. Nursing capstone home papers must be authentic, have precise professional definitions and words, and include the correct citation to support views. However, It’s not always enough to spend hours reading through papers and internet publications to develop a solid nursing research topic. Hence, here at Essay For All, we provide a list of quantitative nursing research topics to assist you.

Nursing Research Process Elements

Finding academic journals that deal with the topic and conducting prior research for potential topic ideas are always the first steps in conducting good research. Therefore, before choosing nursing research topics about community that deal with pediatric patients. Also, we recommend reading works by other authors in your child care field to understand the difficulties and pertinent problems.

Furthermore, this phase ensures that the student researches relevant sources and chooses a marginally innovative method to make the assignment original. The research paper’s introduction is the next phase. This phase needs to include a compelling opening line that either makes a debatable claim you can argue or offers an argument. In addition, make an assertion later elaborated in a proper thesis statement if writing on a hotly debated topic.

Hence, it’s best to refrain from using too many ideas in body paragraphs because doing so serves to confuse the reader and practically render the conclusion section unworkable. The concluding paragraph should include a call to action for readers to offer their insights or analyses on the data gathered. Moreover, remember that you must provide a complete listing in the appendix. Also, if you used any statistics or comparison data in your nursing research paper topic, as appropriate.

How to Select Research topics for nursing students in the Philippines 2021

It can be difficult for BSc students and interns to develop a topic for a nursing capstone paper. Healthcare encompasses a wide range of subjects. Therefore, it is simple to become confused when selecting the most intriguing one. First and foremost, it’s crucial to narrow your focus. It can be impossible to analyze the issue thoroughly if it is too large. Hence, remember that you don’t have to address global issues to advance medical knowledge.

Pick a hot topic that has already received a lot of literary analysis and add something fresh to it. Furthermore, every discipline, including social work, psychology, obstetrics, and clinical nursing, has intriguing research questions. You can select a subject based on your own experiences. Moreover, you can get inspiration for evidence-based practice nursing research topics by considering the situation in your hometown or city.

Check out the list below to find inspiration for your capstone project.

20 best nursing research topics 2020

  1. Geriatrics and Ethics
  2. Behavior Checklist for the Delivery Room
  3. Parkinson Disease: Development and Causes
  4. How to Treat Syndrome of Restless Legs
  5. Behavior Evaluation in Children’s Primary Care
  6. Why Might a Mother’s Health Be in Danger During Childbirth?
  7. Creating Strong Nursing Communities: Recommendations
  8. Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
  9. Threats from pre-term labor
  10. Also, the Best Ways to Prevent Contracting Infectious Diseases
  11. Governmental Policies’ Effect on the Employment of Healthcare Professionals
  12. Joint issues: study of the elderly population
  13. Also, why Should Healthcare Workers and Nurses Work Together?
  14. The Function of Effective Leadership in the Nursing Profession
  15. Methods for Identifying an Abused Elderly Patient Main Causes of Depression
  16. How to Explain Menopause Management to Female Population
  17. Furthermore, causes of Elderly Patients’ Alcohol Use in Nursing Homes
  18. Participation of Families in Primary Healthcare
  19. How to Get a Nurse Ready for Primary Care
  20. The Effects of Abdominal Massage in Critically Ill Patients

Some nursing research topics 2021 highlighted by Essay For All Experts

Infectious diseases

COVID-19 pandemics: social, ethical, and legal issues

  1. Accessibility of COVID-19 Information in Each Country and Its Impact on Pandemic Eradication
  2. How Individualism and Collectivism impacted the spread of the Corona Pandemic
  3. Also, what the COVID-19 Pandemic taught us about US healthcare and what appears to be valid
  4. Ethics of unblinding and vaccinating with the COVID-19 Vaccine
  5. Furthermore, sociocultural issues in the implementation of COVID-19 public health initiatives

Nutritional immunology

Coronavirus Disease: Diet, Inflammation, and Nutritional Status

  1. What decision-makers need to know about COVID-19 immune protection
  2. Also, early coronavirus disease geography 2019 vaccine research and development in the UK and elsewhere.
  3. What will happen to public health next?

Research topics for nursing students in the Philippines 2021

  1. Review of the economics of primary care
  2. Ethics in primary healthcare data collection
  3. Modern immunization campaigns in rural and isolated locations
  4. primary care recommendations based on research
  5. The system of mental health services includes the private sector.
  6. Bias in health care financing methods
  7. Implementation of childcare services in primary healthcare
  8. How to treat the stroke disease
  9. Considerations for primary healthcare
  10. Participation of a local pharmacist in medical work
  11. Undiagnosed symptoms in the ER
  12. The best recommendation for prenatal care

Research topics for nursing students in the Philippines 2021

  1. The Neuman systems model and how it might be used to choose nurse solutions for public health issues.
  2. The conceptual nursing model’s effectiveness
  3. Also, what role does reflection have in nursing practice and nursing theory?
  4. What are the viewpoints of the various nursing theories, and how are they useful in nursing practice?
  5. Which nursing practice model should each student adopt?
  6. Labor and delivery management
  7. Abortion care’s moral aspects
  8. Utilization of music therapy during lactation
  9. Why may a mother’s health be in danger while giving birth?
  10. Education on menstruation and menopause is important.
  11. Education in adolescent gynecology
  12. Hypertensive conditions result in
  13. How may hypertensive illnesses be managed?
  14. risks of pre-term labor
  15. cesarean section preparation

Quantitative nursing research topics

  1. Critical care nursing and its assessment.
  2. Management of chronic diseases and associated difficulties
  3. Health diets and their advantages
  4. How do we medically manage stress and information overload?
  5. A heart attack’s main causes
  6. Critical analysis of assisted suicide’s ethical implications
  7. Comparison between home care versus nursing homes
  8. Also, how can cardiovascular problems be treated?
  9. Teaching Self-Care: Talk about the fundamental duty of every nurse.
  10. Development of telehealth and analysis.


You may feel pressure while choosing a nursing research paper topic for an exam, midterm, or evaluation. Furthermore, practical assignments frequently require too much time and effort, which might make you feel overburdened. Nowadays, it can be challenging to get research paper inspiration for nursing. Hence, we hope that our list of nursing research topics will be helpful to you and that you’ll be able to choose one that speaks to you.

In addition, there are many different research topics available as well. Therefore, don’t give up if you don’t have the time to conduct your research or compose your nursing research paper. Before the deadline, our staff of qualified writers at Essay For All will provide you with an excellent nursing research paper. Contact us today.