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The experts must find new prospects and nurture them to promote business growth. A business with stunted growth denies the owner’s or managers’ morale for further investments. Innovation and inventiveness are significant in driving positive business growth and development. A business firm should also have good access to capital and related resources to increase profitability and overall expansion.

Constantly, business owners seek ways of supporting business development and gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors in the industry. Stay tuned and get tips on business development by accessing our online business development homework help services.

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An overview of business development

Business development refers to the process used to identify, nurture, and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability. As a result, a business development strategy is instrumental to the success of your venture.

Accordingly, business development managers are the cornerstone of any successful organization because they generate new revenue and help a company grow. For example, they identify business opportunities and new markets to invest in. Thus, it can be summarized as ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better. It covers pertinent issues within a business setting to increase profit margins and business growth.

Equally important, it focuses on building strategic partnerships and making strategic decisions. Generally, it means the approaches businesses use to boost profit and operations. This is why Essay For All exists. We can help you understand business development elements in detail.

The relevance of business development

Business development is a core part of business studies. For instance, it entails making conglomerates, business relationships, and identifying new markets. Thus, it is critical to trigger organizations’ growth in different ways.

Accordingly, it also entails different subjects like commerce, management, and organizational structure. Additionally, this discipline entails different fields like specialized engineers, marketers, sales experts, IT programmers, etc., which are part and parcel of business development processes.

The primary role of business development is to incorporate marketing, production, and research to align organizational objectives to achieve the set goals. It is a continuous process within all organizations as they work to improve their operations.

So, each company tries to have the best business development experts to review their processes and initiate adequate measures to stimulate growth and widen profit margins. You also have to write assignments as a student pursuing this course.

Steps of business development

Business development undergoes five main stages: existence, survival, success, take-off, and resource maturity.

Existence stage

This is the first stage in the life cycle of business development. It concentrates on the establishment and survival of the business. The main aim of the current stage is to create a viable service or product and generate enough revenue to manage the basic expenses within the business. There are multiple challenges that business organizations experience when in the existence stage, which include;

  • Refining a business model
  • Securing initial funding
  • Developing a customer base

Survival stage

According to our business development assignment helpers, the survival stage determines whether a business will withstand competition or challenges in its existence or fail. A business should be aware of the challenges that can affect its survival and strategize on possible ways of overcoming them.

Fluctuations and competitive pressures are expected to exist in a business market. However, taking the proper measures will help the business to overcome the challenges and remain lucrative in all its processes. In this case, a business can enhance its survival by improving its operational efficiency, building a customer base, and effective cash flow management.

Success stage

Most businesses need help in the survival stage and rarely hit the success stage. However, it is the most desirable stage that business developers would wish to see their businesses in. The stage is characterized by significant business growth, which experiences increased success. Some of the activities in the success stage are unlimited to growing sales and revenue, establishing a solid brand reputation, and expanding market share.

Take-off stage

From the term ‘take-off,’ this stage in business development features rapid growth and expansion of the business. It requires innovative and experienced business developers for businesses to reach such great heights. For instance, innovation is very crucial in this case.

Once the business has created a strong brand reputation and records increasing success, it becomes an added advantage to help in obtaining significant market share, seizing market opportunities, and upscaling operations to satisfy the growing demand. Business development managers must be keen at the tale-off stage to ensure strategic partnerships, effective resource management, and strong leadership to promote rising business growth.

Resource maturity stage

The resource maturity stage is when the business is mature and stable. In this stage, a business organization optimizes operations, efficiency improvement, and profit maximization.

Facets of business development

Business development is a broad field with multiple facets. That is why various professionals deal with business development within an organization.


In this case, the marketing department is concerned with improving sales performance through campaigns, advertisements, and promotions of the company’s products and services. Therefore, business development executives can conduct market research to ensure that the campaigns blend with the needs of a particular group of people or a specific region. Marketing requires extra expenses to ensure the undertaking is successful. The executives may also advise the managerial staff on properly allocating marketing budgets.


The role of business development executives in sales must be considered. The professionals offer the sales staff achievable and realistic sales targets and advice on how to reach the goals. Assessing sales performance is very important. Business development executives also assess a company’s sales performance to identify room for improvement.

Project management

Business development top managers help in project management by assessing CST, schedules, logistics, and timelines concerning a project. The executives work closely with senior management to administer briefings and guidance to project managers. Therefore the project managers can complete the project as desired with the best and most desirable outcomes.

Cost reduction

Any business organization seeking to maximize its profits must reduce costs. There are various ways through which a business increases its cost. Such activities affect the overall business performance while impairing its goal of maximizing profits. Among the main aims of business development is cost minimization.

There are some costs that an organization cannot avoid, while there are avoidable costs. Business development managers are responsible for identifying cost-reduction ways to improve business profit margins and support future business growth and expansion.

Negotiations, lobbying, and networking

According to Essay For All Tutors, business development executives negotiate and network with their respective companies.


A company that wants to soar to greater heights always operates in collaboration. Most of them depend on partnerships to expand the scale of their operations and establish their market presence in new markets. In this case, business developers collaborate with legal and finance professionals to better understand market dynamics. Eventually, the business developers can make informed decisions on various strategic alliances like partnerships.

Critical business development skills

Most employers have standard skills required for candidates to fill the business development position. Some of the skills encompass;

Project management skills

A business to expand undergoes various steps, including implementing various projects. Each project requires capital, resources, and good project management skills from the person in charge. Successful business development requires a business developer with good team management, leadership skills, and expertise in managing and monitoring risks within an organization. Team management is critical since running a project requires various people who need direction and work in unity to attain the set goal.

Analytical skills

Business development managers have the role of tracking returns on investment. Hence, they should gather the necessary information to present before business executives. There are multiple sources of information that business developers use in the process. Good data analysis skills are vital to ensure accurate information presentation to promote informed decision-making for the business.

Roles of business development manager

A business development manager focuses on aspects such as sales management, strategic planning, and prospecting for new clients, all to ensure the growth of the business organization. The job position requires people who are competent and good in strategic planning and goal setting with initiatives to meet the goals.

There are various responsibilities of business development managers. According to our business development assignment help tutors, a business development manager develops lists of sales leads and pitches to the prospects to build the client list for the company. Additional responsibilities are unlimited to;

  • Preparation of sales contracts while supporting adherence to the law-established rules and guidelines.
  • Arranging business meetings with prospective clients
  • Performing research to identify new customer needs and emerging markets
  • Development of growth strategy to support customer satisfaction and financial gain.
  • Build long-term relationships with existing and the new customers
  • Offer trustworthy feedback, and after-sales report
  • Maintain records of invoices, revenues, and sales
  • Preparation of status reports on goals
  • Keep up with the latest industry developments

Some of the skills required by business development managers

  • Time management and planning skills
  • The ability to build rapport
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Market knowledge

Mergers and acquisitions in business development

There are situations in a business whereby further expansion becomes a challenge because of financial constraints and a lack of the required technology to improve business operations. Instead of getting into increased debts, some businesses may opt for options such as acquisitions or mergers.

Mergers and acquisitions refer to combining businesses or companies on unique terms guiding the involved transaction. The main aim of the process is to increase business value or accelerate its growth. A company may resolve for acquisition if it wants to preempt rivals, gain access to a new competency, or to new markets, among other reasons.

Organizations in the related industry may decide to merge to gain a stronger foundation and access to the required technology to win a larger market share and successfully target a more extensive customer base. Good strategic planning is essential in both processes. When correctly done, mergers and acquisition supports business development and expansion.

Common Challenges to business growth and Development

As companies or businesses strive to expand their operations, various setbacks are experienced. A business that wants to develop requires increased reliance on competent staff. However, recruiting experts becomes a challenge because of the high costs involved. Consultation services can also incur a lot on businesses.

Hence, some business owners decide to use shortcuts, which never promise long-lasting results in the long run. Stiff competition from key players in the industry may also discourage some businesses from investing heavily to expand their operations and presence in the market.

Lack of cohesion and teamwork among employees is also a significant challenge. For instance, employees may have divided minds regarding the business objective towards growth and expansion. For more information, seek our online business development assignment help services.

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Different topics within the scope of our Business Development Assignment Help

Business development is an interdisciplinary course. For instance, it entails organizational development and managerial theories. So, it entails professionals from different fields. As a result, different facets interact to spearhead business development.

Secondly, business development is a broad area of business studies comprising different aspects. Thus, a business developer is a convergence point of various topics like marketing, sales experience, finance, legal, strategic management, etc. Some of these topics are discussed below:


Marketing refers to the activities, avenues, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging goods and services to reach consumers. It is part and parcel of business development since it involves advertisement and the sale of goods and services.

Accordingly, business development emphasizes activities that drive organizational growth and broaden profit margins. As a result, achieving a company’s sales target is vital. It entails the advertisement and sales of goods and services to the end users.

A business developer allocates an adequate budget to spearhead marketing activities within a company. The low-budget strategies used by companies include social media advertising, advertising through print media, billboards, and online advertisements.

On the other hand, high-budget strategies include personal visits, roadshows, etc. Generally, marketing enhances the profits generated by a company since it interconnects a product’s value. Contact our business assignment help experts for quality services.

Strategic management

Strategic management implies the procedures used to set goals and objectives to make a company or an organization more competitive. The business environment is highly dynamic. As a result, organizations have a fundamental role in regularly assessing organizational processes if they can help an organization achieve its goals.

Business development has a close nexus with strategic management. Strategic management has both financial and non-financial benefits to an entity. Equally important, it also assists an organization, and its leadership think about a plan for its future existence. Accordingly, strategic management sets objectives by assessing a company’s strategic position to ascertain its competitiveness.

Therefore, aligning internal processes to meet the changing external factors is critical to enhancing organizational competitiveness. This topic is critical in initiating measures to boost profit and operations. Please register with us at Essay For All for professional services and quality assignments.

Project management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a particular project objective according to project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters. Every organization has set goals and objectives to be achieved within an agreed duration. It is a core aspect of business development since it outlines the pertinent stages an organization should consider before attaining its goal.

As a result, business developers work hand-in-hand with project managers to plan and ensure that organizational goals are achieved. Additionally, project management is critical in business development since it focuses on the key processes that a venture can leverage to attain its full potential.

So, this is a core topic covered under business development. For instance, project management teams plan, execute, initiate, control, and close a project. Accordingly, project managers align the tasks with the allocated budget and timeframes to achieve the set goals.


Finance involves raising funds or capital for any form of expenditure. In addition, it means channeling various funds in the form of credit, loans, or invested capital. As a result, finance is a pivotal aspect of business development. Generally, it deals with allocating assets and company liabilities, government, or individuals. A company’s financial state is recorded on a balance sheet to record its financial condition at any given time.

Equally important, it also looks at how much profit a company makes and its equity portfolio. Three key finance areas considered under business development include corporate finance, public finance, and personal finance.

Organizations often use sustainable approaches to minimize costs and maximize profits. Essay For All offers business development assignment help, including business project assignments. However, you need to know your company’s financial status before initiating business development approaches.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers are when two existing companies come together to form a single operational unit. It helps companies broaden their reach to new markets and make more profits. As a result, it is crucial to help a company realize more profits.

One of the underlying goals of business development is to increase company profit margins. Generally, when two or more companies merge, their economy of scale expands. It is a crucial topic in business development.